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Twins at 9 Week Ultrasound

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Discharged Without Our Twins + Names

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6 Responses to Twin Pregnancy

  1. Jenni says:

    Hi, My name is Jenni, and I am 5 months pregnant with fraternal twins. A boy and a girl! I found your blog as I was searching information on being 22 weeks pregnant with twins. I am very excited yet super nervous. Recently, my husband and I learned Baby A has fluid on her brain. We went through several tests and everything has been coming back negative. Our doctors pretty much say there is no explanation but we need to consult specialists to figure out why there is fluid. The fluid is not excessive but it is there and that is enough to make my head spin. Lately, I have been really positive because I know thinking about the worst is not the best for the babies. I also noticed in your blog that you were a 6th grade English teacher and I am actually a 7th grade English teacher in Chicago. The job is definitely taking its toll on me. I love teaching and I love my students but it is difficult to relax since there is always so much going on. Anyway, I really enjoy your blog because it is hard to find information on twins. I am a pretty small woman so when I first found out I was pregnant the first question I asked was, where are they going to fit? At times, my stomach feels super tight but for the most part it has been an amazing experience.

    • Renee says:

      Congratulations!! I am so excited for you. I am sorry to hear about Baby A, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I can imagine what you are feeling; it is always so scary to hear any bad news about your child. All you can do is consult with the best doctors and pray.

      Thank you, I know what you mean about finding information on twins. I looked and looked and only found a few sites. Oh yes the tightening, it is crazy somehow it all works out and they will fit. 🙂 Keep me updated.

  2. Angelica Alvarez says:

    Hello, I’m Angelica, mother of a 3 years old girl. And this is my second pregnancy, actually 3rd because i got miscarriage last August 2013 and got pregnant on Sept. 2013. Now I am 16 weeks and 2 days to a twin babies..nervous and excited at the same time.I found your site and it really a big help to my curiosity.Thank you so much!

    • Renee says:

      Congratulations Angelica!! I am so excited for you to begin your journey. Having twins is quite the adventure, but oh so wonderful. Please keep my updated. xoxo. 🙂

  3. Heather B says:

    I think blogging your pregnancy is such a great way to journal your experience and memories, even if it’s not the first. And it’s helpful for other moms – great for friends and family to see progress. I didn’t blog my pregnancy, but read the week-by-week development books and things like that. I just came across a new book that’s really awesome and even takes it up another notch called “The Wonder Within You: celebrating your baby’s journey from conception to birth” by Carey Wickersham. It’s an awesome combination of week-to-week pregnancy information, what’s going on with the baby, “Did you know?” plus health advice about what to eat, cravings, nutrition, etc, BUT also with awesome 3D/4D pictures and videos you can link or QR with your phone to and see what your baby looks like at each week stage. Even better than the typical week-to-week books, and so personal! It’s got mom stories and even a journal/note section to write your personal memories and letters to your baby. The pregnancy information is as up-to-date as it gets and it’s such a great keepsake. I want to get one for everybody I know who is expecting! I highly recommend it!

    • Renee says:

      I am so sad I didn’t take pictures of my first two pregnancies; I would love to be able to go back and compare singleton to my twins. But, you live and learn. I try to tell people to cherish this time because it will be over before you know it. Thank you that book sounds great!!

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