Graduating 5th Grade & Finishing 3rd and 7th Grades Strong

Graduating 5th Grade & Finishing 3rd and 7th Grades Strong

I cannot believe another school year has come and gone and for the first time in two years they were in the school building the ENTIRE year. My girls loved it. They truly love their schools and that makes me happy. My girls have excelled this year and I couldn’t be prouder.

McKayla and McKenzie completed 3rd grade and had an amazing year. I can’t even express how much they have grown not only academically, but socially and physically as well. Their confidence has bloomed throughout this year. They are helpful, kind and smart. I cannot believe my babies are going into 4th grade.

Isabella graduated 5th grade and she will be moving onto 6th grade next year. Oh my sweet girl, I cannot even express how many tears have been shed over the weeks leading up to the end of 5th grade. Anyone who knows Isabella knows she has such a kind, sweet, and sensitive soul. I am not ready to send her to middle school. I pray the world is kind to my Isabella, I pray the world doesn’t taint my Isabella.

Oh my Sophia, how are you going into 8th grade. I am certainly not ready or old enough to have a teenager. She turned 13 at the end of June and will be heading to 8th grade in the fall. She will be also transitioning schools, she will be going onto junior high. Sophia has grown so much this year as a person. I am loving the young lady she is becoming. I cannot wait to see what she brings to this world. I know it will be nothing short of AMAZING.

I will tell you we were all ready for summer vacation. We were in need of a much more relaxed schedule and have enjoyed spending time at the pool. We have simply loved spending time together. We began the summer just like any other summer with birthdays. Isabella turned 11 on June 14th, then Sophia celebrated her 13th birthday and McKayla and McKenzie turned 9 years old at the beginning of July. Whew! 4 birthdays in 3 weeks, it was fast and intense, pretty much a whirlwind, but so much fun. Trust me I crushed on July 5th. This past week we have really been able to simply relax and enjoy the beautiful weather.

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