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Happy Monday morning. I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend. We had absolutely nothing planned this weekend and simply had family time. My favorite.

I thought today I would provide you with some prenatal workouts you can do at home for free. I know money can be tight especially when you are getting ready to add another little bundle to your family, but you still want to do your workouts. I am too excited to share these great workouts with you, so I am going to do my Top Ten Tuesday today. I know I am mixing things up. 🙂

As most of you know I can only do mild Pilates and yoga throughout this pregnancy, since I am having twins and it is high risk. But, throughout my first two singleton pregnancies I worked out at least 3-6 days a week. With both pregnancies I was back to my pre-pregnancy size within a month. I truly free my workouts contributed to that. My labors for both were also very easy.

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings
Ten Free At Home Prenatal Workouts:

1. “Modern Mom Pregnancy Workouts” – type into YouTube and you will get several amazing workouts. They are short and sweet, put a few together and you will have a great workout.

2. Heidi Klum Prenatal Workout – total body workout – 11 minutes

3. “FitSugar Prenatal Workout” – type into YouTube and they have a few prenatal workouts all about 10 minutes long.

4. Best Pregnancy Workout at Home – total body workout – 20 minutes

5. 2nd Trimester Pregnancy Workout10 minutes

6. Prenatal Yoga Routine – claming 25 minutes

These next four video’s I did throughout my first pregnancy, I would do them all together about 3-4 times a week. I was crazy during my second pregnancy and did P90X the entire time (I didn’t do the plyometrics video). I was doing that workout program before getting pregnant, so my doctor gave me the go ahead. I am not permitted to do any high intensity this time around, so please know every pregnancy is different and check with your doctor.

7. 10 Minute Prenatal Pilates Part 1 – standing Pilates – 10 minutes

8. 10 Minute Prenatal Pilates Part 2 – core Pilates – 10 minutes

9. 10 Minute Prenatal Pilates Part 3 –  Total Body Pilates – 10 minutes

10. 10 Minute Prenatal Pilates Part 4 – Pilates for Flexibility – 10 minutes

Throughout the next few weeks I will post a few prenatal workout videos as a circuit so you won’t even have to think about which videos to do each day. I have this great prenatal legs workout and an upper body workout, even I can do. Just wait you will love it!

I hope this helps. Let’s have healthy, happy pregnancies together. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Always check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program especially if you are pregnant.

2 comments on “Free At Home Prenatal Workouts

  1. Sarah on said:

    I just completed workout #7,8,9 on your list and it was great!!! Thank you for complying this list.

  2. Sharlae Bayley on said:

    Thank You Renee! This is exactly what I have been looking for! I am in my first trimester and I am confident that I will stay fit through delivery! These Free Prenatal workouts on your website are Fantastic! Please continue to post!