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30 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

30 weeks

Babies are the size of cucumbers. They are about 15.2 to 16.7 inches and weigh about 2.5 to 3.8 pounds. Their skin is getting smoother and their brain is continuing to develop. They are also becoming strong enough to grasp a finger.

Baby Center

How far along? 30 weeks

Weight Gain? 27-28 pounds, I haven’t gained any weight in a few weeks. The babies fluid has gone down and I really can’t fit too much in my belly these days. But both girls were up on the weight at this weeks growth scan, so everything is going well.

Workouts? Same as last week. Stretching and some arm workouts. These arm workouts use no weights and can be done seated; they are the best. You can see them here. At least after I have the twins I can show off my arms. 🙂

Symptoms? Same as they have been. Braxton hicks, pressure, pressure, pressure. These babies are both head down and definitely pushing on me. I have seriously been so tired I feel like I could sleep for days. My body is just worn down.

Stretch Marks? Not yet! I continue to use my coconut oil and Mama Mio lotion. Throughout the day I might rub some other lotion on too. I just make sure my belly never feels dry. I am a huge believer in hydrating from the inside out. I drink a ton of water.

Sleep? I have been extremely tired lately so I can sleep just about anywhere, anytime. However, some nights I have trouble falling asleep. I think I have too much on my mind. There is just so much to do before our twins arrive.

Movement? They are definitely not moving as much and no major turning. I think they are running out of room.

Milestone: 30 weeks!! My doctor told us if we could get in the 30’s that would be a great thing. Well we are here. Thinking back to everything that happened in March with going to Philly and TTTS, I never thought we would make it this far. This is truly a miracle!

Genders? Identical twin girls.

Labor signs? Contractions and pressure.

Belly button in or out? Out.

What I am looking forward to this week? This weekend Steve is going to do some painting in the girls rooms. I am ready to start get our house all set for the twins. We are moving Sophia and Isabella around too, so we have a lot to do.

I am also looking forward to another week with these babies in my belly.

Happenings/Thoughts from this past week:

  1. We had our ultrasound on Monday and it was growth scan week (we can only have one of these every three weeks). We were able to see how the twins are growing. Baby B is doing amazing. She is continuing to stay on her growth curve of being three weeks ahead of my due date. She weighs about 3 lbs. 12 oz. (she gain 1 lb. in three weeks). However, Baby A out little baby is not doing as well. She has fallen off her growth curve and is not one and a half to two weeks behind my due date (she was measuring on my due date). She is weighing about 2 lbs. 3 oz. (she gained 6 oz. in three weeks). My doctor says it is good she is growing and all of her dopplers and blood flow looked awesome and those are what matter.
  2. Baby B’s fluid went down again. It is now at a 4. In the past 4 weeks it went from a 12 to a 4. The hardest thing is none of the doctors really know why. They say that the fluid does reduce but they don’t have definitive answers. So, far now we simply have to wait and see.
  3. I am simply praying that our girls can continue to thrive and grow for at least another 4 weeks. Ideally another 6 weeks. I know I say this every week, but I really want to make it to 35-36 weeks. I want to avoid the NICU as much as we can.
  4. I am really looking for something cute to wear at the hospital. Something comfy and I want to the top to be breastfeeding friendly. A cute set of PJ’s or something comfy. I really haven’t been able to find anything cute. I want to be able to wear it when I get home too. For the girls I bought a cute set of PJ’s from Motherhood but this time around I haven’t found anything that I like.
  5. Names, names, and more names. I seriously am still not sure what to name our twins and they are going to be here in no time. Right now the only ones we have are McKenzie and Madison or McKenzie (Kenzie) and McKayla (Kayla). I like all those names, but I am still not sure. I am so lost this time around.


 In the comments below:

  1. If you have any ideas of where I can get something cute to wear at the hospital I would love to hear all about them.
  2. Any name suggestions?

24 comments on “30 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

  1. Beth Sheridan @sugarcoatedsheridans on said:

    Oh such sweet name choices! I LOVE the name McKenzie (Kenzie) and that name was a finalist if I had had a girl…Since I had my bouncing baby boy though, I didn’t have to worry about that. Congrats on 30 weeks!!

  2. Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries on said:

    You’re looking great mama! Continuing to think and pray for you and your little twin girls to make a strong and healthy appearance!

    • Oh thank you. I am actually feeling pretty good these days. Thank you for your prayers, they are always appreciated. 🙂

  3. Lauren on said:

    I ordered a cute set of pj’s from Victoria’s Secret that were perfect for the hospital and when I got home. The top was a button up so I could wear a tank under it and it was perfect for breastfeeding. My best friend is pregnant with twins and I plan to get her the same thing!

    • Thank you so much. I am going to go take a look at Victoria’s Secret. I do love the pajamas, but for some reason never thought of buying them after the babies. I am excited. 🙂

  4. Lucinda on said:

    I am 29 weeks and 2 days pregnant with twin boys. I am having the same problem with names I found a few I like but still can’t decide. Good luck to you and your girls. Both my boys are big at 29 weeks they weighed 3lbs 13oz, and 4lbs.

    • Congratulations on twin boys!! I think it is hard enough deciding on one now we have to choose two. Oh my!

      You are definitely going to have big boys. They will be nice a healthy. Keep me updated. You are getting so close to meeting your little guys.

  5. Eating 4 Balance on said:

    Loving the M names (especially Madison! 😉 ) I have a ton of friends with M names… McKenzie (we’ve called her Mck, Kenzie, Kenz…), Maria (Mia), Morgan (Morg), Melody (Mel), Me (Madi, Maddy, Mad– don’t like that last one though. Haha).

    Praying on my end too! Wishing you and the girls luck 🙂

    • Thank you for all those. I am really trying to buckle down and pick two names that I love. I am determined. 🙂

  6. Rhonda Goffinet on said:

    My daughter had her identical twin girls three weeks ago tomorrow. Baby B (Emmie) spent one night in the nicu. Baby A (Addie) didn’t have to go to nicu. She went into labor at 31 weeks but made it to 35 weeks 3 days. We are praying hard for your twins.

    • Congratulations on the twins!!! I am so excited to hear that wonderful news. You seriously put a huge smile on my face. Tell your daughter I am so happy for them. I love their names too. Thank you for all your prayers and support you are all so sweet; it truly means a lot. I have faith we are going to make it. 🙂

      • Rhonda Goffinet on said:

        My daughter also has a two year old and a 12 month old (adopted) so she understands your situation. (Ha) I would tell you to look at her blog but she hasn’t been great about updating the last few weeks. She’s been a little busy but she’s so very happy.

  7. Jessica on said:

    Hello! I came across your blog and have enjoyed reading. I’m 33 weeks pregnant with twin girls! Their names are Gianna and Gabriella. Best of luck to you!

    • Congratulations! You are going to be meeting your little girls in no time, that is so exciting. 🙂

      Thank you so much for reading my blog. I love connecting with so many wonderful people!!

      Keep me updated with the rest of your pregnancy.

  8. I am 24 years old I am currently almost 30 weeks with mcda identical twin girls aldo the last scan I had at 28 weeks was 2.4lbs and 2.6 lbs mine are doing realy well so far no contractions no labour signs no ttts so in very happy both babies have turned around though however my doc still insists on a c section at 36 weeks my bump is small and I have a small frame but I can still do everything I was befire heartburn is terrible though and lack of sleep.

  9. Oh my babies names are louise – marie and olivia – Anne good luck with your girls hope all is well with them and you xx

  10. Hi , I am also pregnant with a twins 🙂 boy and girl 🙂
    I am at 30 weeks , so I feel like a ballon 🙂
    I can’t imagine that my belly can be bigger.
    Was really nice to read about your twins!
    Good luck to everybody 🙂 and have a beautiful
    Healthy twins 🙂

    • Congratulations!! I am so happy for you. I know what you mean about feeling like you can’t get any bigger, but trust me you can and it will all be okay. 🙂

  11. Colleen on said:

    Just found your blog and love it! I’m 30 weeks with identical girls and what a crazy ride it’s been. We had the same type of scare early on with TTTS, now GD, and one twin measuring a little behind the other. This pregnancy is not for the weak! Thanks for sharing your story.

    • Thank you. 🙂 Yes, twins are the craziest adventure we have ever been on, but it is all worth it (I think). Haha!! Awe I am so sorry about your scare with TTTS that is the worst feeling in the world. I remember the day we found out like it was yesterday. I am glad it never progressed. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Remember you made it to 30 weeks and that is amazing. One thing I will tell you is our little one is a fighter and still is; she is such a tough cookie. Your little one will be perfect!! xxxx