Thinking Out Loud # 33

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1. Have I told you how much I love going into Sophia’s class? I loving getting to know all her friends from school. I love spending time with my girl. I love that she knows I love being with her. I love being in the classroom; it brings back such wonderful teaching memories.

2. Sophia told us last night that a boy asked her to be her girlfriend and then asked her to marry him? She said sure. Oh my goodness, it really starts this early? But I must say it’s so cute. She got all red in the face and told me she played with him during both their recesses. Oh and this little boy is absolutely adorable. :)

3. Okay, so I got word that Costco is selling Hunter rain boots. Seriously? I really need to make a trip there ASAP.

4. Tomorrow is Halloween and the girls are so excited!! We are all going to Sophia’s school for the parade and party; so much fun, I can’t wait!! I love seeing my girls happy.

I can’t believe this was only a year ago!!

think - mckayla halloween 2013 think - mckenzie halloween 2013 think - sophia isabella halloween 2013

5. I have to say I am in love with my skin! I have never loved me skin the way I do now. If you haven’t messaged me to find out more you must do so NOW. These products will change the way you feel about your skin. I am saying this as a product user, not just a consultant. Remember I fell in love with the products long before I started selling them and I know you would love them too. Best part is there is a 60 day money back guarantee, so all you have to lose are wrinkles, sunspots, acne, redness, etc. These results say it all!!

10590605_10101043619086166_9207310922270606718_n 10354950_10101043619121096_9149071289074260689_n

6. Life is crazy, but it’s truly amazing. Trust me this week has had it’s ups and downs but when I sit back and look at everything and everyone in my life I realize just how incredible my life is. I need to make sure I am always taking a deep breath and simply remember how blessed I am to have all that I have in my life.

As always, thank you Amanda for Thinking Out Loud.

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WIAW # 90

Good evening everyone. Since, it’s Wednesday it’s time for What I Ate Wednesday. Gosh, I haven’t done one of these posts in awhile so I thought it was about time to join back in on the fun. If you are new and have no idea what What I Ate Wednesday is all about head over to Jenn’s page and check it out. I kept forgetting to take pictures today; I’m sorry I have to get back in the swing of this link-up.

wiaw-fall-into-good-habits-button (2)

Breakfast 7:00am

I finished my workout at about 6:15 hurried up got dressed, got the big girls up and dressed, came downstairs and made some Pumpkin Protein Pancakes. If you haven’t tried these pancakes you are missing out. Seriously, they are amazing and I don’t even like cottage cheese. Ha!!

wiaw - pumpkin pancakes

Snack 9:00am

Before going to gymnastics with Isabella I had some crackers and an apple.

wiww 63 - apple

Lunch 12:00pm

I had a poached egg on Ezekiel bread. This is seriously one of my favorite meals.

wiaw 68 - poached egg

Snack 2:00pm

A couple mini pumpkin cupcakes. Gosh, these are so addicting and delicious.

pumpkin cupcakes in pan

I also had a bowl of fruit.

wiaw - fruit 2

Dinner 5:30pm

Steve picked up a rotisserie chicken for us. I also had a few bites of the girls Pirates Booty Mac and Cheese.

Dessert 6:30pm

I enjoyed one mini Reese’s peanut butter pumpkin. This is pretty much the only candy I splurge on every once in awhile.

Throughout the day I had a few handful of popcorn. The girls are on a popcorn kick lately and it’s an easy snack for all of us.

After dessert lately I have been brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed. I do this for two reasons: 1. Now I don’t have to worry about getting ready for bed when I am exhausted and simply want to jump into bed. 2. Now I come downstairs after putting the girls to bed and don’t eat unneeded and unwanted food. So, this is a win-win.

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MIMM # 76 – Date Night

Hi everyone. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend; we sure did. It was one of our best in awhile. I don’t have many pictures for you today; I simply didn’t take too many this weekend.

Marvelous is…

having a night with just my hubby. Friday, after getting Sophia off the bus I took the girls over to Mimi and Papa’s house to spend the night. I seriously, can’t remember the last time Steve and I didn’t have any kids at home with us for a night. It was exactly what we needed. We went to dinner and a movie on Friday and breakfast, shopping, and lunch on Saturday. Short, but perfect!!

We saw the movie Gone Girl. Great movie, but crazy. Seriously, it kept you guessing and on your toes, but it was twisted. Have you seen it what did you think?

Marvelous is…

these two!! Yes, there are some moments I may not call them marvelous, but I love them all the same. My four girls truly are miracles.

tuesday - mckenzie 2 tuesday - mckayla tuesday - mckayla and mckenzie tuesday - mckayla and mckenzie 2

I’m sorry that’s all for tonight. We have had a rough evening. So, I will talk to you tomorrow. Just one of those days.

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Thinking Out Loud # 32

Thinking-Out-Loud (3)

1. Wow, what a day it has been. Thursdays are definitely one of our busiest days; I run errands alone (my mom comes over and watches the girls), I help out in Sophia’s classroom, and we have Sophia dance class. As I always say I love the craziness, but boy am I exhausted.

2. I love going to gymnastics class with Isabella. She is absolutely adorable.

thursday - isabella gymnastics

3. We have our family pictures on Tuesday and choosing coordinating outfits for 6 is not easy. I spent the majority of my errands today trying to find outfits for everyone and I am still lost.

4. Sophia, Isabella, McKayla, and McKenzie are spending the night at Mimi and Papa’s tomorrow night. I can’t wait for our date night. I am so excited to spend some time with my hubby. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!!

5. We made our first batch of pumpkin cupcakes. Delicious. Our second batch will be made tomorrow. :)

Pumpkin Cupcake with frosting Easy Pumpkin Cupcake Ingredients

As always, thank you Amanda.

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