Pumpkins, Cider, Donut, and More

We had the most perfect fall weekend. It was finally starting to feel like fall, unfortunately today felt like winter and I NOT ready for that. I am hoping we get back to some nice fall days ASAP, especially before Halloween.

Thursday was rainy, but that didn’t stop us form walking to and from the bus stop and the girls had a blast with their umbrellas.


After getting home from the bus we headed right to Mimi and Papa’s house to see Baby Maizy and of course Uncle Fran and Aunt Sarah too. While at Mimi’s house McKayla and McKenzie took their naps in the big girls princess beds for the first time and they loved it. They felt like such big girls and slept great!! I must say I kind of want my babies back.

october-2016-mckayla-sleeping-princess-bed october-2016-mckenzie-sleeping-princess-bed

We spent most of our weekend with Baby Maizy and it was perfect!! Spending time with family is what life is all about.

october-2016-mimi-granddaughters october-2016-isabella-holding-maizy-sweet

It takes two…


Isabella went to a classmates party for the first time and had so much fun. I loved spending one-on-one time with my baby. As we were walking into the party she said, “I don’t think I have ever been to anything all by myself”. My sweet girl.

october-2016-isabella-chuck-e-cheeses-horse october-2016-isabella-chuck-e-cheeses

After church/Sunday school we finally picked out our pumpkins. Sophia of course had to have the biggest pumpkin she could find, Isabella wanted one she could carry and McKayla and McKenzie just wanted any pumpkin that looked good (they we just excited to be getting pumpkins).

october-2016-mckayla-cute october-2016-mckenzie-cute october-2016-mckayla-mckenzie-2 october-2016-pumpkins-girls october-2016-pumpkins-mckenzie october-2016-isabellas-pumpkin

After picking out our pumpkins we headed to the cider mill to have cider and donuts. Oh and I can’t forget the carousel ride; always a favorite.

october-2016-daddy-mckenzie-walking october-2016-carousel-girls-2 october-2016-carousel-girls october-2016-carousel-mckayla-mckenzie-smiling october-2016-carousel-mckenzie october-2016-carousel-sophia october-2016-carousel-mckayla-mckenzie-2 october-2016-carousel-sophia-isabella october-2016-carousel-mckayla-mckenzie october-2016-mckayla-eating-donuts october-2016-mckenzie-eating-donuts

I know I say this all the time, but boy do I love spending time with my family. I just love our family of girls + Daddy. 🙂

We are truly blessed. God is good.


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Leader of the Week 2016

A Special Week for my Girls

Last week Sophia and Isabella were both Leader of the Week for their classes and they were beyond excited. Friday came and Isabella was very sad to see this week come to an end.

Sophia enjoyed spending the weekend with their class dolphin and writing up her poster.


Sophia put a lot of time and thought into her poster and her answers. The way Sophia filled out her poster showed me that I must be doing something right. I love my girls.

leader-of-the-week-sophia-poster leader-of-the-week-sophia-i-am-lucky-because leader-of-the-week-sophia-i-am-happy-when leader-of-the-week-sophia-sophia-what-i-want-to-be-when-i-grow-up leader-of-the-week-sohia-poster-favorite-season-and-subject
Isabella was beyond excited the day she found out she was leader of the week. She felt honored and special. Isabella told me that she was chosen because she shows leadership skills at school.


Isabella didn’t have to fill out a poster like Sophia, but she brought home a book to read and learn about how to be a good leader.

the-7-habits-for-happy-kidsThe girls’ school use these 7 habits to help our children grow to become independent, good person. I am always hearing my girls recite the different habits and use them while at home, it is really sweet. I love that they are not only learning reading, writing, math, etc, but they are also learning how to take charge of their own lives and how balance is the best way to live.

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Mimi’s Birthday Weekend 2016

What a wonderful weekend we had celebrating our Mimi. All I wanted to do was make her birthday perfect and I think we succeeded. She spent the day with almost of her loves and the weather couldn’t have been more beautiful.

Thank you Mimi for everything you do for us. Our world wouldn’t be the same without you. Our world wouldn’t function without you. You help make our lives easier. We love you more then you will ever know. Happy Birthday Mimi.

I just couldn’t get a picture with Mimi’s eyes open. But it’s still so cute. Seeing the way my girls love Mimi is such a blessing.

october-2016-mimis-birthday-mimi-girls-2 october-2016-mimis-birthday-blowing-out-candles

After dinner we made s’mores and had so much fun running around outside.

october-2016-mimis-birthday-smores-sophia-isabella october-2016-mimis-birthday-smores-mckayla-mckenzie october-2016-mimis-birthday-smores-sophia-isabella-3 october-2016-mimis-birthday-smores-mckayla-mckenzie-papa october-2016-mimis-birthday-smores-mckayla-isabella-papa october-2016-mimis-birthday-mckayla-mckenzie-hill october-2016-mimis-birthday-sophia-twins-papa-far october-2016-mimis-birthday-sophia-twins-papa-hill october-2016-mimis-birthday-sophia-isabella-running october-2016-mimis-birthday-mckenzie-mckayla-running-with-papa october-2016-mimis-birthday-mckayla-papa-hill october-2016-mimis-birthday-mckenzie-mckayla-walking-hill

Weekends like this are truly a gift from God. Spending time with my family is my favorite thing to do.

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Thinking Out Loud # 100

{Amanda – Thursday’s are for Thinking Out Loud}

Thinking-Out-Loud (3)

  1. Mommy’s little helpers. These two love setting the table and are always jumping at the chance to help their mommy.october-2016-setting-the-table-mckayla october-2016-setting-the-table-mckayla-2 october-2016-setting-the-table-mckenzie
  2. As we were leaving dance McKenzie really wanted to hold McKayla’s hand, but of course McKayla wasn’t giving in. Then she finally said yes. My sweet girls. october-2016-dance-walking-out october-2016-dance-mckenzie-asking-to-hold-hands october-2016-dance-mckayla-mckenzie-holding-hands-2 october-2016-carseat-mckenzie-sunglasses october-2016-carseat-mckayla-sunglasses
  3. Lately, McKenzie and McKayla have been loving getting Isabella out of bed with me and of course there is always time for some snuggles. They sure do miss their bug sisters when they’re at school.october-2016-waking-up-mckenzie-isabella
  4. We just can’t get enough of the beautiful fall weather. We are not ready for the cold.october-2016-sophia-mckayla-outside
  5. Tomorrow night Steve and I are going to a charity dinner, I am looking forward to date night. Our girls can’t wait to spend the night at Mimi and Papa’s house, I love that they love to be with their grandparents.
  6. I still can’t wait to share my new workouts with you I am in LOVE and I owe you a recipe. I promise it is all coming ASAP!! But, for now I’m tired and will talk to you soon.
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