Thinking Out Loud # 99

{Amanda – Thursday’s are for Thinking Out Loud}

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  1. I can’t say enough wonderful things about our girls’ school, teachers, and friends. I love the community in which we have chosen to raise our girls.
  2. This week has really drained me. All our activities have started and our nights are quite busy. Even though I only have two home we keep ourselves on the go; that’s the way McKayla and McKenzie like it, so our days are pretty busy too. But, nap time is golden. This mama isn’t looking forward to the day those end.
  3. I still can’t believe these two started dance this week. They went into the room with no tears and didn’t even look back. My babies are growing up and I’m not sure how I feel about it.september-2016-dance-walking-in-mckayla-mckenzie september-2016-dance-mckenzie september-2016-dance-mckenzie-silly-face september-2016-dance-mckayla-silly-face september-2016-dance-mckayla-mckenzie-hugging-3 september-2016-dance-mckenzie-big-smile september-2016-dance-mckayla-silly-smile-2
  4. Tomorrow McKayla and McKenzie start gymnastics. This will be my last year of a Mommy and Me class. Oh my don’t even get my started, the tears just keep on coming.
  5. How come I feel as though all I do is clean, yet I never feel satisfied? Seriously, some nights I look around and wonder what I did all day, yet I know all I did was clean and of course play and snuggle with my little ones. The later one is much more important because in the end the mess isn’t going anywhere, but we all know one day they will.
  6. So, this past week midday coffee has become a necessity. I used to only drink on occasion, now I haven’t been able to get through the afternoon without it. The life of a mom. Excuse the mess of the playroom, it’s on my todo list for tomorrow. This is one of the rooms that feels so satisfying once clean, but NEVER seems to stay that way for very long and that’s really how it should be. Messy Playroom = Happy Kidscoffee
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Tip Tuesday – Preventing Tiny Holes in Shirts

I may be the only one who has this problem, but just in case I am not I thought I would share how I fixed it.

So, here’s the back story. My new shirts kept getting holes right where they came in contact with my buttons of my pants. For awhile I thought there was something wrong with my shirts (I’m talking expensive ones all the way down to inexpensive ones, there was no rhyme of reason except for the location of the holes.), but then it just didn’t seem right. What was a girl to do, but google it. After some research I came to find out that the holes were from my shirts rubbing up against the buttons/zipper of my jeans. Most of the articles stated spending a lot of time leaning up again a counter can help cause this problem or the seatbelt in the car. Either way it’s the friction between your shirt and the button of your pants.


Here’s how I fixed it:

Things needed:

  1. Heat ‘N Bond
  2. An Iron

holes-in-shirt-heat-n-bond-2 hole-in-shirt-2

Simply figure out where your shirt meets the buttons of your pants, turn it inside out and iron on the heat ‘n bond (follow the directions on the package). It’s that simple.

Now that this has been happening to numerous shirts of mind I am simply doing this process each time I buy a shirt made with a delicate material.


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McKayla and McKenzie’s First Dance Class

I’m just stopping in for a quick chat today, I know I missed yesterday’s Marvelous in My Monday post, so I thought I would check in to say hi while my babies little ones are napping. I guess I need to stop calling them babies, but I’m just not ready.

You can’t get much sweeter then these two holding hands while sleeping. This right here melts my heart. They may have their moments, but no matter what they are each other’s other half, best friend. My girls.


I may or may not have shed a few tears while sending my babies off to dance class. I know I am emotional, I can’t help it there has been a lot of changes in these last couple of weeks.

september-2016-1st-dance-class-mckayla-mckenzie september-2016-1st-dance-class-mckenzie-3 september-2016-1st-dance-class-mckenzie-7 september-2016-1st-dance-class-mckayla september-2016-1st-dance-class-mckayla-3

On the other hand there were no tears on their part. They were beyond excited and went in smiling and came out just as happy. My babies are growing up.



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Thinking Out Loud # 98

{Amanda – Running with Spoons}

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  1. We have all adapted to our new routine and it’s not too tough. Of course, I miss my girls and they miss me, but I love me time with McKayla and McKenzie. They are so silly and have the most adorable personalities. These are the days I am going to miss.september-2016-mckayla-mckenzie-pushing-stroller
  2. McKayla and McKenzie are loving their time together too. I love listening to the two of them chat and talk and play. Their giggles are the best!!september-2016-mckayla-mckenzie-same-bed-closeup
  3. But at the end of the day they are so happy to have their big sister’s back. They love my four girls have for each other is so beautiful. september-2016-sophia-mckenzie-holding-hands-2
  4. We obsessed with banana bread right now and I am obsessed with making everything into muffins. So, this week I turned Mimi’s Banana Bread (I will get you the recipe ASAP) into mini muffins and they turned out perfect. I love that by making muffins they are automatically portioned out. It is perfect and they girls love the idea of eat a few. I am still in love with the Flourless Banana Bread Muffins from last week, but it’s always nice to change it up.mimis-banana-bread-muffins
  5. This salad is AMAZING. I look forward to eating it and it is beyond easy to make, I can put it together in less then 10 minutes (even less if you have pre-cooked chicken).salad-chicken-bacon-nuts-balsamic
  6. Another go to meal for me this week has been this chicken and rice skillet, again it is so good and too easy. I will post the recipe, (if you can call it that) tomorrow. 🙂one-pan-chicken-and-rice
  7. Eating healthy can be easy and addicting (in a good way). Once you play around with spices and combinations you will learn to love eating and living in a healthy way. You will on longer crave unhealthy food. Once you stop saying I can’t eat that and start saying I DON’T want that everything will change.better-habits-loving-yourself
  8. I seriously don’t have another one to add, but I just couldn’t end this post on an odd number. I know I am crazy, but aren’t we all! Talk to you tomorrow.
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