Thinking Out Loud # 57

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1. I thought this week was going to feel so “relaxing” compared to last week, but it wasn’t. We had a lot less going on, but I still felt as though we had a lot to do and get done. I am really in the mood to clean and organize my house (get rid of everything we don’t use), but every time I try to get something done someone needs me. Ha!! “Slow and steady wins the race”.

2. I am so excited to have Sophia home for the next four days; I am just hoping we have nice weather. I would love to have our first pool day with our girls on Sunday or Monday, but we will have to see if the rain holds off.

3. This week has not been McKenzie and Mckayla’s best week. I guess everyone is allowed a rough week here or there, but man does it make it difficult to get anything done (hence #1).

4. Steve and I have a much needed night out on Saturday, not just a date night, but an over night with my hubby. Our girls are going to be so excited. They love spending the night at Mimi and Papas.

5. Okay, I still don’t have a dress to wear to my brother and future sister-in-law’s wedding. Ahhh!! It’s only 7 weeks away, so I think I need to get serious. If you find any cute mint or pink cocktail dresses please share them with me. :) Okay, I need to make a list with everything I have to get done before leaving.

6. My sister and I leave for Vegas 3 weeks from TODAY!! I can’t believe it is almost here. I am so excited, but I must say I will miss my girls. As much as I can’t wait for a little break, my girls are my everything.

7. I started 21 Day Fix Extreme Countdown to Competition Vegas Meal Plan and workouts. I must say at first the nutrition plan wasn’t easy, but now it’s becoming second nature and I am loving it. I will give you more details ASAP!!

8. I m in the midst of planning Sophia and Isabella’s birthday party and I can’t wait to celebrate my girls. I love them to death!!

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MIMM # 105 Part 2 – Sarah’s Wedding Shower

Our wonderfully busy weekend ended with an amazing day dedicated to celebrate Sarah and Fran. We had a beautiful wedding shower on Sunday afternoon (if I don’t say so myself). The food, the cake, and the company couldn’t have been better.

I seriously, can’t even begin to tell you how blessed we are to be welcoming Sarah into our family. Ade and I are getting another sister and we couldn’t be happier.

mimm - sarahs shower - cake mimm - sarahs shower - isabella sophia sarah mimm - sarahs shower - ade sophia mimm - sarahs shower - isabella mimm - sarahs shower - me isabella mimm - sarahs shower - isabella closeup

This is just the start of all the celebrating, next stop LAS VEGAS baby!!

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MIMM # 105 Part 1 – Dance Recital

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What a busy weekend we had, but it is was a truly wonderful one. It all began with the girls’ dance recital Friday night and they were AMAZING!! I still can’t believe Isabella’s first dance recital has come and gone and she danced beautifully. This was Sophia’s third recital and she was quite the pro and I can’t believe how fast she is growing up.  I was one proud Mama watching my girls on stage. Fridays show was just Mimi and me; I’m so glad we decided to go the first night just us. I loved being able to focus on my girls. Saturday our girls had almost 20 people come and watch them spin, twirl, and dance; we are so blessed.

Sophia posing for pictures while Isabella sneaks a catnap (I hated waking her, but the show must go on).

mimm - dance recital 2015 sophia before the show

Isabella said, “I have never had my own flowers before”. It was the sweetest thing. I never want to forget the look on her face. I never want to forget all these little moments. So sweet.

mimm - dance recital 2015 isabella flowers

mimm - dance recital 2015 isabella

Saturday Auntie Ade came over to help with makeup and hair. I assumed I would get one of my girls ready and Auntie would help with the other, but no, no, no of course they both wanted Auntie. :)

mimm - dance recital 2015 isabella sophia mimm - dance recital 2015 isabella closeup mimm - dance recital 2015 isabella sophia 2 mimm - dance recital 2015 isabella sophia hugging mimm - dance recital 2015 isabella closeup 2 mimm - dance recital 2015 isabella sophia posing mimm - dance recital 2015 - isabella sophia closeup mimm - dance recital 2015 isabella sophia posing 2 mimm - dance recital 2015 isabella costume mimm - dance recital 2015 isabella 2

We love having Auntie Ade with us for some girl time.

mimm - dance recital 2015 ade isabella

Leaving my girls backstage was so difficult. I seriously have issues with not being with them and I wonder why McKenzie and McKayla have such awful separation anxiety. Well, I guess they will be grown before I know it.

mimm - dance recital 2015 isabella ma mimm - dance recital 2015 sophia me

After Saturday’s show we ended the evening by celebrating at Mimi and Papa’s house. I loved having all of our family together. We not only had my side, but Steve’s side as well. We also had the pleasure of having Sarah’s (my brother’s fiancé) parents in town. What an amazing weekend filled with lots of love.

We can’t get enough time with Uncle Fran when he’s in town.

mimm - dance recital 2015 fran isabella mimm - dance recital 2015 fran at kids table mimm - dance recital 2015 mckenzie mimm - dance recital 2015 mckenzie mckayla masks

One of the best parts of the night was relaxing by the bonfire with my girls and when I use the word relaxing I actually mean it. Life is beginning to come together and it’s beautiful.

mimm - may 2015 bomfire ade isabella mimm - may 2015 bomfire sophia mimi


I realized this post was getting long and it’s getting late, so there will be a part 2 tomorrow and it will highlight Sarah’s wedding shower. So, many exciting things to talk about. I can’t wait!!

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Thinking Out Loud # 56 – A Day Late

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1. Wow!! That is all I can say about this week and it’s not over yet. I feel like we have just been on the go since Monday. I am ready for some downtime and that’s not going to happen until next week, but I can’t wait for all our weekend festivities. I love family time!!

2. This weekend we are hosting Sarah’s (my brother’s fiancé) bridal shower. YAY!! There are so many wonderful things going on in our lives right now. I love it!! This is the start of all the wedding festivities for us. Next celebration the bachelorette party. Whoo hoo!

3. Our swimming pool in our subdivision opens in ONE week, I am so excited!! I can’t even tell you how ready I am to spend hours at the pool each and everyday. I hope McKenzie and McKayla love the pool as much as we all do.

4. Sophia’s dance tights have a hole in them. So, now I need to get to the store tomorrow to get her a new pair. I was going to order them on amazon, but I waited to long and missed the chance to get overnight shipping. There is always something.

5. If you follow my on facebook page you already saw this picture of my Tupperware cabinet and yes it still looks like that (4 days later). I know crazy, right?!?  It is so nice to be able to find a matching set immediately.

think - tupperware cabinet

6. McKenzie and McKayla are seriously growing up and in a good way. :) Their little personalities are really starting to show and they are adorable. Lately, they will simply come up to me (or Mimi) and give us a kiss or hug then go back to playing. It really is the sweetest thing!!

7. Tonight is our first of two recitals. Sophia and Isabella are so EXCITED too!! My mom and I are going to watch ALONE tonight and I can’t wait. Since, I worked backstage during the rehearsals I haven’t seen much of the show; I simply went out and watching my girls’ dances. Tomorrow, Sophia and Isabella have quite the audience coming to see them, I bought 20 TICKETS, yes I know it’s a little nuts. I will share pictures on Monday.

8. I caught McKayla trying to wake up her sis this morning. I walked into their room to find McKayla sitting their rubbing her sisters back and I really don’t think she was trying to help her sleep. Haha. :) It was actually very cute. I love their relationship, well I love the part of their relationship where they love each other, not the part where they fight about everything.

9. The girls are really missing their daddy this week, between Steve traveling for work and the girls dress rehearsals they haven’t seen him much. This morning on the way to school Sophia said, “When do we get to see Daddy, I miss him”.  Oh my those words made me melt. I don’t always realize how much they are affected when they don’t see their Daddy. My loves!!

10. Have a wonderful weekend. I can’t wait to share all of the details from the weekend with you.

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