WIAW # 121

As most of you know I am working on finding my balance with healthy eating, some days I succeed and others I fail. Some days I am 100% on and others I’m just not. I will tell you I definitely relax more on the weekends when it comes to my eating. Since we are off our routine it makes it more difficult for me and it’s just not worth the battle. I am ok with that it is kind of nice knowing I don’t have to think about every morsel that goes into my mouth 7 days a week. I still eat clean on the weekends I am just not as strict. Clean eating to me is not a fad it’s my lifestyle I am just trying to figure out how not to become obsessed with it.

A typical day for me consists of 80% clean and 10% not so much.


After finishing Chisel Balance, I got dressed then ate some pumpkin protein pancakes (1/3 cup oats, 1/4 tsp. baking soda, 1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon, 1/2 tsp, pure vanilla extract, 2 egg whites, 1 tablespoon ground flax seed, 2 tablespoons pure pumpkin, 1/2 cup cottage cheese – put everything in a blender, I use the nutri bullet, and mix it al up. Then cook on medium low; slow and steady is the key.). Easy and delicious.

Chisel Balance is my least favorite workout of Hamme and Chisel, simply because it really challenges my balance, which challenges every part of me. Seriously, this workout kicks my booty every time. So, I love to hate it.

wiaw - pumpkin protein pancakes 2

Once we got home from gymnastics and grocery shopping I was starving so I cooked up some ground beef, added taco seasoning and made a salad (this has become a staple in my diet lately and it’s so healthy). Yum!! I’m sorry I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture.

A little later I was ready for something sweet and I realized haven’t had my paleo chocolate cake in awhile so I quickly made one up and topped it with a little ice cream. One thing I have learned it that by treating myself mid day I don’t crave anything else later on. I don’t do this everyday, but maybe I should. :)

mimm - paleo gluten free chocolate cake

That chocolate cake and ice cream seriously sustained me for a long time. I didn’t feel the need to eat again until after getting Sophia off the bus and since it was a cold day and I am fighting this cold, tomato soup sounded perfect. I quickly whipped up my favorite and oh so easy homemade tomato soup (recipe coming ASAP) and it surely hit the spot.

healthy tomato bisque soap

A little later I made my favorite healthy beef nachos with homemade chips, taco meat, and a little bit of cheese.

healthy beef tacos

I ended the night with a banana and a teaspoon of almond butter.


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MIMM # 139 – Daddy Daughter 2016

{Thank you Katie for Marvelous in My Monday}

MiMM - logo

Friday night Sophia spent the night at Mimi and Papa’s house and can I just say how easy it is to only have 3 kids? Ha!! Sophia had so much fun so loved her alone time with her grandparents and I love the relationship they have together it really is beautiful, we are blessed.

While Sophia was away we went shopping for new floors at Lowes and the girls had a blast.

lowes mckayla mckenzie lowes mckayla mckenzie isabella lowes mckayla mckenzie isabella 2

This weekend Steve went to his last one-on-one Daddy/Daughter Dance. Every year from here on out he will have at least two of our four girls; lucky Daddy. Blessed!!

daddydaughter2016sophia daddydaughter2016daddysophia

While they were dancing we had our first “semi-major” cut (stitches were almost required). McKenzie bumped her chin on the edge of the bathtub and her cut looked pretty bad to me so I decided to take her to urgent care. I just didn’t feel qualified to make the decision on stitches myself.  After waiting 30 minutes or so I asked if I could get a nurses opinion (I really wasn’t sure she needed stitches and didn’t wait to wait just to be told to go home and simply put ointment and a bandaid on it.). Well, the nice nurses told me that they honestly didn’t think it needed stitches, if anything maybe one, but it really didn’t look necessary. They said to put some liquid —- on it and just keep it clean. So, that is just what we did, but I am still questioning this decision. I am still wondering if I should have stayed and seen the doctor and got it stitched up. Oh the guilt, mom guilt is seriously the worst.

Sunday, began with a nice family breakfast of dairy-free pancakes (Steve was diagnosed with a milk allergy, so I have been cooking dairy free for us (when he’s home).) I will share this recipe ASAP, it’s delicious and you’d never know it’s milk free. After breakfast we went to church and Sunday school. We then came home for naps, then we ended the day with a birthday party for Grandpa and watching the super bowl from the comfort of our own couch. Perfection!!

sophia grams mckenzie grams mckayla mckenzie grams girls playing game grams

isabella eating grams

Unfortunately, in the middle of the night Sophia woke up with a headache and low grade fever and it stayed until the morning. So she stayed home with us and I can’t lie it kind of felt good to have a day home with no activities (normally Monday’s are crazy for us with gymnastics and dance). We had spent time watching movies, playing games, and simply resting (Mom did a lot of cleaning and organizing, but that’s besides the point. :))

sick sophia isabella yogurt

mckayla silly girl monopoly jr sisters on sick day

Oh and Monopoly Junior is a great game. Sophia is obsessed.

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Thinking Out Loud # 84

{Linking up with Amanda – Thursday’s are for Thinking Out Loud}

Thinking-Out-Loud (3)

  1. I love Thursday’s because I get to be with Sophia at school, see my mom, and run errands alone easily. These types of days refresh me, revive me and help me be the best mom I can be.
  2. Today as I was leaving Sophia’s class she was having a difficult time, she he did not want me to leave. It broke my heart I wanted to take her home and hold her all day, but I didn’t I hugged her and kissed her and told her I couldn’t wait to see her at the end of the day. I told her to have fun with her friends.
  3. We leave for Disney in just over 20 days. Really?! I can’t even explain how happy everyone is at our house. Up until yesterday we were driving 18+ hours there and back, but the plane tickets went down in price and we are now flying. Our girls won’t find out until the morning we leave, they will be so excited!! Happiness is this right here.happiness is a state of mind
  4. This weekend the packing begins.
  5. Okay, I need to get back to taking more pictures, I have been lacking lately.
  6. Is it just me or does anyone else get carried away when browsing pinterest? Like seriously carried away? It’s addicting.
  7. Netflix is addicting. Steve and I started watching One Tree Hill a couple months ago and we can’t go a night without watching an episode or two or sometimes three.
  8. Tomorrow, Sophia is spending the night at Mimi and Papa’s house alone for the first time since her sister’s came into our family. She is beyond excited to have some time with her Mimi and Papa and they are equally thrilled. I can’t even begin to tell you how blessed we are to have such wonderful grandparents for our girls. I love they way they love our girls and our girls love them. Their relationship is amazingly beautiful, special, and greater then I could have ever imagined. To know that our girls have them is a blessing.


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WIAW # 120 – Balance, balance, balance

As most of you know I have been following The Master’s Hammer and Chisel workout and meal plan. But, I have been tweaking it to meet my lifestyle and preferences. One of my goals for this year is to become the healthiest me to date. To me healthy means having a balance. I don’t want to become obsessed, trust me that is no way to live.

After finishing Chisel Cardio this morning I was starving and ready for breakfast so I ate a couple 21 Day Fix Greek Yogurt Waffles (1/3 cup flour, 1/2 tsp. baking powder, 1/2 tsp. baking soda, 1/2 cup greek yogurt, 1 egg, 1 tsp. vanilla extract – mix dry ingredients, make a well, add wet ingredients and mix until well combined).

wiaw - greek yogurt waffle

After Isabella’s gymnastics class I was starving and even though it was only 10:30 I cooked up some BBQ chicken and made a simple salad (chicken and lettuce). I ended my snack meal with an apple. One thing I have learned is that it really doesn’t matter what time of day it is choose what is healthy and sounds good.

It doesn’t look like much, but it really hit the spot.

BBQ Chicken salad

A little later I was really in the mood for one of our homemade chocolate chip cookies and you know what I ate one and LOVED it. As I said before it’s all about balance. So since, I decided to have a cookie this means I limited my carbs throughout the rest of the day. Balance, balance, balance. Oh and this cookie recipe is my father-in-law’s and it is amazing I will share it with you ASAP!!

WIWW 38 - Chocolate Chip Cookie

A few hours later I ate a banana; one of my favorite fruits. I actually love just about any fruit: this is my trick for satisfying my sweet tooth.

wiaw - banana

I started to get hungry before dinner, but I didn’t want to snack on junk so I quickly whipped up 4 egg whites. This is my typical go to when I am hungry between meals. The protein fills me up with very few calories, it’s the perfect mid-day hunger solution.

wiaw - egg whites

For dinner I made a batch of beef nachos using one of my favorite ultra thin corn tortillas. One tortilla barely equals 1/2 a yellow so it was the perfect dinner. All you do is heat up 1/2 tsp. of oil in a small skillet, break the tortilla into four pieces, sprinkle it with salt, cook it until it’s crispy, remove from skillet and place on a parchment lined cook sheet, top with beef and cheese broil for a few minutes and enjoy. Easy and delicious.

extra thin tortillas

I ended the night with a teaspoon of almond butter. Yum!!

wiaw - tsp almond butter

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