Thinking out Loud # 62

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1. Oh my, I can’t believe we leave tomorrow for Colorado!! Seriously, how is our trip already here?! I am so excited yet, so nervous I am going to forget something. But, I must say this is the has been the easiest trip to pack for since Sophia was born. I realized that in the past few years if we traveled we always had a baby or two tagging along. Which made for lots of little extras. Now we have little girls and big girls. Wow, so much easier; at least the packing part. We will see how the plane ride goes. For now life is good!!

2. Michigan weather was finally beautiful again today, so we went to the pool and had so much fun. McKenzie and McKayla actually went into the pool; this was Mckayla’s first time really getting in the water. Whoo hoo!! Love my girls.

3. I may be the worst packer EVER. Seriously, I have no idea what I have packed and I will probably not even wear half of it, but what are you going to do about it.

4. This past weekend Mimi and I took Sophia and Isabella to a carnival and it was a blast. The girls are still talking about it and can’t wait to back again next year.

carnival - sophia isabella flying car carnival - sophia isabella flying car 2 carnival - sophia isabella train carnival - sohpia isabella mimi carnival - isabella car carnival - sophia horse carnival - fun house sophia carnival - isabella fun house carnival - isabella carnival - girls walkling

5. Sophia has her gymnastics “Olympics” on Monday evening and she was amazing. I love watching my girls show off their skills. :)

gymnastics - sophia flowers gymnastics - sophia

6. Okay, I am way too calm for the eve before we leave. We will see if this calmness carries over to tomorrow afternoon.

7. We had our family pictures on Saturday and the sneaks peeks are AMAZING!! I have no idea how to was able to take so many beautiful pictures. Trust me getting 6 people, including 4 little ones to take a good picture at the same time is not easy. Pictures taken by Erin Werner.

11707639_10153001565556156_6635725575007349614_n 10436192_10152996107191156_5531201384412389383_n

8. I am not sure what my blogging will be like while on vacation, but I will definitely be able to check in on facebook. Make sure you head on over and like my page to stay up to date. I can’t wait to share all the details of our trip and the WEDDING with you!! Talk to you soon.

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WIAW # 107 – Sophia’s 6th Birthday

Hello, Hello

I hope you are having a wonderful week. Can you believe tomorrow is Thursday already? That means I am linking up with Jenn for What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday. Wow, I haven’t written one of these posts in a LONG time.

Yesterday, was Sophia’s 6th birthday and it truly is bittersweet. I am so proud of the little girl she is becoming, yet I am so sad to say good-bye to my sweet little baby. Where did the time go? It feel like just yesterday I was rocking her sleep, holding her tight. We are so blessed to have such an amazing daughter in our lives. She is the best biggest sister we could have even wished for; always there to help and love her little sisters. She is a smart, sweet, kind, and loving little girl. And boy does she love life. Sophia has taught me so much about life and love I am truly forever grateful. I thank God for her everyday for giving me Sophia and making me a mom. She shows me what life is all about. We love you with all our hearts!! Happy birthday sweet girl.

6th birthday sophia mimi papas gift

So, for today’s What I Ate Wednesday, I thought I would show you how I incorporate special occasions into my clean eating plan.


I began the day with the Upper Body Extreme (21 Day Fix Extreme) workout and it was great start to my day. I can’t imagine not starting my day with exercise; I love it!!

I knew Sophia had requested cinnamon rolls for her birthday breakfast and I knew I would want to enjoy one with her. Therefore, to make sure I got some protein at breakfast I ate 4 egg whites before anyone woke up. I realized when I start my day healthy my food choices tend to stay healthy throughout the day.

wiaw - egg whites

Sophia really wanted to spend the day at the pool, but of course our crazy Michigan weather didn’t hold up; it was chilly and rainy. So, what’s a mom to do. Well, we went to pick up Sophia’s cake and decided to make the best of it. We ended up having a wonderful day at home.

6th birthday sophia cake

After getting back from the grocery store I heated up some leftover Salsa Chicken and made a taco salad with lettuce, a sprinkle of cheese, and a splash of salsa verde. It was delicious and extremely filling. I am definitely  going to make sure I continue to incorporate this into my weekly meals.

wiaw - salsa chicken salad

Mimi stopped by for a little bit and gave Sophia one of her favorite gifts; a snorkel and flippers set. Poor thing hasn’t been able to try to out since it has been cold and rainy. Hopefully, tomorrow; it actually looks beautiful.

6th birthday sophia isabella 6th birthday sophia opening gifts 6th birthday sophia opening gifts 2 6th birthday sophia flipper set

Of course Mimi brought gifts for everyone. Isabella loves her new Cinderella jewelry set.

6th birthday isabella gift 6th birthday isabella neckless

I munched on some fruit throughout the afternoon.

wiaw - bulk fruit

Then, I was hungry again and knew I just wouldn’t make it until dinner, so I heated up a couple of meatloaf muffins and edamame (my new favorite afternoon snack and they are extremely easy to make).

wiaw - meatloaf muffins

wiaw - edamama

Since, it was Sophia’s birthday she got to choose what we have for dinner and she chose steak. I added some green beans and carrots.

wiaw - green beans carrots almonds 2

We ended the night with cake and ice cream. Delicious!!

6th birthday sophia isabella cake 6th birthday sophia cake 2

wiaw - cake and ice cream

If you have been reading my blog for awhile you know I really try to enjoy everything in moderation. I eat clean about 80% of the time; this is what works for me. It allows me to enjoy a piece of birthday cake. I don’t want to live my life saying no to everything; sometimes to have to live a little. So, yesterday I simply made sure to eat clean throughout the day this way I could end it with a nice sweet treat; birthday cake and ice cream.


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MIMM # 111 – Fireworks 2015

MiMM - logo

Our weekend was so much fun, but very unproductive. I had high hopes to get most of our packing done, but it just didn’t happen. Oh well, I have still have a few more days; procrastination at it finest. Ha!!

Fireworks with our girls is one of my favorite events of the year; the girls love it too.

mimm - fireworks 2015 mimi sophia mckenzie mimm - fireworks 2015 mckenzie mimm - fireworks 2015 papa mckayla sophia silly mimm - fireworks 2015 papa mckayla sophia mimm - fireworks papa mckayla mimm - fireworks 2015 mimi isabella perfection mimm - fireworks 2015 mama mckayla mimm - fireworks 2015 sophia isabella mimm - fireworks 2015 sophia mimm - fireworks 2015 isabella mimm - fireworks 2015 mama mckayla mckenzie

Getting all four to take a picture is not easy.

mimm - fireworks 2015 isabella mckenzie mckayla mimm - fireworks 2015 girls mimm - fireworks 2015 girls 2 mimm - fireworks 2015 girls 3

I love that our girls have such a strong relationship with Gigi (my grandma); it truly is priceless.

mimm - fireworks 2015 gigi sophia mimm - fireworks 2015 mckenzie waiting mimm - fireworks 2015 mimi and girls waiting mimm - fireworks 2015 mama mckayla watching mimm - fireworks 2015 mimi mckenzie mimm - fireworks 2015 mckenzie isabella mimm - fireworks 2015 mimi mckenzie watching mimm - fireworks 2015 mimi mckenzie isabella watching mimm - fireworks 2015 steve sophia mimm - fireworks 2015 mama mckayla mckenzie 2

Even though it was an incredibly late night for our girls they all did amazingly well. You would have never known they were up several hours after their typical bedtime. I love our family time and I can’t believe how grown up our little big family is getting. Life is beautiful!!

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Fireworks 2014

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Thinking Out Loud # 61

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1. We loved celebrating and honoring Daddy, Papa, and Pop on Father’s Day. I love that my girls have the most amazing men to learn from. What a special day. We ended Father’s Day with ice cream at Daddy’s favorite place; McKenzie and McKayla had a blast trying to feed each other. Sophia wanted to sit with her Papa. Steve is truly an amazing dad to his girls; he was meant to be a girl dad. :)

think - fathers day daddy and twins think - fathers day daddy twins sophia think - fathers day twins sophia think - fathers day papa sophia think - twins ice cream think - twins ice cream 2 think - twins ice cream 3 think - twins ice cream 4 think - twins ice cream 5 think - twins ice cream 6

2. What a busy week we have had and yet I feel like I haven’t gotten anything done.

3. Tuesday morning the girls, Mimi, and I had a great time at the mall. I love that my girls are such good girls; it’s easy to take them anywhere. Our little big family is amazing.

think - mall mckayla think - mall twins sophia think - mall isabella think - mall sophia think - mall isabella 2 think - mall twins

4. McKayla and McKenzie had an appointment with their Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor on Wednesday morning to check their ears and unfortunately they still had fluid in their ears. So, this means we are going to be undergoing two more surgeries. Oh my!!

they sure do love going to the doctors

think - twins

and yes they both decided they needed to take their shoes off. What’s a mom to do?

5. Isabella had her last gymnastics class of the year. I’m so proud of my little girl and quite sad that we will never do a mommy and me class again. She is growing up too fast.

think - gymnastics isabella think - gymnastic isabella bars think - gymnastic isabella medal

6. Oh my goodness, we leave in just over a week for Colorado!!! This is crazy, but I am so excited.

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