Thinking Out Loud # 53

Thinking-Out-Loud (3)

1. As I told you earlier this week I got my eyebrows done and they are perfect, seriously perfect. My friend just opened a Makeup and Brow Studio less then 5 minutes from our house. It is perfect and she is amazing. Brows can really change the way your face looks and it has made my eyes look so much more open.

2. McKenzie is really becoming a goofball. She loves making people laugh.

think - crazy outfit McKenzie

These two are too cute.

think - april 2015 mckenzie mckayla sweet

3. When we were at the store on Sunday I saw these pink guest napkins and just had to get them for our half bath; I mean we are a house of girls. :)

4. Lately, McKayla loves falling asleep while holding my hand. So sweet.

mimm - sleeping mckayla holding my hand

5. I am in need of some new bathing suits for summer, but I just haven’t found what I want. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :)

6. You know you take a lot of pictures with your phone, when your babies toddlers start to take pictures with there toy phone (“cheese”). Haha!! Too funny.

7. I love hearing McKenzie and McKayla say Sophia and Isabella, “Soso” and “Beba”. It melts my heart every time. And boy do they love their big sisters.

Isabella was crying, so McKenzie and McKayla wanted to make her feel better.

think - hugs isabella and babies

think - april 2015 isabella mckenzie hugging

8. Our mornings tend to be kind of crazy, believe it or not. :) But this morning that was not the case. We had a very calm morning before school.

think - april 2015 girls couch

think - april 2015 sophia think - april 2015 mckayla sweet{Linking up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday}

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WIAW # 103 – Wildtree Fajitas


Hello, Hello

I can’t believe it is Wednesday already and like usual this week is flying by. It’s another cold week here and I am miserable. Yes, I cannot stand the cold, but I live in Michigan; not a great combo. My meals today were pretty much just like any other day, except for dinner. As moist of you know I attended my first Wildtree party at sister-in-laws last week and we are enjoying all the quick and healthy.


I wasn’t sure what I was in the mode for so I had one Greek yogurt waffle and a few pumpkin protein pancakes (1 serving).

wiaw - pumpkin pancakes 2

wiaw - greek yogurt waffle


I enjoyed a big bowl of strawberries and grapes. This may be my favorite thing to snack on. I love that it satisfies my sweet tooth every time.

wiaw - bulk fruit


Same old, same old, egg whites with sweet potatoes. I have been getting a ton of questions on how I cook my sweet potatoes so quickly. I simply cut them up and fry them in my cast iron skillet with center cut bacon. Oh so good.

wiaw - 21 DFX egg whites sweet potatoes


A teaspoon of almond butter with an apple. This is another one of my tricks to staving off my sweet tooth.

wiaw - tsp almond butter


My typical afternoon salad with almond, walnuts, and turkey. I can’t believe I went through a no salad phase; this has become a favorite of mine.

Yes, this is a recycled picture once again. I’m sorry. I will try to remember to take a new one next time. Lately, I haven’t been putting cheese on my salad and I don’t miss it one bit.

wiaw - 21 day fix salad


Wildtree Fajitas. As much as I complained during the prepping of the meat (sorry Steve) I am loving the fact that we have easy, healthy meals readily available. This afternoon (if I was more on top of the meal planning I would have pulled them out last night, don’t push your luck, one step at a time. Ha!!) I simply pulled out my two zip lock bags of already seasoned and ready fajita chicken and sautéed them in my wok. I decided I wanted some green beans and carrots (these are my go to veggies right now) too, so I simply cooked those up as well.

wiaw - wildtree fajitas wiaw - green beans carrots almonds


Most people wouldn’t call this dessert, but it works for me. I had another teaspoon of almond butter and that was the end of my day of food. I can’t believe how much my meals have changed ever since I decided to follow the 21 Day Fix Extreme nutrition plan. It truly is amazing and has changed my view on food.

{I’m linking up with Jenn for What I Ate Wednesday}

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  2. Are you a meal planner?


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MIMM # 101 – An Amazing Family Weekend

MiMM - logo

{Linking up with Katie for Marvelous in My Monday}

Where do I begin. We had such a perfect family weekend. We didn’t have any plans, except I got my eyebrows done Saturday morning (I have been doing them about every 3 weeks and they are perfect, I will tell you more about that on Thursday.)

Our weekend began Friday after school when we spent hours outside playing in the warm weather. Followed by our first Wildtree dinner. I made the Lemon Rosemary Pork Roast Chicken (Steve is not a pork person, so I changed this meal to chicken and it was perfect). I breaded a few pieces with panko and kept a few plain then I simply threw everything into the oven and paired it with my green beans and almonds, but added some carrots too. It was a delicious Friday night dinner and very easy too. I’m sorry I forgot to take a picture, I must get better at taking pictures of my food. :)

Saturday morning I made everyone a big breakfast of pancakes and bacon. Then I ran out to get my eyebrows done I was back in no time and we spent the rest of the morning relaxing. Once McKenzie and McKayla woke up from their nap we headed to our neighbors house for a party. The girls spent the entire time on the bounce house. We have the best neighbors, not only do we love spending time with everyone, they are all so kind. I couldn’t ask for a better place to raise our daughters. Since, we all ate there I didn’t have to make dinner. Perfect!! Oh and I think we need a bounce house. All 4 of them would spend hours bouncing all their energy away.

Okay, when we left our house Isabella’s hair was in a cute ponytail with a bow. Within five minutes it was a disaster. She is definitely our hot mess, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I had all intentions of matching all 4 girls, but Sophia has other plans.

mimm - spril 2015 bouncehouse twins and sophia mimm - april 2015 bouncehouse girls mimm - april 2015 bouncehouse girls 2

Steve woke up with a migraine Sunday morning and just didn’t feel well (he hasn’t been sleeping well, for some reason), so I took Sophia and Isabella to Sunday school and church (I could actually pay attention for once). Afterwards we got donuts and ran to the grocery store, we seriously spent the rest of the day at home just hanging out. I am truly in love with the phase we are entering as a family.

They didn’t want to stop eating their donuts to take a picture. “Oh mom”.

mimm - church donuts sophia isabella

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Friday Favorites # 11

Friday-Favorite-Link-Up-Botton-Life-In-Leggings (2)

{Linking up with Heather for Friday Favorites}

1. 70 degrees and sunny, what a beautiful Friday. Can’t get much better then that. There’s noting better then painting (with water) on the deck. Who would have thought? Seriously, they “painted” for over an hour. Perfect day!!

2. These two are just too cute, especially when they are loving on each other.

think - mckenzie mckayla april 2015

3. Costco has Honest Company Sunscreen at a great price.

friday - honest sunscreen

4. My April Rodan and Fields Special:

Sign-Up by April 28th and receive $20 CASH in YOUR mailbox!!

Have you been wanting to try Rodan + Fields products but just haven’t gotten around to it? Since, my wedding anniversary is April 28th and I’m feeling generous, I am offering to pay the preferred customer fee of $19.95 so you can receive 10% off and FREE shipping. You could have your products at your doorstep the beginning of next week. As a THANK YOU, I will mail you $20! So 10% off, free shipping, great products, AND $20 back in your pocket? It’s a win-win situation!! Take this 30 second quiz (see link below) to see which regimen is right for you.


5. Rodan and Fields AMP MD Roller and Night Renewing Serum. Okay I continue to fall in love with our products over and over again. These two products are AMAZING!! Having great skin makes a person feel more confident and just plain good. I love the AMP MD (micro derm) roller with 200 micro needles. The tiny little needles on the AMP roller work to lightly puncture the top layers of your skin, which allow for the Night Renewing Serum to create collagen where it needs it most! Message me if you NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE, or if you want more info. It’s a gift to those of us who want to reverse and prolong the aging process. They say we lose 1% of collagen per year after the age of 30. SERIOUSLY!?!?!? Yes, I know what you’re thinking. I thought the same thing.

roller explanation roller and redefine before and after roller jennifer aniston and ellen

6. Spending time outside with my girls in definitely a favorite of mine.

friday - isabella being pushed on bike

7. I almost always have a salad around 3 pm (this helps me to not snack on junk) and I loved that today Isabella wanted one too (she has loved salads since she was 1) . She devoured it, such a wonderful thing. Eating healthy is not only good for us Mamas, but also for our children. :)

friday - isabella eating salad

8. I am so happy to be back into my typically blogging routine!!

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