My 31st Birthday Weekend

This weekend consisted of so much love and sadness….

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Our weather was perfect, we had parties to go too, and we enjoyed every minute of it. My birthday couldn’t have been better.

i love getting older

It all started Friday (my actually birthday) with breakfast and gifts. Our afternoon consisted of pool time with Mimi and ended at dinner with my hubby. It was the perfect birthday. My mom loves to make her kids feel loved and special on their birthday and she does an amazing job. I learned every I know about motherhood from my mom. She is one special lady.

mimi quote


Saturday began with a nice and relaxing morning. We then spent the day at Mimi and Papa’s (My cousin was in town and I love catching up with her, boy do I miss them all.) Gram and Grandpa made me a wonderful dinner for my birthday. I am blessed to have such a kind and caring mother and father-in-law. Thank you!!

Does anyone remember this game? Seriously  my girls love it!! It’s a good thing Mimi doesn’t ever give anything away.

may 2016 isabella dream phone

We love going to Gram and Grandpa’s house and playing in their backyard. They always have so many fun toys and bubbles to play with outside.

Sophia picked out her own outfit; my fashionista.

may 2016 sophia outfit

Nana’s cakes are the best.


may 2016 birthday cake

Sunday was a day with nothing scheduled, it was our day to just hang out. We had absolutely no plans, expect of course going to the pool. Unfortunately it started to rain the second we got there, but that didn’t bother Sophia in the least.

may 2016 sophia rain


Monday morning started off with a family outing to get donuts. So. Much. Fun. Anything we do as a family is the best!! I truly love being with my girls and hubby too.


may 2016 girls donuts

Unfortunately, Monday didn’t turn out as planned. My grandpa, an amazing, selfless man passed away. He is a hero in so many ways, to so many people. Not only was he a war hero, he was the hero of our family. He taught us all what it means to be a family. He showed us that family is everything. When I think of my grandpa I picture a happy, fun loving man. He truly loved life and people. I am so blessed to be able to call him my papa.

god heaven

How do you describe a man who has given so much and asked for so little in return? A husband, a father, a solider, a friend, a man, a grandfather, a hero, a leader. Some men can not be described in simple terms and these are the men that lead the way at our darkest hours. My grandfather was a man that sacrificed so much for the goodness of others. He led from the front and only asked for forgiveness never permission. He was strong in character and even stronger in loyalty. He was a true inspiration.
For he was ready to give the ultimate sacrifice but his tour was not done until May 30, 2016 at 2:40 pm. Grandpa your time has come to rest and don’t worry your torch is strong in all of us! It’s time for us to take our turn. We will keep watch while you sleep.
We love you, miss you and you will forever be in our hearts!

-Francis LeGasse Jr.



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Thinking Out Loud # 90 – Summer is Here

{Amanda – Thursday’s are for Thinking Out Loud}

  1. Summer has arrived and we couldn’t be more excited!! We have seriously spent every afternoon at the pool. may 2016 1st time girls pool
  2. And if we aren’t at the pool we have been having fun outside. Seriously, now that the weather is nice I’m not sure we will ever be inside and I am completely okay with that.may 2016 isabella outside may 2016 sophia bike may 2016 isabella outside 2 may 2016 sophia 2
  3. Every 4 months we have to go see our ENT to get their ear tubes checked and they love it, we love Dr. Downs.may 2016 mckayla mckenzie doctors
  4. Tomorrow, I turn 31. Wow, where has the time gone. Seriously, most days I feel as though I just turned 21. Was that really 10 years ago? I am excited to start this next year of my life, it is going to be a good one; the best year yet!!
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IIFYM vs 21 Day Fix

I have been getting countless emails and messages asking me about counting macros and the 21 day fix meal plan (I followed the extreme plan, which is more strict then the original one.).

21 Day Fix Extreme Meal Plan

Honestly, in my opinion the 21 Day Fix Extreme meal plan is not something that you can stick with long term (well you could, but it’s very restrictive). I know some people may disagree with me, but the plan was restrictive and it just wasn’t something I could stick with forever. Now, I think it’s a great way to eat for a short period of time, but for a lifestyle I am not a big fan. I do love that by following the 21 day fix plan I really learned all about eating and myself. I also love the 21 Day Fix Plan as a kick off to healthy eating. It’s a great way to get out of your ways.

If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM)

This plan has changed my life and my way of thinking about food. What I love about this way of eating is that NO food is off limits, you simply have to make it fit. If I feel like having a chocolate cookie that fine, but I will pair with with a salad. It’s all about balance and I love that. I love that there are no bad foods. For a rule follower like me I always felt guilty when I ate a food that wasn’t “good”. When I count my marcos I feel full and satisfied and I don’t feel the urge to binge on the weekends or any time. The longer you count your marcos the better you get at knowing make a balanced diet. Since, I am new to this marco thing I am still working on what my numbers should be. Right now I am following a 40% carbs, 30% fat, and 30% protein and I eat anywhere between 1300-1900 calories a day.

PicMonkey Collage food

Since, I am not depriving myself of food I love I feel better about myself all around. I am loving the way I feel.

Life is good and summer is here!!

Seriously we have been spending all our free time at the pool and I am loving it. Life in the sun at the pool is always better.

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MIMM # 150 – Dance Recital 2016

I’m sorry I didn’t post much last week I was simply exhausted, but a good exhausted.

MiMM - logo

Wow, last week was crazy, but amazing. I just love dance recital week, it brings back so many wonderful memories and I am so excited to get to share them with my girls. Yes are week was jam packed with rehearsals and shows, but it was so much fun. I loved spending time with Sophia and Isabella.

I have to say our girls were absolutely beautiful and they are amazing little dancers; not that I am bias or anything.

dance recital 2016 sophia after dance recital 2016 sophia after 2 dance recital 2016 sophia after 3 dance recital 2016 sophia

dance recital 2016 isabella dance recital 2016 sophia isabella dance recital 2016 sophia recital dance recital 2016 mimi sophia dance recital 2016 isabella papa

We were so blessed to have so many wonderful people come out and support our girls. Thank you to everyone for taking your time to see them dance. We love you all.

Last week our girls had two rehearsals and two shows, so come Sunday we were ready to relax and that is just what we did (especially since Steve was out of town, so we had the best girls’ day). While we we playing outside after nap my girls got word that our pool was open so of course ended up at the pool that evening. I must say it was the perfect way to end our weekend. I am so excited summer is here, this is going to be a summer to remember.

Sophia reading to everyone before nap. Priceless. My girls are my life.

may 2016 girls reading

may 2016 muckily resting may 2016 mckayla snuggling may 2016 sophia isabella legos may 2016 mckayla mckenzie resting

may 2016 1st time girls pool

I love our family of girls and I love spending time with each and every one of them. These are the days I will never forget.

{Marvelous in My Monday – Katie}

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  1. Tell me all about your weekend.
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