Thinking Out Loud # 27

Thank you Amanda for hosting this wonderful link-up. I love mindlessly thinking out loud.

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1. Isabella had her first ever dance class and it went amazingly well. It went better then I would have ever imagined. From the moment we got our dance attire on Tuesday morning until we arrived at class she was excited, but made sure she told me she was quite nervous. However, she also said she wouldn’t be nervous when she was dancing because she loves to dance. Isabella is a true gem. We arrived at the dance studio, got her tap shoes on and went into the room. All the dancers came out half way through to change shoes and she simply couldn’t wait to get back in the room and dance again. Watching the excitement on her face was truly amazing. I love seeing Isabella light up. This is the first thing she is doing all by herself and I couldn’t be prouder. She is such a wonderful little girl.

dance - isabella's first class isabella mckayla dance - isabella's first class the three dance - isabella's first class isabella mckenzie dance - isabella's first class isabella dance - isabella's first class mckenzie dance - isabella's first class dance - isabella's first class 2 dance - isabella's first class 3 dance - isabella's first class 4 dance - isabella's first class 5

2. Sophia starts dance tonight and this morning she said she was a little nervous. Isabella says to her, “It will be okay I was nervous too, but it was so much fun.” I love when my girls help each other. Their conversation was so heartfelt and sweet.

3. Okay, so this is the second full week of school and I think we are finally getting our routine done pat. Our mornings have been pretty smooth lately. (I have been using my ideas from this post.)

4. I have to say this morning watching Sophia get on the bus was a little rough for me, yes this is about the 12th time and it is still not any easier. I stood there thinking about how grown up she is and trying to figure out how we got to where we are today.

5. Thank you for all the kind messages from Tuesday’s post; they really meant a lot to me. My plan is to write a post about motherhood every Tuesday. I loved writing Tuesday’s post and I want to continue to delve deeper into the emotional side of motherhood. Being a mom is not any easy job.

6. I am sorry I didn’t get to post last night, I was feeling overwhelmed and just had to take the night off. As you know lately I have been trying to get organized and last night once the girls were in bed I had a little breakdown about everything that needs to be done. I just don’t always know where to start.

7. I have received a lot of emails asking about how we discipline our daughters, asking how they are such good girls. I wrote a post awhile back about our discipline style, you can read it here. That post is one of my favorites and pretty much sums up how things work around here. The biggest thing I will tell you is that you must teach your children the correct way to do things, you must tell them what you expect when you go places. You cannot expect your children to read your mind, they are little and still learning. One thing I always think about is that Sophia has only been in this world for 5 years; that is such a short period of time. So, remember our child need to be taught and once you have taught them the basics you really wont have much disciplining to do. I must say you put the work in for a few years and you will reap the benefit for many years to come. With Sophia all we really have to do is remind her of the rules every once in awhile, but for the most part she is an angel. Even though Isabella is younger it is pretty much the same thing. She knows right from wrong and all we have to do is reiterate what we expect and everything is wonderful!! So, basically take the time and teach your children and that is all you need. Most children act out for attention and because they know they can get away with it. Consistency is key, even when you aren’t around!! Okay that is enough for now. Head on over to this post and you can read details about disciplining.

8. I love blogging for so many reasons. Thank you for sticking with me through all the craziness. I seriously, look forward to talking to you each and every day. Okay, some weeks it is not each and every day, but you know what I mean. :)

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Let’s Get Real About Yelling

My grandma says I never yell, my mom says I am very calm, but I feel as though I do it all the time (I am generally quite calm, but lately I have been off. Lots of emotional changes going on these days). Especially, now that school has started. We now have time crunches and schedules to keep.  Yesterday I made a pledge to my daughters and myself. We are changing this behavior TODAY!! I hate the way I feel after I yell and I literally hate myself. I get this awful feeling in my stomach and can’t take it. Then I spend the rest of the day and the next day making it up to my girls. Which means I am overly sweet; I try to make up for my bad behavior. But it all changes today. The typical times when frusterated mommy comes out are when I am overwhelmed and stressed. Which lately has been all the time (I hate to say it, but before McKenzie and McKayla came into our lives; yes things got a little hectic, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I am simply going to adapt.). So, I have decided I am coming up with a plan. A goal without a plan is just a distant dream. A goal with a plan is achievable.

My Goals:

1. Get our routines organized. Now that Sophia has started school I need different systems in place for our new schedules. One thing I always do is have a bag of snacks packed. If I used a snack on an outing, I replace it as soon as I get home (this bag is always ready). But I know our closet and shoe system by our garage (our main entrance and exit) is not working. I need to fix it. I spend way too much time finding shoes. I need to figure out a system for school papers. I need to figure out a way to organize our dance and gymnastic gear.

2. We already choose Sophia and Isabella’s outfits the night before and that is a big help. Take it from me deciding what they are going to wear can take FOREVER!! I even try to decide what I am going to wear. I have learned eliminating anything that has to be done in the morning is a huge help.

3. I have noticed that on morning when I eat before the girls wake up our mornings are so much smoother. Our best mornings are when I have a protein shake right after working out and then I don’t eat again until we get back form getting Sophia on the bus. Whatever works, right?

4. This goes along with making our mornings smoother. I need to make sure I have our batter prepared the night before. Typically if I wait and try to make up pancake batter in the morning during this process all hell breaks loose. Seriously, everyone wants to eat right away. Then someone needs something to drink and then someone wants this and that. Oh my!!

5. Focus on Sophia until she gets on the bus. This is something I have to continue to remind myself; this is not easy with four daughters.

6. If I am starting to get frustrated I am going to take a deep breath (like I teach my girls) and  whisper. I know that sounds funny, but I read that if you whisper to your children they listen better. Doesn’t everyone want to hear a secret?

7. I read this one somewhere too. Always look at your children as if you are looking at them for the first time. Try it! This one really works.

8. I have to remember I am doing the best I can and that is what matters. I also have to remember that everything I do is because I love my girls.

I hope this little list helps you during your times of frustration. I want you to know you are not alone. We are all in this together. Being a parent is not easy.

I have to leave you with an adorable quote from Sophia. On our way to gymnastics last week she was talking about be nervous to meet her new coach. I told her that everyone is nervous in new situations and that she will do wonderful!! She then said, “like when I was nervous to meet you. Before I came out of your belly I didn’t know what kind of mom you were going to be. I didn’t know if you would be nice or mean. But you are the nicest so I knew I didn’t have to be scared.” Wow!! I love my little Sophia so very much.

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MIMM # 70

Good afternoon evening everyone (yes I started this post during naptime, but I simply couldn’t get it finished). I hope everyone had a great weekend. We had a busy, but fun family weekend. Each and every day I fall more and more in love with our little big family.

MiMM - logo

Marvelous is….

  • celebrating birthdays. We had two birthday parties on Saturday and our girls loved every minute of them.

Isabella sitting with Pop (Steve’s dad) at his birthday party!!

mimm - pop and isabella mimm - mckenzie and mckayla pop's party mimm - mckayla mckenzie pops party

  • going to the Zac Brown concert with my hubby. I seriously can’t remember the last concert we have been to together. It was so much fun getting out just the two of us again. We have been doing this a lot of lately and it feels amazing.
  • knowing I am right where I am supposed to be. Being at the concert missing my girls shows me that being a mom is what I love to do and I wouldn’t change that for the world (it’s the cooking, cleaning, etc. that I could do without) :). Yes, I have a wonderful time, but whenever I am apart from my girls it always refreshes me. It proves to me how I am doing exactly what I am supposed to do. I am meant to be a mom and I love it!! When I am not being a mom things simply don’t feel right.
  • our first trip to Target!! After getting Sophia on the bus on Friday the three little ones and myself got in the car and went to Target. It was a success and I can actually say we had a lot of fun. I love being able to shop with my girls. Seriously, they are good girls. So many people ask me how I do all this stuff with my girls and I simply say by teaching them how to act, discipline. Once they know what you expect they will act accordingly. I love my girls.

This is how we walk to the bus stop.

mimm - babies in stroller

I don’t know what I would do without these carts!!

mimm - first target trip with little ones mimm - babies in target cart first trip

  • Rodan and Fields newest product. This past weekend was out convention and sadly I simply couldn’t go; I am sure you can see why. :) Next year hopefully it will be easier for me to get away next year. During the convention a breakthrough product was revealed and it is AMAZING!! I can’t wait to get my hands on this in a couple weeks.

photo 5 photo 3 (3) photo 2 (3) 10665122_10203823789809640_7350789598714218811_n 10646732_289003004633216_3792923205881994885_n 10628415_10203496118978484_23420450453155710_n 10178077_10203496119658501_6330015302133005163_n 10609600_10102543029520468_5558919612428966143_n 10520601_10102543029560388_1796782395693314337_n 10477881_10102543029675158_6835664104470105988_n 10647078_10102543029615278_4999600074126596906_n

I know so many pictures,  but I can’t help it. These results are astounding. Seriously, these are all pictures of real people, consultants, most of them on my team!! Contact me to find out how you can get your hands on this amazing new product.

As always thank you Katie for hosting.

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Thinking Out Loud # 26

1. McKayla loves to fight sleep. Actually, she loves to fight anything that she doesn’t want to do. She is one tough cookie. Steve said something the other day that has really stuck with me. He said, “that is why McKayla survived” and he is so right. McKayla is a fighter and because of that she is with us today. I know it is sad to think that way, but it is the truth. So, now every time almost every time she fights me I am going to sit back and smile. McKayla being a fighter is a blessing; without that personally trait we might not have her here with us.

2. McKayla is also the one who loves to tease her sister. She knows how to under her skin. I feel terrible for McKenzie, but it actually cracks me up. Her favorite thing to do is grab McKenzie’s pacifier out of her mouth and ran. McKenzie sits there and cries and McKayla has a smirk on her face. Oh my!! There are sometimes McKayla and McKenzie love spending time together.

think - babies in box

3. McKayla and McKenzie slept amazingly well last night. Whoo hoo!! They even slept-in this morning. What a wonderful start to our day. Life is so much better when you sleep for everyone. :) McKayla and McKenzie are so much happier when they sleep well and so is Mommy!!

4. Tonight we have curriculum night at Sophia’s school. I still can’t believe we have an elementary student. I am so excited to go and hear all about our daughters education. The teacher in me loves being in a school. Sophia was so cute last night. She asked, “Are you and Daddy going to my school for parent night tomorrow?” I said of course. She then told me that her friend Brayden asked if she was going and she told him no it’s just for parents. Ha!! She is getting so old. After curriculum night Steve and I are going out to dinner. Love it!!

5. At the beginning of the week Sophia brought home papers for me to fill out so I can volunteer in her class. We are both so excited. Sophia seriously, hasn’t stopped talking about me coming into her class. Last night she told Daddy that she didn’t want to go to school anymore, she just wanted to stay home with Mommy. He told her that she only has two more days left this week and then she will have two home days. She then told Daddy that she can’t wait for Mommy to come volunteer in her class. I can’t wait!!

6. Today definitely felt like fall. I hate to say it was cold this morning and it wasn’t even close to how cold it will be in a few months. I am so not ready for winter. Bundling four little ones does not sound like fun.

7. I love being able to blog during the day. All three little ones are sleeping/resting in their beds so I get a little me time. Yes, I should be cleaning and a number of other things, but I would rather talk to all of you; much more fun. :)

8. We have a busy weekend, but a fun one. Saturday we have two birthday parties to go to and Sunday Steve and I are going to a concert. I seriously, can’t remember the last concert we went to together. I can’t wait to spend time with my hubby. Our weeks have become a different busy now that Sophia is in school and some days I feel as though I never get to see him or talk to him. It will be nice to have a conversation without screaming or chattering in the background.

Thinking-Out-Loud (2)

Thank you Amanda for hosting this fun link-up. I loving being able to put my thoughts on “paper”.

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