Thinking Out Loud # 103

{Amanda – Thursday’s are for Thinking Out Loud}

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  1. Trader Joe’s is one of our happy places. Actually, any store makes these girls happy. Oh my, we are in trouble!!trader-joes-mckayla-mckenize-checkout trader-joes-mckayla-mckenzie-checkout-2 trader-joes-mckayla-sweet-face trader-joes-mckayla-mckenzie-pushing-carts trader-joes-mckenzie-sweet
  2. We managed to get a little shopping in on black Friday. We bought each girl new Christmas pajamas and a couple outfits. And let me tell you Sophia loves to pick out her own clothes, but boy does she have a difficult time making decisions. If we didn’t encourage her to choose something she would have stayed there all day.sophia-bling sophia-christmas-jams
  3. Seriously, our weather here has been AMAZING and we have been taking full advantage of all the sunshine.november-2016-mckayla-bike november-2016-mckayla-bike-from-back november-2016-mckayla-bike-sunglasses november-2016-mckenzie-sunglasses
  4. McKayla loves carrying her big sister’s backpacks home from the bus stop. Our little peanut is one tough cookie.sophia-mckayla-walking-home-from-bus 2016-backpack-mckaylanovember-2016-mckayla-backpack mckayla-walking-back-from-bus-stop-backpack
  5. The six of us went to dinner this past weekend and it was so much fun. I can’t believe how simple it is to go to out to eat. Seriously?! This was not the case a year ago. Life is good.
  6. Our babies LOVE gymnastics and I love watching them grow and learn. Week after week they continue to improve and I am one proud Mama.november-2016-gymnastics-mckayla gymnastics-mckenzie-pogo-mckayla gymnastics-pogo gymnastics-mckayla-mckenzie-waiting
  7. McKayla and McKenzie are starting to get pretty good at taking pictures. I love looking at my phone at the end of the day and seeing there sweet faces. Here are a couple of my favorites.mckenzie-taken-by-mckaylamckayla-took-picture-of-mckenzie
  8. I have so much to tell you about my fitness routine lately. I started Kayla Itsine’s Bikini Body Guide (BBG) about 9 weeks ago and I have loved this program from the moment I began. Now, don’t get me wrong the workouts are intense. Halfway through I would love to quit, but I don’t and then I always feel amazing when the 28 minutes are over. I can’t say enough wonderful things about the program. Check it out.
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Thanksgiving 2016

We spent our Thanksgiving in Niagara Falls, NY just like we always have and it was a wonderful trip. Of course, there were moments of sadness since this was out first thanksgiving without my grandpa. Holidays are never easy without someone you love, but we all made the best of it and enjoyed our time with family. Seeing our New York is the best part of Thanksgiving and we look forward to it year after year. Spending time with family is my favorite thing about the holidays.

I’ve been going to Niagara Falls for as long as I can remember and I have definitely taken these beautiful falls for granted, but this year we took our girls and they loved it and so did I. Seeing the world through a child’s eyes is so much better. We can’t wait to go back in warmer weather and really enjoy all there is to see.

niagara-falls thanksgiving-niagara-falls-girls thankgiving-niagara-falls-girls-2 thanksgiving-niagara-falls-girls-backs thanksgiving-niagara-falls-isabella-mckenzie-2 thanksgiving-niagara-falls-isabella thanksgiving-niagara-falls-mckayla-mckenzie

One of our girls favorites parts about traveling is the hotel and this year they finally all slept AMAZINGLY well. See, in the years before we always had babies or toddler and they never slept well away from home, but this year we all slept and slept well. I know I say this all the time, but I love the ages of our girls. Can we freeze time right here right now?

thanksgiving-mckayla-bed thanksgiving-mckenzie-bed hampton-inn-girls-bed mckayla-hamoton-inn

Mimi and Papa’s Girls…

thanksgiving-mimi-mckayla thanksgiving-papa-mckayla-mckenzie thansgiving-papa-mckenzie thanksgiving-mimi-mckayla-mckenzie

Terrible lighting, but the memories are what matters and spending time with Baby Maizy was a highlight of our trip. Our girls love their baby cousin and it’s so sweet.

thanksgiving-papa-girls thanksgiving-mimi-girls

All good things must come to an end…

sophia-niagara-falls niagara-falls-mckayla-mckenzie-suitcase-2

niagara-falls-mckayla-mckenzie-suitcaseOur drive both ways couldn’t have gone better, this mama slept most of it and I call that a win-win!!

I am thankful for my amazing family and friends always and forever.

We are truly blessed to live this life we live and we couldn’t ask for anything more. Life is beautiful.


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Christmas Tree Cutting 2016

Another year, another tree…

One of our favorite traditions. Happy girls, happy Mama.


christmas-tree-isabella christmas-tree-sophia-cart christmas-tree-papa-mckayla-mckenzie christmas-tree-papa-mckayla christmas-tree-mckayla christmas-tree-mckenzie christmas-tree-mckaylas-tree christmas-tree-picking-tree christmas-tree-isabella-before christmas-tree-mckenzie-before

tree-cutting-2016-mimi-mckayla-mckenzie tree-cutting-2016-papa-isabella tree-cutting-2016-isabella tree-cutting-2016-isabella-mckenzie tree-cutting-2016-sophia-isabella-mckenzie

With help from our girls our tree is up and it is beautiful.

christmas-tree-2016 christmas-2016-ornaments-down-lowEven though our tree ended up with 90% of our ornaments on the bottom it was beautiful. But, I must admit I just couldn’t keep it that way. This Mama did reorganize when they weren’t looking. The OCD in me couldn’t take it, but the Mama in me thought it was precious and I loved decorating with my girls. This time of year truly brings families together and it is such a blessing.

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Thinking Out Loud #102 – Life Lately

{Amanda – Thursday’s are for Thinking Out Loud}

Thinking-Out-Loud (3)

  1. We received our school pictures this week and I am in love with their pretty faces. I can’t believe two of my girls are in elementary school. Life really needs to slow down. We have a kindergarten and 2nd grader really?isabella-school-picture-2016 school-picture-sophia-2016
  2. Our Christmas decorating is well underway and we are loving it. Still so much more to do, but slow and steady is the way to go. This keep decorating fun and we aren’t trying to do everything all at once.stockings
  3. My Sophia, where did my little girl go? So grown up and so beautiful! sophia-gymnastics-novemeber-2016
  4. Playing games with these two is one of my favorite things to do!! Seriously, McKayla and McKenzie could play board games ALL DAY LONG and they are too cute together!!mckayla-mckenzie-games mckayla-mckenzie-silly-girls-game zingo-mckayla
  5. Okay this is what happens to our entryway after walking in from the school bus. This was clean 5 minutes before taking this picture. The life of a mom.messy-after-schoolOil painting lavender flowers in the meadows. Abstract oil painting sunshine at flower field in soft purple color and blur style with bokeh background.
  6. I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week. Where has this month gone? Christmas will be here before we know it and I am ready. I love all the family time we get to enjoy together.
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