MIMM # 72

Wow, what a weekend we had. We had a nice enjoyable, relaxing family weekend. It all started with having Daddy home with us on Friday. PERFECTION!!

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Thank you Katie for hosting.

Marvelous is…

watching these two sleep. Saturday night they slept for 12 hours straight. Yes, both of them on the exact same night; that doesn’t happen very often.

mimm - mckenzie sleeping mimm - mckayla sleeping

my brother and his girlfriend getting ENGAGED!! We couldn’t be happier. They are perfect for each and we are thrilled to have Sarah in our family.

doing a Mommy and me gymnastics class with Isabella. We start Wednesday and I can’t wait. Getting alone time with Isabella has not been very easy. But, since Sophia has started school we have been able to have much more Mommy and Isabella time and I think it’s wonderful. She is an amazing little girl and I am cherishing our time together.

having enough time to have a “photo session” with these four girls BEFORE school. Yes, we were ready 20 minutes early!! Whoo hoo. They are truly my life and the most amazing little girls. I thank God everyday for them. Yes, there are moments when I don’t know how I am going to do it, but then I look at these faces and it makes all the tough moments disappear. These girls are my reason for everything.

mimm - sophia pretty 2 mimm - sophia isabella hugging mimm - four girls september 2014 mimm - sophia big smile mimm - sophia pretty mimm - sophia mckenzie backgrounds mimm - sophia with mckenzie in background mimm - sophia mckenzie looking mimm - sophia isabella mckenzie standing mimm - sophia school mimm - sophia mckenzie mimm - mckenzie mckayla standing mimm - sophia sitting

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Thinking Out Loud # 28

1. This has been some week. I seriously don’t know where it went. McKenzie and McKayla were not feeling well for the first few days; which meant those were tough days for this Mama. But we survived and everyone is feeling much better.

2. Isabella had her second dance class on Tuesday and was absolutely adorable. When I told her it was dance day she said “I get to go again?”. It was seriously the cutest thing ever. Isabella couldn’t believe she was actually going to dance again. She loves it and I love her!!

thoughts - isabella dance

tuesday - isabella dance 2014 tuesday - isabella dance posing 2014 tuesday - isabella dance smile tuesday - isabella dance silly tuesday - isabella dance smile 4 tuesday - isabella mckenzie dance

3. Today was crazy busy, but equally as wonderful!! I had a volunteer meeting at Sophia’s school; I signed up to plan the Valentine’s Day party. It was so nice getting out and connecting with other moms. After the meeting I went grocery shopping all by myself. :)

4. I volunteered in Sophia’s class for the first time this afternoon and loved every minute!! I love seeing Sophia in her classroom and I love being in the classroom with all the kids. Every Thursday is my day in the classroom and I am thrilled.

5. My mom had a full day with Isabella, McKayla, and McKenzie and loved it!! She hasn’t been here for a full day in awhile and I am glad her day went so well. My mom told me she misses my girls when she doesn’t see them. And let me tell you our girls miss her just as much. We are so blessed to have her in our lives helping us with our girls. She loves them as much as we do. Mimi is the best!!

6. My girls walking to the bus.

thursday - sophia and isabella holding hands

7. This is how we picked Sissy up from the bus today.

thursday - walking to bus stop

thursday - isabella hat

8. I am so excited Steve took tomorrow off. We are going to spend the day with our three little ones. Steve is going to help get Sophia on and off the bus for the first time. Sophia can’t wait!! But she did say Mommy has to come too. Awe, my little girl. We have such a wonderful connection.

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As always thank you Amanda for hosting.

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WIAW # 89 – Coffee

Okay, so I think I need to start drinking coffee. Yes, I said it. Anyone who has been reading my blog for awhile knows I don’t drink anything with caffeine in it on a regular basis. Yes, there are those occasional situations where I may have a Starbucks, caramel macchiato, but that’s about it. I must say right now I feel as though I am dragging. I have been exhausted this week and we have been sleeping pretty well, so I am not sure what is going on. Actually, maybe it’s simply the fact that I have four little ones, yes I think that may be the answer. :) Ha!! And I must tell you my biggest reservation about drinking coffee isn’t the coffee itself it’s the fact that I only like it all jazzed up and I don’t want to use all the “fake” coffee creamers everyday. I have found a ton of healthy options to put in my coffee on pinterest. One of these days I am going to give those a try.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday so it’s time to talk about what I have been eating lately. Well at least what I ate today. Thank you Jenn for hosting.

Post-Workout 6:15am

Peanut Butter Protein Shake – I think I told all of you this a couple weeks ago, but I figured out our mornings are much smoother when I eat/drink something before the girls get up. This way I don’t have to try to feed myself before getting out the door.

wiww 56 - peanut butter protein shake

Breakfast 8:30am

Once, we got back from the bus stop I made us some Greek Yogurt Waffles and turkey sausage. I must tell you McKayla and McKenzie love sausage, no seriously they ate so much of it and kept saying, “mo, mo” (more).

 wiaw - waffles

I’m sorry my picture taking pretty much didn’t happen this afternoon; McKenzie and McKayla were very cranky (they haven’t been feeling well).

Lunch 11:30am

I made one of my favorites; a poach egg on an English muffin paired with a few sweet potato tortilla chips. I must tell you these are addicting. I always most of the time count out my chips before eating.

Snack 12:30pm

My mom made a batch a Ghirardelli brownies and bought some to us last night so I had one of those. The perfect little treat.

Snack 3:00pm

I was hungry again so I ate some turkey, carrots, and hummus. The perfect afternoon snack. This way I don’t mindlessly munch on junk.

Dinner 6:00pm

Steve had lunch at Buddies Pizza with his dad yesterday so we had leftover pizza for dinner and it was delicious. I must say Buddies is probably my favorite.

Dessert 6:30pm

Steve, surprised me with one of my favorite sweet treats; a caramel and m&m covered marshmallow from the Rocky Chocolate Mountain Factory.

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Parden the Mess…

Mother's day 2013 plaque

Oh the mess!! Sometimes it’s hard for us moms to let our children play with things that cause our homes to become messy. Sometimes we simply want to not have any toys anywhere. But, you know what that simply isn’t realistic. Yes, I have days when I would love to get rid of every toy in this house, but I know that won’t make anyone happy. The other day Isabella was playing with playdoh and yes it was everywhere. When I say everywhere I mean on the kitchen floor, chairs, even her pants. Oh my!! But you know what it didn’t matter and it doesn’t matter. She was having so much fun. She was learning while she played. She sat there for THREE hours. Yes, she even ate her snack and lunch while sitting at the table. She only left to go take a nap; in hopes of coming back to play doh after. Wow!! So, as messy as play doh may be it gets her mind thinking in ways nothing else would. She has to figure things out, be creative, and much, much more. So, bring out the play doh and pardon the mess.

mimm - isabella playdoh

Playtime is just as important as structured learning. Our children need to get messy, have fun, make mistakes (and learn from them), run around, be silly, chill out, and simply be kids. Sometimes we forget that our children are just that children!!

Remember to enjoy life right along side your kids and everyone will live a happier life. Life is good when we allow ourselves to be happy.

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