Thinking Out Loud # 67 – So Much to Talk About

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1. Some of McKenzie’s new sayings:

  • “bad sissy” – I always feel bad when she says it to McKayla, but usually she is right. I can’t figure out where she heard this; my guess is her big sisters.
  • “away sissy” (meaning go away)

2. and McKayla’s:

  • “alright”
  • “okay”
  • “no, no, no” (while shaking her head; it’s hilarious) – I wonder who says that to her?!

3. McKenzie and McKayla are learning new words every second of every day. They are like parrots.

4. I have been a blubbering mess lately. I seriously can’t stop crying every time I think about my girls going to school in a couple of weeks. Sophia is going to be gone 5 days a week once again and Isabella 2 days. No, no, no this can’t be happening, we can’t already be at this point in our lives. I can’t even begin to tell you how not ready I am to see my girls walk into school. I want them to stay my little girls forever. I want them with me all the time. We put in all this love and time, only to have them grow up and leave us. Yes, it is a lot of work and very busy, but I love them with all my heart and I wouldn’t change this for the world. My girls are my life!!


5. It feels a lot like fall around here and I am not sure I’m ready for it. We went outside yesterday and I was freezing. I can’t imagine what it will feel like when we are in the dead of winter. At least next week, our last week before school, is looking absolutely perfect, 80’s and sunny. Now that’s my kind of weather!! But, I must say the chill in the air didn’t bother the girls in the least.

think - mckayla carrying giraffe think - mckayla carrying giraffe 2 think - mckayla mckenzie riding think - outside girls riding

6. The pool has finally gotten easier and now summer is coming to an end. I’m really going to miss our afternoons at the pool.

think - mckayla pool think - girls pool think - pool mckenzie mckayla swimming think - pool mckenzie mckayla isabella think - pool girls 2 think - pool mckenzie mckayla isabella 2 think - girls pool 3 think - girls pool 4

7. But we do love to go shopping. So, once the weather gets too cold to be outside all day everyday I know where we will all be. Tuesday, we went to Costco and had a blast. I love shopping with my girls no matter where we go, the mall, the grocery store, etc. My girls are the best shopping buddies. I’m so blessed to have four of them. :)

think - costco girls

8. Okay, I have been drinking water like it’s my job lately. I have been trying and pretty much succeeding every day at drinking a gallon of water. It’s easier said then done. Some days I am definitely chugging it at the end of the day. But, I feel so much better when I drink my water.

9. This morning we decided to go to Target and Mimi met us there. Target may very well be one of my favorite places, my girls love it, I love it, and everyone is happy. Oh and these carts may be once of the best inventions ever!!

think - girls target think - girls target 2

10. McKenzie is calling me into her bedroom while I was getting dressed this morning and this is how I find her:

think - mckenzie climbing think - mckenzie climbing 2

See McKayla can get into their cribs no problem, McKenzie not so much.

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MIMM # 117

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I feel as though I have so much to share with all of you. We had such a wonderful Thursday so our weekend felt as though it started early. :)

Thursday began at the mall with my favorite girls and Mimi too!!

mimm - mall girls holding hands mimm - mall sophia mimm - mall mckenzie mimm - mall mckayla mimm - mall mckenzie sophia mimm - mall girls corn mimm - mall sophia corn mimm - mall isabella mimm - mall sophia isabella mimm - mall mckayla ladybug

A balloon flew high into the air, McKenzie said, “uh oh, Daddy get”. My sweet McKenzie.

mimm - mall balloon

A visit to the mall is never complete without a ride on the carousel.

mimm - mall carousel mckayla isabella

McKenzie and McKayla are becoming quite the shoppers. They love walking through the mall hand in hand, stopping to window shop, and pick out some sunglasses. These two are too cute!!

mimm - mall mckenzie mckayla walking mimm - mall mckenzie mckayla walking 2 mimm - mall mckenzie mckayla walking 3 mimm - mall mckenzie mckayla walking 4

Friday night was date night with my hubby, then we spent the weekend cleaning and organizing our home (I didn’t leave our house from Saturday morning until Sunday evening. Wow!). We have seriously not been able to through anything in 3 years; since I became pregnant with McKenzie and Mckayla, November 2012).

Oh and I am loving my new bracelets from The Stacked Collection. I will go into more details later this week.

friday favorites - red lips mama 5

My new favorite lip color is red. Sophia says I don’t look like her mommy, but she likes it. Ha!! I normally wear a nude or peachy lip color, so this is quite extreme to my girls. :)

While Steve and I were busy cleaning, the girls had a blast with Mimi and Papa.

mimm - mimis house girls mimm - mimis house mckayla mimm - mimis house sophia mckenzie mimm - mimis house isabella mckayla mimm - mimi house sophia mckayla mimm - mimi house girls laughing

Wow, this weekend was quite the whirlwind, but boy am I glad we took the time to get our lives back in order. It feels great to be able to start the school year all organized and ready to do. But I must say I am already starting to get sad about Sophia being gone FIVE days a week and Isabella TWO!! Oh, how I am going to miss my girls, my helpers.

Monday, posts are some of my favorite. I love looking back at all the marvelous people, places, and things in my life. I love focusing on happiness!!

One thing I haven’t talked about lately, but will get more into this week are my workouts and nutrition. I am have been working out hard and eating clean about 80% of the time, yet I am just not able to take my body to the next step, to where I want it to be. So, I am going to step back and reassess things. We will chat about this later. Have a great night talk to you soon.

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WIAW # 110 – A Day in the Life

Summer Edition….

4:55am – McKayla wakes up for who knows what reason, but I give her back her paci, then decide to just get up for the day (my alarm was set to go off at 5am anyway).

5:05am – Get downstairs and begin my workout. I started following the 30 Day Real Time Challenge about a week and a half ago, so today I did Day 10. This was a nice short 30 minute workout. Most of the workouts are about an hour (a little longer then I like, but they have been kicking my booty). I have been pretty sore these past couple weeks so I added on a quick 15 minute Bodyrock yoga video and it was just what I needed; well actually it could have been a little more of a stretch, but it was still great.

6:00am – McKenzie starts calling, so I run upstairs and try to get her before she wakes her sister, but no such luck. Within 5 minutes I am going back upstairs to get McKayla. We all snuggle on the couch for a little bit.

6:15am – I run upstairs to see why Sophia is calling so early and she just wants a hug. Then she falls back to sleep. My sweet girl. Once I come back downstairs I try to sneak into the kitchen to start making breakfast, but I get summoned back to the playroom couch. “Sit Mama”. Oh to be loved so much.

Morning snuggles are the best.

day in the life - mckenzie mckayla snuggles day in the life - mckenzie mckayla snuggles 2 day in the life - mckenzie mckayla snuggles 3 day in the life - mckenzie mckayla snuggles 4

6:30am – I am finally released and allowed to go cook breakfast. Ha!! I make McKenzie and McKayla some Protein Pumpkin Pancakes and I have a few.

wiaw - pumpkin pancakes 2

7:00am – Isabella starts calling, so I run upstairs once again and bring her downstairs (our girls only get out of bed when we come; unless they have to go potty). Isabella isn’t ready to eat so she plays with the babies while I finish eating my pancakes.

7:30am – Sophia calls me up, so I run (yes, I am always running because someone always needs me NOW) up the stairs (I love all this extra exercise I get in the mornings, especially when my legs were already sore). We put a clock in Sophia’s room about a week ago to help her sleep longer and it has worked. It took about a week to readjust her body, but two days in a row she has slept past 7am. Once I bring Sophia downstairs I make her and Isabella some pancakes. I clean the kitchen while the girls play.

8:00am – We all head upstairs to play and I jump in the shower, then get ready for the day. While getting ready McKenzie and McKayla went on the potty. Whoo hoo!! We have been practicing for a few weeks now; nothing intense, but they seem to be picking up on how it all works. We then have to get them panties and dressed. These two love getting dressed; which will be nice when school starts, but some days I just don’t feel like getting them dressed. Haha!!

9:00am – Sophia and Isabella pick out their outfits for the day and we do their hair.

9:15am – We all have a snack before leaving for the mall. I grab an apple, easy to eat while finding shoes.

wiaw - apple

9:35am – I find/get everyone’s shoes one. Yes, some days it takes me 15 minutes or more just to find everyone’s shoes. Ahhh, too many feet in this house. :) I then send the girls out to the garage to get into their car seats. I of course have to buckle everyone, but at least they get a head start. :)

9:45am – We are finally pulling out, our departure went very smoothly. Truly my girls are great at getting our the door, they really are all great helpers.

10:15am – We arrive at the mall. I get the stroller out then unbuckle everyone. Oh, wait no Sophia unbuckles everyone. Yes, she is AMAZING; I love having my girl with me!! We get the babies in the stroller and SOPHIA pushes and I just swing my arms. Not really, but I can dream.

I only have one mission at the mall today, so it’s an easy trip. I simply need to return and repurchase my things from last week (I found a $75 off coupon; way too good to pass up.). We all look around for a few minutes then make our way to the check-out. While I am paying McKenzie and McKayla insist on walking, so I get them out of the stroller and they hang with their big sisters. Oh how I love my girls; they are so easy to take places and boy do they love shopping. Daddy is in trouble.

10:45am – We make our way back out to the car. Sophia and I load everyone in and we are off. Once we get home I make lunch, eat lunch, and clean lunch. I had a couple piece of leftover baked breaded chicken (I will share this chicken recipe with you ASAP; it’s easy and delicious), oven roasted potatoes, and green beans. Followed by a tsp. of almond butter.

I forgot to get a picture of my chicken. I’m sorry, it was such a crazy day.

wiaw - roasted potatoes

wiaw - tsp almond butter

12:00pm – NAP TIME!! We made it. YAY!! I take McKenzie and McKayla kiss and hug their sisters and say “nighty night”, we then make our way up to find their pacis and snuggle in the rocking chair. I then put the girls in their cribs and they give me more hugs and kisses; they really are such lovers.

Sophia and Isabella were tired from the mall so they relaxed in my bed and watched a movie. Now, my work begins. Since, the big girls were happy I did the dishes, laundry, and cleaned. Seriously, I was exhausted and just in time for the babies to wake up.

1:30pm – McKenzie wakes up and we snuggle (my favorite time of the day), while Sophia and Isabella play barbies. It felt Amazing to finally sit down. :)

2:15pm – McKayla wakes up, so McKenzie and I go upstairs to get her out of bed. I love watching these to greet each other after naps. “Hi Sissy”.

We all play for a little bit. I get everyone a snack and then we get ready for our second errand of the day, the grocery store.

I heated up a couple meatloaf muffins.

wiaw - meatloaf muffins

3:30pm – I find everyone’s shoes and we head on out.

4:30pm – We arrive back home and unpack the car. Then get everyone a yogurt.

5:30pm – I am starving to I make myself a salad with turkey, almonds, and walnuts.

wiaw - salad with nuts

I get the girls dinner and then we clean, clean, clean. I used to clean the playroom while the girls were sleeping, but then I decided they are all old enough to help, so that is what we have been doing after dinner. We then ended our night with a green smoothie and popcorn.

Yes, I just vacuumed, but they we all happily eating and drinking.

wiaw - popcorn bag day in the life - girls green drinks

Isn’t our fort lovely behind the girls? The second we have a clean playroom they just have to start building some thing. They loved every minute of it and I love watching my girls play together. Sisters are the best.

6:45pm – We start getting PJ’s on, then of course everyone was hungry again. So, I cut up a bunch of fruit.

wiaw - fruit 2

6:55pm – We headed up stairs. Sophia and Isabella brush their teeth, go potty, and snuggle in my bed while I put the babies to bed.

7:15pm – Sophia, Isabella, and myself read books and pray. I carry them to their own beds and kiss them goodnight. Then I snuggle and read with Sophia for a little bit (We started this tradition when she started kindergarten; she really needed extra Mommy time and so did I.).

8:00pm – I wash my face, brush teeth and come downstairs to finish cleaning and fold laundry.

9:00pm – I finally get to sit, blog, and catch up on a few shows. Whoo hoo!!

9:45pm – Head upstairs to read and hopefully fall asleep by 10pm.


Wow, that was a crazy day. Not all my days are the same, but with four children they are pretty much all busy like that. Some days it gets to me, but most days I love my happy, chaotic life. I wouldn’t have it any other way. My girls are my life.


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MIMM # 116

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Hello, hello

What a beautiful family weekend we had. Our family of six can be a bit mush at times, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our weekend came a day early and we loved every minute of it. It all began Friday morning at the park with our friends. We couldn’t have asked for a better day.

mimm - girls tire swing mimm - park mckenzie mckayla mimm - park sophia isabella mimm - park mckenzie isabella bee

Saturday morning started with breakfast out and toy “hunting” (as Sophia and Isabella called it). The girls had gift cards from their birthdays, so we decided to take them to Toys R Us and let them pick out a couple toys. We told Sophia and Isabella how much they had to spend and helped them figure out exactly what they could afford to get. We ended up putting a few too expensive toys on their Christmas lists. Awe, our morning was so much fun. Once we got home they played and played and played with their new toys. Win-win!!

mimm - toy hunting mckayla mimm - toy hunting mckayla mckenzie isabella mimm - toy hunting mckayla mckenzie

Sophia hasn’t really been into taking pictures lately, especially when there are so many toys to check out.

Saturday afternoon snuggles with my babies are wonderful. I love these moments. “Shhh, don’t wake sissy”.

mimm - mama snuggles

We had a nice and relaxing Sunday morning. Followed by an afternoon at the pool. Silly girls.

mimm - girls computer mimm - girls computer 2 mimm - sophia mckayla computer tongues mimm - silly girls computer mimm - mckenzie computer What a marvelous weekend. Now, if only the laundry and cleaning would take care of itself. Where is Mary Poppins when I need her? Oh how I wish I could just snap my fingers. A girl can dream!!


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