MIMM # 49 – Happy Girls

Happy Monday everyone. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. We had a busy, but fabulous weekend around here. Our girls were happy girls and that makes for one happy mommy. We had a marvelous weekend filled with love!!

Since, it is Monday I am linking up with Katie for one of my favorite days.


Marvelous is…

our fun family outing to the mall. This was one of our first trips to the mall as a family and it was a success. We didn’t have any major breakdowns from anyone. YAY!! The key for us is our big  girls are such good girls; I can’t say that enough. We definitely wouldn’t be able to do what we do if they weren’t so well behaved. I have to say it is marvelous to see that all our hard work has paid off.

I can’t tell you enough how well our outing went and I can’t wait to have another one. The babies couldn’t have been better. Our family is amazing.

mimm 49 - carousel bella mimm 49 - carousel sophia mimm 49 - mall sophia bella mimm 49 - mall sophia

Marvelous is…

our happy babies. It is so nice to see so many smiles. They were very sad when they were sick and that broke my heart. It is wonderful seeing their sweet little personalities shine through. I can’t get enough of their cute little faces.

The many faces of McKayla.

mimm 49 - mckayla mimm 49 - mckayla sweet mimm 49 - mckayla silly face mimm 49 - mckayla smile mimm 49 - mckayla silly girl mimm 49 - mckayla eyes

Our McKenzie is becoming a pro at standing. Watch out world she will be walking in no time.

mimm 49 - mckenzie

Once I went through my pictures from this weekend I realized that I didn’t take very many of McKenzie, so that means tomorrow I will be taking a lot.

Marvelous is…

watching Sophia play with all her friends at a birthday party. I can’t believe how big she is getting. We had a ton  of much needed Mommy and Sophia time. Sophia is such a sweet girl; I love spending time with her and love her so much.

If you live in Michigan or ever visit here with kids you must go to Robot Garage in Birmingham. It was a blast. There are tables and tables of legos. Sophia loved playing with all the different sets; she could have played for hours.

mimm 49 - sophia legos mimm 49 - sophia back legos

Marvelous is…

my mom. I just had to end with this amazing quote and it couldn’t be more true. My mom is truly the best and I love spending my days with her. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Thank you for all you do for us. We love you!!

quote mom friend

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Thinking Out Loud Thursday # 5

As always my mind has a million things going through it, since it is Thursday I am going to share it all with you; aren’t you lucky? :)

Today, I am joining Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday. Head on over and check out all her amazing recipes. Seriously, there are so many I can’t wait to make. Now that things are getting a little more under control around here I am hoping to have more time in the kitchen and I am loving it!!

Thinking-Out-Loud (2)

1. Can you believe Easter is a week away. I am not ready. I still need to get dresses for Sophia and Isabella, I need hair bows for all the girls, I need to get stuff to put in their baskets. Oh my so much to do and so little time. Hopefully, I can get to Target this weekend.

2. Okay I need help I am obsessed with these paleo protein bars (I leave out the strawberries). I want to eat them all day long. So good!!

wiww 67 - protein bar 2

3. McKenzie and McKayla had their 9 month doctor’s appointment today and it was all good news. They have hit all their milestones without needing to adjust their age. McKayla weighs 15 lbs. 8 oz. and is 27.5 inches long. She is in the 25th percentile for both. It is crazy to think how far she has come from 3 lbs. 3 oz. She was not even on the charts when she was born. McKenzie weighs 18 lbs. 15 oz. Yes almost 19 pounds. She has caught up to what Sophia weighed at 9 months. You would never guess she was a preemie. I am so proud of my girls.

think 5 - babies

4. I am loving McKenzie and Mckayla’s little personalities. They are so different, but equally wonderful. McKenzie and is very social and talkative. Actually, she never stops talking. She is starting to figure out that I am Mama and Steve is Dada. It is really cute when she uses our names correctly. McKayla is much calmer and quieter, but when you make her angry she will let you know. I can’t wait to continue watching these to grow up into adorable toddlers. Which is right around the corner.

5. I need my nails done ASAP. They are terrible. Hopefully, I can at least paint them this weekend. I am not sure going to get a manicure is in the cards for me.

6. A week from today I register Sophia for kindergarten. Seriously!! When did she get so big? I am not ready for her to go to school five days a week. I will be one sad Mommy.

7. On a different note, I don’t think Isabella is ever leaving me. She says she wants to stay two forever so she doesn’t have to leave me. Oh my!!

8. Our weather here has been beautiful. I am loving the sunshine and being able to leave the house without bundling everyone up. Unfortunately, I think it is going to get chilly again next week. Come on mother nature. I can’t take it anymore.

9. Do you watch The Big Bang Theory? If you don’t you must. It is the funniest show on TV. It cracks us up week after week.

10. We ran out of yogurt covered pretzels and I think I am in depression. Sad? I know!! Once you try yogurt pretzels dipped in almond butter you will feel the same.

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WIAW # 69

Happy Wednesday everyone. Wow, this had been a great day; I was very productive and that always feels good. Sophia and Isabella spent the night last night at Mimi and Papa’s house so I only had McKenzie and McKayla today and it was so simply (I hate to use the word easy when it pertains to twins). When they were napping I could actually get stuff done. I was finally able to put all of the laundry away from this week (3 baskets worth). I also thoroughly enjoyed spending time with just McKenzie and McKayla; I loved being able to focus on them. It was a nice Mommy day. However, I have to say I missed my big girls so much. I missed the craziness and all the love. :)

Well, since it is Wednesday it is time to talk about food. I am linking up with Jenn for What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday.

Breakfast 7am

After my 5:30 am workout I grabbed a banana while I waited to have some pumpkin protein pancakes with the girls. Seriously, if you haven’t tried these pancakes yet, you must do so ASAP!!

wiaw 69 - pancakes

Snack 8:30am

Okay, before I continue I must warn you it was plyo day for P90X and that means I was starving all day long. So, basically I ate every hour or so, but I always try to keep it healthy. Of course there is always some treats in there too.

For my first snack I ate a big bowl of fruit.

wiww 69 - fruit

Snack 10:00am

I am addicted to yogurt pretzels and almond butter. Since, they are covered in yogurt they’re healthy r:ight? :)

wiww 69 - yogurt pretzels

Lunch 11:30am

For lunch I heated up a few leftover stuffed shells from Monday night. Delicious!!

By the time I remembered to take a picture there was only one left. :)

wiww 69 - stuffed shells

Snack 1:30pm

Carrots, hummus, and turkey. A go to snack of mine. Always a winner. I just have share with you my favorite baby petite carrots. I found this huge bag at Sam’s club the other day and they are the perfect mini carrots for easy dipping. Isabella and I love them. Next time you are at Sam’s Club check them out. They are less them $4 for such a big bag.

wiww 69 - carrots sam's club

Snack 3:30pm

Hungry again, so I grabbed my new favorite easy snack, paleo protein bars. It is so hard for me not to eat the entire batch. But I do somehow control myself. :)

wiww 67 - protein bar

Dinner 6:00pm

I made one of our favorites, sweet and sour chicken. It is easy and so delicious. I love it so much more then take out and it is much healthier. I paired it with a yummy salad.

wiaw 69 - chicken

wiaw 52 - salad

Dessert 7:00pm

You know me I had to have my sweet treat. I made one of my chocolate cakes with ice cream.

wiww 67 - cake

The key for me on these days when I am starving all day long is to make sure I have readily available healthy snacks, otherwise I will grab unhealthy things and regret it later. Try to keep your house stocked with healthy options always.

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Toddler Tuesday – Keeping Babies Safe

Good evening everyone. I hope you had as wonderful of a day as we did. Yes, today was a great day around here. We have not had a day like today in a long time. I think everyone is finally feeling better. Whoo hoo!! Having a day like today really makes me feel good about our crazy family; maybe I really am starting to get the hang of this whole thing. :)

toddler tuesday - gates - mckenzie and mckayla playing 2 toddler tuesday - gates - mckenzie and mckayla playing 3 toddler tuesday - gates - mckenzie and mckayla playing

Since, it is Tuesday that means it is time to talk about all things baby, toddler, preschooler and who knows what else. Ever since I wrote McKenzie and Mckayla’s 9 month post and talked about how they were crawling and moving all around I have been getting numerous emails and messages asking about how I keep an eye on both girls. So, I thought I would take a moment and share a few of my secrets. They really aren’t anything new, but it is what works for us and keeps me sane. I love the fact that I don’t have to stress about where McKenzie and McKayla are at each and every moment.

First and foremost I always scan the room before putting the babies down on the floor. I make sure there aren’t any small pieces on the ground; so many little pieces go with polly pockets, barbies. etc.

Gates, gates and more gates. In our family room we have a play yard.

I don’t usually place it around the jumperoo, but we weren’t using it and I wanted to push it to the side. We also have two extra panels to make it larger; which will come in handy once McKenzie and McKayla get bigger.

toddler tuesday - gates - cage

In our play room I had to get a little creative. So, I use our large play blocks and they work perfectly. I place them at the two openings of the room and it keeps them in the playroom; for the most part. It at least slows them down.

toddler tuesday - mckayla standing blocks toddler tuesday - gates - blocks

I am also a huge believer in baby proofing your house. Make your life easier. Yes, you might have to put a few of your valuables away for the time being, but trust me you will be able to relax a little in your home. I also feel by making your home baby safe, it allows you little one to feel secure their home. I always want my girls to know to feel safe and protected in our home.

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