Thinking Out Loud # 38

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1. I finally went to the doctor today. I decided it has been 2 weeks since I initially got sick and I just need to get over whatever it is I have. Come to find out I have a sinus infection. Ugh!! But, I guess the good news is I am now taking prescription medication. So, hopefully I will be feeling better in no time. I am just so tired of not feeling well. I am ready to have a wonderful Christmas with my family; germ free!

2. Today was Sophia’s school holiday party and we had a wonderful afternoon together. I love being watching Sophia with all her friends. I simply just love being with my girl.

think - sophia school christmas party 2014

3. Sparkle Lila (our elf) forgot to move last night. AHHH!! I didn’t even realize it until Sophia said it. Uh oh. I quickly sent Steve and text say help. Haha! He googled and told me to tell her he slept on the couch so Sparkle Lila couldn’t move. It worked. Wow!! Did you know there are a bunch of sites out there that give you ideas of what to say to your child when your elf doesn’t move. This elf business is serious stuff; I’m not sure I am cut out for this. Ha!

think - elf stocking

4. I love having our Christmas tree up. I am sitting her looking at how beautiful it is. I love that it is not perfect, I love that my girls did all the decorating, and I love that this represents our family. I love everything about our imperfect Christmas tree because to me it is perfect.

think - 2014 christmas tree

5. Okay this stuff is addicting and I have eaten way too much of it in the past two days. Wow! No more treats. :)

wiaw - white chocolate candy mix

6. Have I told you lately how ready I am for break? This schedule is killing me. So, for the next two weeks we have no dance, no gymnastics, no bus, we have nothing!! Whoo hoo.

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WIAW # 92 – White Chocolate Candy Mix

Good evening everyone. I hope you are having a wonderful week thus far. I can’t believe Sophia only has two more days of school before she is off for two weeks. Wow!! I am so excited to have her home and not have a schedule to follow. I am so tired of having to be at the bus at 8:14am and 4:04pm. Not only is Sophia going to be home with us so is Daddy. Whoo hoo!! We are going to have some wonderful family time. I love being with my family; our family of girls plus Daddy. :)


Since, it’s Wednesday it’s time to talk about food.  Today, I made one of my favorite holiday treats, White Chocolate Candy Mix. There are so many different names for it, but this is what we like to call it.

wiaw - white chocolate candy mix

I then got it all packaged up to give to teachers as part of their gifts. This year I am giving a gift card with their mix (this is what I typically do).

wiaw - white chocolate candy mix packaged

Okay, I must confess I ate way too much of this candy mix while I was making it. I actually got a tummy ache afterward. But, then I made sure to make up for it the rest of the day; I ate extremely healthy. Poached egg for dinner with a turkey meatball. I know funny combo, but it was tasty and full of protein. I then called it a day; no more sweets for me. My trick for treating myself during the holidays is to make sure that I only pick one treat each day and make sure you eat healthy the rest of the day. Easy peasy; you still get to enjoy your favorite treats without blowing your diet and workout. I hate working my booty off to then blow it on my diet. That’s just me. I know my hubby workouts to eat unhealthy stuff. So, to each their own.

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MIMM # 81 – Santa 2014

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Hello, Hello

I hope all of you had a marvelous weekend. Besides some of us still working on getting rid of the last bit of our sicknesses we had a pretty great weekend. I am still fairly stuffed, not 100% and Isabella is simply not well. I am not sure what to do for her. She is still getting random fevers here and there. I keep thinking yes we are at the end, then she will get a high fever once again. I am not exactly sure what to do. If we are not better by Wednesday we will be back at the doctors. Sophia is feeling great. She has a slight cough, but nothing really. McKenzie is all better too. McKayla is on her way to feeling better. She had her second ear tube surgery today and it was a success. It was definitely harder on Mama then McKayla. I just hate handing her over to someone she doesn’t know. I can’t imagine what was going through her head, but she was a little pro and did amazing. I am so proud of our tiny peanut.

mimm - surgery mckayla mama

Saturday was a great day of rest and relaxation (well, as relaxing as you can get with four little ones). Saturday was spent trying to get us all healthy. There was some cookie making in there too though. Yes, Sophia was getting a little antsy so I decided it was time to make some cutout cookies. It was fun and our girls are at such an easy age; it really wasn’t much work.

mimm - cookie making 2014 Sophia

Our McKenzie being silly.

mimm - mckenzie riding on baby stroller

Sunday was our day to meet Santa (Luckily, Isabella woke up feeling pretty good. She didn’t have a fever and looked much more like herself). Every year we go to Indianwood, my parents country club to enjoy brunch with Santa. This is truly a wonderful day. The food is terrific, Santa is adorable, and the atmosphere is pure happiness. But, I must say none of our girls would even look at Santa. Seriously, they have been talking about sitting on his lap for weeks, but when the time came they wanted nothing to do with the man in the red suit. I guess there’s always next year. But no matter what we had a fabulous time.

McKayla was in the mood to kiss and hug. She is definitely a lover. Oh my sweet babies.

mimm - santa 2014 mckayla kissing mckenzie mimm - santa 2014 mckayla hugging mckenzie mimm - santa 2014 mckayla hugging mama mimm - santa 2014 isabella mckayla mckenzie walking mimm - santa 2014 mckayla mckenzie mimm - santa 2014 mckenzie smile

mimm - santa 2014 isabella tree

mimm - santa 2014 isabella mckayla mckenzie mimm - santa 2014 isabella mckayla mimm - santa 2014 mckenzie isabella mimm - santa 2014 family mimm - santa 2014 family mimm - santa 2014 mimi sophia mimm - santa 2014 mimi sophia 2 mimm - santa 2014 pretty sophia

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Thanks for stopping by I am off to bed to try and get healthy. I just can’t seem to fight this yucky sickness. But hopefully this means we will all be healthy for Christmas.

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Thinking Out Loud # 37

Thinking-Out-Loud (3)

1. I have not exercised since last Wednesday. Yes, it has been over a week and it is killing me, but I know my body is not ready. I hate to say I actually don’t think I am any where close to being ready to get back at it. My plan is to get back at it on Sunday, but we are going to wait and see how everyone is doing. I am truly not going to push it; it’s not worth it. My body needs this break.

2. I am so tired of being sick. Yes, I am feeling much better, but I am still nowhere near being back to normal. I am simply hoping and praying by this weekend I can feel better.

3. The girls are still sick. Well, Sophia is much better and back at school. She still has a minor cough, but nothing else. McKenzie and McKayla are still pretty bad; they have a lot of mucus and aren’t feeling well at all. Isabella is the worst of all. She still has a high fever, a bad cough, lots of mucus, and double ear infection. Poor Isabella. She was definitely hit hard. But I am still praying we feel better by this weekend. There is way too many fun to be had; we all have to get better ASAP.

4. We are going to visit Santa this weekend. I can’t wait. This is one of my favorite days of this holiday season (yes, you are probably going to hear this a lot in the next few weeks). Not only is the Santa we meet adorable and sweet, but the food at brunch is delicious. Such a fun day spent with our family. Our girls have been looking forward to this day for weeks; to see their face light up is beautiful.

5. Okay, so Mimi finally got sick. I feel terrible, but I know my mom wouldn’t have it any other way. Yes, she would have loved not getting sick, but she would have never stayed away. When I tell my mom we are all sick, she says I’m coming over. My mom is not the one who tries to stay healthy, she is the mom that simply wants to take care of her daughter and granddaughters. She is the true definition of selfless. She never thinks about her self, she is always thinking about others. She is truly something else. She is a wonderful blessing in our lives.

6. As you know Thursdays are my day to help in Sophia’s class and I seriously can’t tell you how much I look forward to this day each and every week and she tells me this is her favorite day. I love seeing my big girl with all her friends. I love seeing how smart see is and how she loves to use her brain. She is such a bright and kind girl. I just love seeing her sweet personality interact with her peers.

7. When did Sophia get so grown up? I can’t believe my little girl is a kindergartener; life is moving way too fast.

school picture 2014 - sophia kindergarten

8. One more week of school until Christmas break. Boy, am I ready. I am ready to not have any schedules to follow, no busses to catch, no dance or gymnastics; we have two weeks to simply enjoy each other and this beautiful Christmas season. I am so EXCITED!!

Thank you Amanda for hosting.

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