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Before you start reading I have to say I typed this while I had two girls hanging on me asking to play barbies. So, I have no idea what I just wrote. 🙂 HAHA. I hope it makes sense.

Happy Friday everyone. I was browsing through YouTube yesterday and found these amazing videos I used to do after Sophia was born. They were on OnDemand at the time, but went away and I hadn’t seen them since. Anyway, I found the videos again and let me tell you they will make you sore for days. 🙂

I love finding great workout videos I can do at home because that way I know I can always squeeze in a workout no matter what. I did love my hour at the gym while the girls played, but I always felt bad taking them everyday. So, we would go 2-3 times a week and I would workout at home the other days. I feel it is very important for my girls to see me taking care of myself. Sophia knows I exercise to be healthy. We never talk about losing weight or weight at all. Everything in our house is able being healthy and taking care of our bodies.

Please, do them for me. I can’t wait until I get to do all of these videos again. Only a few more months, then watch out!!!

Don’t look at the levels, they are all great workouts. Simply choose which one will work with your time frame. That way you know you can for sure fit in one of these. 🙂

Free At Home Lower Body Workouts

Butt Bible Lower Body Level 120 minutes

Butt Bible Lower Body Level 230 minutes

Butt Bible Lower Body Level 340 minutes

Free At Home Upper Body Workouts

Butt Bible Upper Body Level 120 minutes

Butt Bible Upper Body Level 230 minutes

Butt Bible Upper Body Level 340 minutes

These workouts are great because you can either simply do one of the lower body workouts coupled with a 10-20 minute At-Home Cardio video or you can put an upper body and a lower body workout together and make one total body workout. This would all depend on how many days a week you workout.

Sample Workout Week for Me: (before twin pregnancy complications)

I used to like to do legs + cardio one day and them upper body + cardio the next. I felt like I always got a good burn by doing that way. But then there would be weeks where I knew I could only workout a few days, so I would do a couple complete total body workouts. I really felt strength training changed my body, so I would always make sure to hit each muscle group at least once a week. I always tried for more than that, but you never know.

In the comments below:

  1. Do you love at home workouts as much as I do? Or do you prefer the gym or outdoors?
  2. Do you like to do legs on one day and upper body a separate or do you do a total body workout?

3 comments on “Free Upper and Lower Body Workouts

  1. Beth Sheridan ( on said:

    Always love new workout videos and ideas!

    • Me too. I get bored so easily so I have to mix it up. That is why I fell in love with YouTube. I can get great workouts for free. The only way I worked out 5 days a week is because I looked forward to a new video or class. 🙂

  2. Giselle@myhealthyhappyhome on said:

    Thanks for sharing Renee! Soon enough you’ll be busting your butt again 🙂
    I like at home workouts but focus better when I’m at the gym. I’ll do my own circuit or crossfit workouts at the gym that could be done at home but I’m able to focus more on what I’m doing rather than laundry, dishes, etc. Although I do love some good workout videos for those days I’m unmotivated to go anywhere!


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