Eliminating Unnecessary Stress

Eliminating Unnecessary Stress

Will this matter a year from now?

Eliminating stress is essential to overall health. I know, I know, some of you are thinking easier said than done, I agree. However, this year I have pledged to become my healthiest self and that means removing all the toxins from my life. Covid-19 has definitely made this goal quite a bit more difficult, but I am still determined to make it happen.

Yes, I may look fit and healthy on the outside, but it’s time to focus on healing what’s inside. I have been praying and reflecting about all of the unnecessary stress I bring upon myself. I have begun to realize I spend way too much time worrying about unimportant things, things that do not matter. This is the year I am cleaning up what I focus on. Only focusing on what truly matters in life.

I am a people pleaser to the extreme, I tend to worry and overthink about how others perceive me. I care WAY too much about making others happy, but this is also the part of me I love. I love that I am empathetic to EVERYONE. Seriously, I can almost justify anyone’s behavior, I truly try to see the good in everyone I meet. I am the person who tries to see every situation from the other persons perspective, not always easy, but worth it. I love taking care of people, I love making people feel better about themselves. These are some of the things that make me who I am. However, my goal for this year is to learn to accept the fact that I cannot please everyone and that’s okay. To learn to be okay with people not liking me. Oh my, just writing that gives me the shivers, gives me anxiety. I never want to be a stressor in someone else’s life, we have enough to worry about I don’t want to bring that upon anyone especially those I love.

I want this to be the year I find clarity on what’s truly important in my life. There are so many unimportant things that take up space in our minds and our lives. Things that make us emotionally exhausted. I want to eliminate all of the things that don’t bring joy or value to my life.

Now, I am not saying I won’t have stress in my life, I am simply saying I am going to try to keep my stressors to what’s actually meaningful and important, what’s worth my worry.

When we do this we are then able to focus our energy on all the people and things that actually matter.

Find joy in the little moments, the simple things and you will change your life. I promise.

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