Disney World – Bippity Boppity Boutique

One of our favorite things to do at Disney is to get pampered at the Bippity Boppity Boutique and this time all four girls joined in on the fun. My girls happiness is all I need.

Oh McKenzie you sure did have a blast; life is one big comedy show to you. You are one happy little girl. You love life and you love to make people laugh. I love seeing all your excitement and all our joy. Your smile and happiness is infectious and beautiful. I love you very much.

McKayla was little Miss Serious most of the time, but her “fairy godmother” was so sweet and tried so hard to make her smile and she finally succeed. Oh my little 3 pounder you amazing me each and every day. You loving heart and kindness are a lovely. The way you feel the pain of your sister and try to make her happy is beautiful. You have a wonderful heart. I love you very much. We are so blessed to have you.

Sweet Isabella you are so easy to please. I love seeing life through your eyes. The little things really are little things. I love watching you enjoy everything life has to offer. Life is all sunshine and unicorns. You have a beautiful soul and I love being your Mommy. You have taught me more than you will ever know. I love you very much.

My Sophia what can I say you amazing me each and everyday. You are smart, beautiful, kind and caring. You truly have a heart of gold. They way you take care of everyone is a wonderful thing. You are grown up beyond your years and I truly cannot wait to grow our mother/daughter relationship. Thank you for always being my girl. You are the best biggest sister. I love you very much.

I cannot even begin to tell you how happy these happy smile girl make me feel. Just looking at these pictures bring back all the feelings of joy from that day. Happy girls; happy Mama. Happiness is this right here.

I can’t believe another Disney trip has come and gone once again. I could vacation all year long with my girls.

Sister are forever. My beautiful girls will always have each other. God sure knew what her was doing when he gave me 4 daughters. This is the life I was meant to live.

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March – A Month of Ups and Downs

What can I say March was a rollercoaster of a month for us. It all began on quite the high with a wonderful family vacation at Disney World and ended with Influenza and foot surgery. I will talk more in depth on my journey with having bunion surgery four weeks ago in another post. Really the recovery has had it’s ups and downs, but all in all my recovery has been as good as can be expected.

I am sorry I have beens MIA, but seriously March has just been nuts around here. Between our girls being extremely ill and me being down and out from having surgery on BOTH feet. When it rains it pours, but we always come out stronger on the other side. One thing I know for sure is that we are more than ready for spring and of course summer.

March began with a wonderful family trip to Disney World and I know I have said it before but I sure do love being with my girls and hubby too. Our girls are at the best ages. I truly try to cherish what we have because before we know it they are going to be all grown up.


My family means the world to me. This right here is pure happiness. I couldn’t have wished for a better life.


*Can’t wait to share more on our Disney vacation in the coming weeks.

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The Bond Between Twins

McKayla and McKenzie’s relationship is beyond anything I have ever seen. They are connected in away no one other then a twin would understand. We a truly blessed to watch their relationship grow and grow.

As long as they have each other they can do anything.

As, I get ready to send them into the world next year I can’t help but thank God they have each other.

God certainly knew what he was doing when he gave us twins.

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Winter Fun 2018

Every day is wonderful with my girls. Yes, every moment may not be perfect, but there is something perfect in every moment.

January and February have been nothing short of lots of snow and winter fun.

The library is our happy place, especially when temperatures dip dangerously low.

Indoor play places are another key to keeping us sane throughout these last couple of months.

And we can’t forget all the fun we have at the mall. Riding the carousel is always a hit.

I have certainly loved all of our snow days and I sure miss my girls when they are at school.

My shirt may say I love snow days, but really I just love having my girls home with me. I truly cannot wait until summer.

We are getting ready for summer by having a beach party in the snow…

I can’t believe how long it has been since I have posted. I have really missed blogging, but I sure did need the mental break. We have had so much going on lately I’ve been too exhausted to do anything besides mothering, housework and maybe being a wife here and there. Sorry honey I do love you very much.


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