Good-bye to Our Pacifiers

Good-bye to Our Pacifiers

My babies keep growing up and I am not ready. No more diapers, no more pacis, next no more cribs. Oh my!! I can’t do it. I have been very emotional lately. This mama is not ready  for all my girls to grow up. I am not ready to be out of the baby stage.

This weekend we finally dropped the pacifiers. I am not sure it is going to stick, we will see how strong I am.

In this picture you can see McKenzie’s Wubbanub (I cut the top off the pacifier part off a week ago, this way they can snuggle and hold the stuffed animal without being able to use it. This seems to be helping with the transition.).

paci free mckenzie mckayla sleeping

McKenzie woke up Sunday morning and showed me her broken paci. At first she was disappointed. Then, I looked at her and said I’m so sorry. McKenzie told me it doesn’t work and she didn’t want it anymore. McKayla decided she didn’t want her’s either.

So far their sleep has been getting better and better with each passing day. They are definitely waking up a little more, but it’s simply because they are so used to looking for their pacis. I think once they get over that, they will be okay. Let’s hope it doesn’t take too long. Since giving up pacis they have not been napping great. But each and every day they are getting more and more used to sleeping without their pacifiers. We are on our way, breaking a habit is never easy, but I do think this is the right time and timing is everything with little ones.

Leading up to the end of pacifiers for our babies:

Once McKayla and McKenzie turned one we limited their pacifiers use to only nap and bed. Since, they were so young they didn’t know any different and it was very easy to not take out of their cribs. I think this definitely helped in our transition. It would not be easy to go from all the time, to not at all. I suggest slowly dropping the time your toddler is allowed to use their pacifier.

About a week ago I could tell their pacifiers were on there way out so I told them once they brake we will have to say good-bye to our pacis.

My biggest advice to any parents out their it to make it seem as though it is your child’s decision to get rid of their paci.

(If your child’s pacifier isn’t broke you can cut the tip off and see what your child does. They most likely won’t want it any more because it doesn’t work right.

In the end you have to do what is best for you and your child. No two children are the same; even identical twins. 🙂

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