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MIMM # 146

{Katie – Marvelous in My Monday}

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We had such a nice and relaxing weekend. Which is exactly what we needed after our busy Easter.

Friday was a half day for Sophia so we spent the afternoon crafting and playing outside. I must say it was a little too chilly for me, but the cold never seems to bother my girls. Where did spring go? It’s freezing and I don’t like it. Friday, was a great day, but it took everything out of me for some reason. However, we ended up having a great day, this mama toughed it out for my girls.

walking to bus isabella mckenzie mckayla april 2016

We had a nice and relaxing Saturday morning. We, then ended our day with a fun family party at our friend’s house. These family days are some of my favorites, really any days we are all together and happy are the best days of my life.

mckayla mckenzie blocks april 2016 mckayla blocks april 2016

sophia hugging mckenzie 2016 party mckayla april 2016 party isabella april 2016 party mckenzie april 2016 party mckayla april 2016 2

Sophia was not in a picture taking mood. You win some you lose some.

Sunday was my perfect day. We seriously did nothing, but play, relax, and play some more.  During nap time I took Sophia and Isabella over to Mimi and Papa’s for a big girl sleepover and they couldn’t have been more excited. They love spending time with their grandparents and they especially loved getting some alone time with them (no babies). It is just so wonderful knowing that my parents love being with our girls, they ask for them to spend the night and that really melts my heart. I love the relationship my girls have with them, it is priceless and such a beautiful thing.

I can’t even begin to tell you how quiet our house was with just McKayla and McKenzie, it was incredibly strange. Seriously, whenever two of our daughters are not with us the entire dynamics change. Our house becomes calm and relaxed, something about putting 4 girls together makes for a lot of craziness, but I love it! I must say I did miss all the chaos. I was happy to have all my girls back, however I did love my alone time with my babes. These two are just so sweet. I love watching them grow up together.

mckenzie muckily playing april 2016

Oh my goodness, I had so much laundry to do today. It was insane. See, I didn’t do any over the weekend and that is never a good idea. Today, I finished all our laundry and it was A LOT!! It always feels good to go into a new day with empty baskets, but trust me that won’t last long.

laundry done

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