Snow Day, Cookies, and Lots of Snuggles

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Snow Day, Cookies, and Lots of Snuggles

I have to say getting back into the routine hasn’t been easy. I am missing our morning snuggles, pajama days, sleepovers, and simply spending everyday, all day with all my girls. I CANNOT wait for summer. Let the countdown begin.

snuggly mckayla april 2016 sophia isabella snuggling

At least we ended our break with a great family weekend. It was filled with homemade cookies, a sleepover at Mimi and Papa’s, and a fun in the snow. Who would have thought a snow day in the middle of April?

snow in april 2016 isabella snow in april 2016 sophia isabella the best chocolate chip cookies

Since, Mimi and Papa are both out of town, we get the privilege to have Nico for a few days and our girls couldn’t be happier. They just love him.

mckayla mckenzie nico mckayla mckenzie with nico 2 mckayla in nicos bed mckayla mckenzie hugging nico 2

Steve and I also enjoyed a fabulous date night, but since I am so bad at taking pictures of the two of us I don’t have any, not even one. I’m sorry, I promise to get better. There is just something about being with friends that refreshed you as parents. After I get a break I am always ready to be a better mom, the best mom. All of us need to breathe every once in awhile. Remember that it’s okay to feel as though you need a break. It doesn’t mean you love your kids any less. You will be better for it.


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