Finding Peace within the Chaos

Finding Peace within the Chaos

This is Me…

Everyone handles their emotions differently. Everyone deals with uncertain times in their own unique way. Some people eat when stressed, lonely, bored, others tend to overexercise and under eat, some go into organizing and excessive cleaning mode, others give up all together. To each their own.

I am always talking to my girls about allowing each other to be different, allowing others to live their own life, follow their path (including their sisters). I want my girls to be okay with being their own person. I am a big believer in “you do you”, my sister-in-law taught me this line and I just love it. I recite it often. We all need to own our decisions and actions, make a choice and stand by it, again we are working on this in our house. Strength, integrity, these are things I have been working on and hope to be able to teach my girls at young ages, things that took my well into my older years to learn. I want my daughters to be better than me.

Putting it all out there, I am the one who overexercises and under eats. Yes, not my best quality, but it is what keeps me grounded, it is my stability, my safe place in a world of instability. When uncertain times arise I tend to shut down. Focus in on you. Find what it best for you no one else knows you better than you. Find what helps you be your best. The answers are within you.

I urge all of us to give each other some grace during this time and every time.

Grace is a word we have been using throughout this stay at home order. We will get through this together so let us do it with compassion. Compassion for others and ourselves.

Yes, I talk a lot about exercising because I sincerely love it, it gives me life, it gives me energy, it fulfills me. However, remember to give yourself some grace and understanding during this unknown time. Allow yourself to do things you may not normally do and be okay with it. Be okay with simply surviving, not necessarily thriving right now. Be okay with not always being your best self.

Calming Relaxation Technique:

Slowly press your thumb to each finger and as you press say this phrase:

“Peace begins with me”

One word for each finger pressed. Repeat as many times as needed until you feel settled and at peace. You will be surprised how quickly your mood will stabilize and bring a calming sense throughout your entire body. I always take deep breaths too.

Deep breaths in and deep breaths out. I repeat this all day everyday to myself and my girls.

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