A Day of Food – What I Ate Wednesday

A Day of Food – What I Ate Wednesday

Are you a snacker? Maybe you eat 3 meals per day? Several small meals? Do you graze? Or maybe you simply eat 3 full meals or only 2?

Figuring out the type of eater you are is helpful in so many ways. I am a huge believer in working with yourself instead of fighting against yourself. So, find what works for you. As I always say you do you.

What do you eat? Is a questions I get asked all the time. Today, I thought I would bring back an oldie, but a goodie, What I Ate Wednesday or in today’s case Tuesday.

I am definitely a smaller meal kind of gal. I rarely know what I am in the mood for so I tend to choose mini meals, therefore I can have a little bit of everything (this stems back to my eating disorder days and my days eating in an extreme deficit). Of course, on days we are not home or I’m not in the kitchen as often, I do tend to eat larger meals. However, some days I tend to be in the kitchen all day long, especially when my girls are home, therefore, I tend to like to graze and eat smaller meals. It helps me not feel deprived. Basically, I may have a couple of triscuits, townhouse crackers with cheese and turkey slices, the possibilities are endless. I still track all my meals, snacks, licks, bites, and tastes, however, I know can eat whatever, whenever, no rules, but I do hit my macros, pretty much everyday.

In the end, it’s not the amount of times you eat during the day, it’s the amount of food you take in throughout the day that matters most. I know I keep saying this, but find what works for you. I am also a huge believer in balance and moderation. I love my salads and vegetables, but I also love my treats, I simply make sure to even everything out.

Counting macros actually helps me eat ENOUGH, since I am not always a big meal person I tend to under eat some days. I don’t count macros to limit my food intake, but rather make sure I am getting enough of all the macro and micro nutrients. I tend to love protein, which is not a bad thing but I could easily skimp on fat and carbs, not good. We need each macronutrient to feel our best. Therefore, counting macros is essential to keep my body functioning at it’s finest.

Remember, what you eat should be more about how your body feels and less about trying to make yourself smaller. I am still working on this one. But, I’ve come a long way.

I think it’s time to get into what I ate yesterday.

Currently I am at maintenance macros which gives me approximately 2400 calories per day to eat.

I started my day with a workout and a 24 ounces of water. This is a nonnegotiable to me. Afterwards I enjoyed a big cup of coffee. Oh how I love my coffee.

Once I had my girls’ lunches ready to go and fed them breakfast, I finally had a minute to eat. I ate a steamed “fried” egg (Head on over to my YouTube channel to see how I make my steamed “fried” eggs.). I paired my egg with an english muffin topped with butter. Quick and easy is the name of the game.

I ran to Trader Joe’s and filmed my haul for this week, so no time to eat yet. This is truly what happens to me most days, I just get so busy and simply don’t take the time to sit and eat. After filming I had another cup of coffee and finally made some lunch.

Today, like most days I started my lunch with a big salad and veggies. I topped my salad with chicken, riced cauliflower, bacon, a hard boiled egg, and a sprinkle of cheese. I also enjoyed some air fried zucchini slices and steamed broccoli on the side. Absolutely delicious, I say that every time I eat my salads. I paired that with my healthier than fast food mini breaded chicken sandwich. I LOVE these sandwiches and they taste so much better than the deep fried chicken sandwiches from a restaurant. Best part is they are ridiculously easy to make. Simply air fry a breaded chicken tenderloin or breast and put it on a slider bun.

A few hours later I was hungry again so I cooked some extra lean ground beef and placed it on top of an already baked sweet potato, air fried a hot dog and some fries. There you have it the perfect BBQ combo. A little bit of all the goodies. I told you I am a big mini meal eater.

Before heading out to pick up my littles from school I always like to have something filling so I don’t get hangry, there is nothing good about a hangry Mama, I ate another egg this time I paired it with a pretzel bagel.

After school on Tuesday’s I take McKayla and McKenzie to gymnastics so dinner is a little later than usual. Once we arrived home I quickly made dinner for my girls, last night I was a short order cook and everyone had something different. Oh my. Once I had them all happy and fed I made myself a mix of some goodies.

I ate an air fried ravioli, with gnocchi and a mini naan pizza. So good, quick and easy, just what I needed.

Well, I knew I certainly didn’t eat enough by this time in the day, but I also knew I was done cooking and cleaning. So, I ended my day with some ice cream and Trader Joe’s sea salt brownies. I also had half a perfect bar, to help get a little more fat and protein in at the end of the day.

For more details on my day of eating head on over to my YouTube channel and get a deeper glimpse what my day of food looks like. More of these to come. Talk to you soon.

XOXO ~ Renee Lynne

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