10 Reasons Why You Must Start Rebounding

10 Reasons Why You Must Start Rebounding

As many of you know I LOVE rebounding, AKA mini trampoline workouts and the benefits are countless. Today, I am going to simply name a few.

  1. Stimulates the flow of lymph in your body
    • the lymph doesn’t have a pump yet it needs movement and deep breathing to perform at its best
    • even a few minutes of rebounding helps get the lymph get moving and release toxins while giving your body energy
  2. Helps boost the immune system, as does any exercise. In particular, rebounding boosts your immune system because you move the lymph around while jumping. The force of bouncing really helps build up your immune system.
  3. Helps strengthen your balance, since a rebounder provides an unstable surface.
  4. Strengthens your core because it forces your body to work hard to keep you upright and stable.
  5. Strengthens your heart. Jumping on the mini trampoline gets your heart pumping and your blood flowing.
  6. Soft on the joints, rebounding is a low impact exercise, yet it is high intensity.
  7. It’s flexible and can be done anytime.
    • the rebounder is compact and fairly inexpensive
    • jump on it whenever
  8. Burns a lot of calories
    • gets your step count up for the day
    • helps you stay active and get moving
  9. Helps your clarity, thinking, and focus
    • mind to body connection
    • the happy cardio
  10. FUN
    • movement should be enjoyable, you should look forward to working out
    • gives you energy, you will feel energized after rebounding
    • rebounding is the HAPPY cardio
    • invigorating – rebounding gives you a natural high

With so many benefits there is absolutely no reason not to join me. Best of all I have 100s of free rebounding workouts on my YouTube channel. Make sure to go check it out for yourself. I promise you will fall in love.

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