13 Months Post Twins

13 Months Post Twins

Hello, Hello

I have been meaning to write this post for more then a month. I guess better late then never. I have been getting a lot of messages and emails asking about how I am doing 13 months after having twins. Yes, I wrote an emotional post about our first year with twins, but this is about my body; health and fitness.

A twin pregnancy surely does put a lot of stress on your body. My body is not perfect, but I definitely feel good about where I am at a year after having twins.

I am not usually a fan of posting bathing suit photos, but while we were in Vegas I took a few. Please forgive the awful tan lines. Ha!!

collage 33 weeks and 13 months front
collage 33 weeks and 13 months

All-in-all I feel pretty good with where I am at, but I still have a little ways to go. I want to take my body to the next level and add more lean muscle. Now, that I am down to one nursing session a day I know my body will let go of fat easier. My challenge for the fall and winter is to work on strengthen my body. By next summer I want to see change in my muscle definition. I love creating goals for myself and this is attainable and realistic.

My plan is to start going back to the gym once Sophia starts to kindergarten. I like working out from home, but I definitely miss the class setting. I am hoping to get to the gym 2-3 times a week. We will see. I know our schedule is going to get crazy. I am also going to clean up my diet a little bit more, I have become pretty lax with it lately. I know I feel my best when I am eating healthier. Everything I am planning to do are simple changes to make. I never like to make extreme changes; otherwise I won’t stick with them. Remember the best healthy lifestyle is the one you can stick with for the long haul. I am still going to have my wine and sweet treats, just not as often. To get to where I am now I have been working out 6-7 days a week and I am loving my workouts. I have been doing a mix of Pilates, weights, and HIIT training. I have not been doing long cardio sessions, but I am going to start incorporating a one hour cardio session once a week, to help lose a little fat.

Once, I create my new plan I will let you know what I decide to do. I have been looking into Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix, but I am not sure I want to commit to an at home workout program right now. We will see. I like how this program comes with an easy eating plan. I am definitely going to commit to 21 fix at some point, I am just not sure when yet. I will keep you posted.

In all honesty it did not feel very difficult for me to lose weight. I love working out and eating healthy. I have never had a difficult time losing baby weight. I know, I know I am blessed in that way. But, I must tell you I also have never been a bad eater. I eat healthy and love to exercise, so in the end the weight comes off because I live a healthy lifestyle naturally. So, it’s not that I can eat whatever I want and sit on my bum. It’s simply that I enjoy living an active lifestyle and eating healthy food. This is my life and I love taking care of my body. But, I will tell you if my girls need me that is always my first priority. For the past several months Sophia has not wanted to go to the gym child center. So, guess what? We haven’t been to the gym. But, I made sure to fit my workouts in one way or another.

You simply have to figure out what works for you. Make living healthy a priority, make it something you love. You only have one body and one life.

If you have any questions just let me know. I would be happy to help!! I want everyone feel good about themselves no matter.

In the Comments Below:

  1. What have you done build muscle?
  2. What did you do to lose the baby weight?
  3. Do you prefer to workout at home or the gym?

6 comments on “13 Months Post Twins

  1. You look great! I’m 9 weeks pp from having my twin girls and while I’m actually only 2 pounds over my pre-pregnancy body (I gained about 45 pounds) I am still a little “squishy” around the mid section. I know breastfeeding definitely helps but my question for you is-when did you squeeze in those workouts? I’d love to get started again but between constantly feeding them, getting stuff done and being exhausted I feel like I run out of time to get a workout in 🙁

    • That is awesome. You are doing great. I truly was not able to get a workout routine going until McKenzie and McKayla were 6 months old and even then it was not easy. I do have to wake up early to get my workouts in. So, most days I am up at 5 or 5:30 to workout before the girls all wake up. Now that they are older we are going to start going to my gym; which has a child center. Give yourself time to heal and you will tone up in easily. Enjoy your babies you are doing great!!

  2. jessica on said:

    You look so amazing!!!! Thank you for sharing. You are truly an inspiration. Rock on!

    • Thank you. I was worried about posting this, but I wanted to show all women out there that it is possible to feel good about yourself again. That anyone can do if they put their mind to it. Thank you again!!

  3. Brianna on said:

    You look great, congratulations on all your hard work paying off! I have been using weights, resistance bands, and kettle bells to get my baby weight off, along with the elliptical which I all do at home before my girls wake up. I recently added in a spinning class 2x a week at our local YMCA to help burn fat and give myself some me time. I have also been making small changes to my diet which has made a huge difference. I feel great, but I am slightly discouraged by the look of my stomach. I am 7 months pp from our second daughter and I was recently diagnosed with diastsis recti (I believe I had it after my first daughter but it was never diagnosed). My question for you is did you have diastsis recti and if so what did you do to correct the issue? I have been told by doctors that a tummy tuck is the only thing that will bring my muscles back together, but through some internet research and talking with a trainer they say you can correct it with specific exercises, I have been doing these exercises but have not seen a lot of improvement. While the rest of my body is changing my belly still looks 5 months pregnant and it’s rather discouraging. TIA!

    • Wow, I love your exercise routine. I really want to add in a spin class or two. I used to take them all the time and I love how you can zone out and just ride sometimes. I did not have diastsis recti, but I have seen amazing results from specific exercises. I am sorry I am not much help. I am sure it is quite frustrating. Keep me updated with what you find out. 🙂


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