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12 Weeks Postpartum + Pictures

Good morning everyone! I can’t believe McKenzie and McKayla are 12 weeks old already. Where does the time go?


McKenzie: She has started to talk to us. It is the sweetest thing. I love when babies start to coo and McKenzie loves doing it. She loves to smile at us all the time. She really is a happy baby. She is starting to have amazing head control. Since, they were preemies we are supposed to use their adjusted age on milestones, but I really feel as though McKenzie is hitting her milestones right on track. It is crazy to think how much she has grown in 12 weeks. I can hardly remember how tiny she was. When she came home she weighed less then 5 pounds and now she weighs 11 pounds!!

McKayla: She loves to smile, she hasn’t yet started cooing, but she wants to. McKayla will start talking any day now. She loves to snuggle. She loves sleeping in my arms and loves the Moby wrap. Actually, both girls love the Moby wrap. I wish there was an easy way to wear both girls at the same time, but I don’t think anything like exists. When McKayla came home from the hospital she wasn’t even 4 pounds and she weighs 8 1/2 pounds!!

Yesterday, was both girls best day yet. They had quite a few happy awake periods. I am hoping this means we are on our way to a predictable routine. I think things will getting easier once that happens. In the next week or so I am going to start putting McKenzie in their room at bed time. I think she is ready. She is starting to sleep for longer stretches. I simply want to wait until their colds pass. They are still pretty stuffy.

12 Weeks Postpartum:

I am feeling pretty well. McKenzie and McKayla are sleeping better at night. They are getting a 3-6 hour stretch; depending on how stuffy their noses are. They were doing better, but have regressed since getting sick. But I still feel much better. I don’t ask for much just a little sleep. 🙂

Body wise I don’t have much of an update. My weight has stayed steady since my last check-in and so have my measurements. At this point I simply want to tone and tighten. Once I have been doing my workout routine for several weeks I will fill you in on how it is going and the progress I am making. But for now not much information.

Mentally I have been a little off lately. I have been feeling very overwhelmed with having four daughters. I have been feeling as though none of them are getting the best of me. I am torn in four different directions. I want to give my full attention to all of them and I know that is not happening. But as time goes on I know things will get easier; in a way. Right now the babies are draining me and I don’t have much left for anyone else and that makes me sad. There have been times I have debated whether or not I have postpartum depression, but I don’t think so because for the most part I am doing okay. There are plenty of times I am sad and “depressed” (for lack of a better word) but for the most part I know my life is pretty amazing. Right now it might be difficult to handle everything but I know I am blessed to have four beautiful girls. I just get so sad when my girls are sad and right now at least one girl is sad at all times. Which means I am sad a lot. It is so hard for me to know I can’t do it all for my girls. I wish I could do everything and be everything they need, but right now I need help and my girls need other people too. I just keep telling myself “I will miss this” and “It won’t be like this for long”.

McKenzie and McKayla 2 Month Pictures:

McKenzie and McKayla laying 2 The Five Girls McKenzie 1 McKenzie The four girls 2 months The four girls 2 months 2 McKayla 2 months

8 comments on “12 Weeks Postpartum + Pictures

  1. I love all the photos! You have gorgeous girls – just like their mama! 🙂

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Glad to hear you are feeling better, minus the mental offness. You’re so right! As time goes on things will get so much better and you won’t remember what it was like without all four girls!

  3. Hi! I’m currently pregnant with fraternal twin boys at almost 22 weeks- my first pregnancy and done through IVF. I’m on “unofficial bed rest” already due to cervix issues. It is definitely a worrisome time. If you don’t mind me asking, was your conceived naturally? I know you already had two beautiful daughters beforehand but I was curious.

    I found your blog a while back and today I actually read through your whole pregnancy. I enjoyed hearing your story and you have such a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing!

    • Congratulations, I am so happy for you!! I am sorry about unofficial bed rest, I know exactly how you feel. It is tough but so worth it in the end.

      Our girls are spontaneous twins. Our little surprise. 🙂 I am so glad you like my blog. Thank you for reading.

  4. Great post.


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