My Week of Workouts – May 2020

My Week of Workouts – May 2020

I know many people have been thrown off with gyms, studios and such being closed, but at home workouts are nothing new to me. I actually love them. I have never had difficulty pushing myself through a tough workout and thrive on becoming stronger and better than I was the day before. My biggest competition has always been myself.

I worked out exclusively from home for many, many years after having my first daughter.

Before entering my Pure Barre studio (September 2018) I hadn’t stepped foot in a studio, gym, etc. for almost five years. Pure Barre was love at first tuck. Honestly, Pure Barre has my heart I look forward to these workouts each and everyday, I dread rest days.

I certainly love the energy of an in studio class, but these livestreams have been amazing. Most days I have to stop myself from taking one after the other. The Pure Barre addiction is real.

Seriously, I could just livestream hop all day long.

I love that Pure Barre not only works every muscle in my body it also requires me to get out of my head. During class I cannot focus on anything but my body, my muscles, myself during class.

However, I do love all types of workouts. I simply love to move by body, I love feeling healthy, strong and unstoppable. Exercise give me energy, it gives me life. I love how powerful I feel when I push myself to get a few more reps or hold onto the shake through the final 10.

I love pushing myself past my comfort zone.

I do enjoy lifting weights, but haven’t done so since quarantine began. However, I plan to began incorporating some weight lifting into my routine soon.

Pure Barre is my workout of choice it’s my therapy, my sanity, my 50 minutes. My girls know Mommy needs her time to workout and they LEAVE ME ALONE. HAHA! No for real though it’s the only time throughout the day I don’t hear “MOM” on repeat.

I love teaching my girls to take care of themselves, to make themselves a priority. I am always telling them no one will take care of you as well as you will take care of yourself. To love oneself is the greatest gift you can give those that love you.

“Be your own best friend.” – Mimi (My mom has said this for years.)

For the past couple of years Pure Barre has been my number one workout. However, since I do love various types of exercise I also love to incorporate kickboxing, cycling (Peloton), yoga and pilates into my weekly routine. I am not a runner, so I don’t run. I used to think I had to run to be “thin”, but in reality you simply have to be consistent. Loving your workout is what gives you the drive to be consistent. As I always say choose exercises you enjoy. Exercising should be fun and something you look forward to each and everyday. I seriously, go to sleep excited to wakeup and workout in the morning.

When you find a workout you enjoy, your thinking will change from “I have to workout to I get to workout”.

Weekly Workout Routine as of Lately:

  • Monday: Pure Reform at Home + Quick Cardio Workout*
  • Tuesday: Pure Barre Classic + Quick Cardio Workout*
  • Wednesday: Pure Empower + Quick Cardio Workout*
  • Thursday: Pure Barre Classic + Quick Cardio Workout*
  • Friday: Pure Barre Intensive Class + Quick Cardio Workout*
  • Saturday: Pure Barre Classic + Yoga or 20-30 minute Peloton (I have cut back on cardio again for health reasons. Not easy since I do love my Peloton rides so much, but health is most important.)
  • Sunday: Pure Barre Classic or Pilates (Blogilates, love her workouts) + Yoga

*I love adding in these 10-15 minute cardio sessions in whenever I feel the need to move, my girls love to join me too. They even began creating and uploading their own YouTube workout videos. Knowing they want to be just like their Mama, makes me want to be an even better person.

**Typically, my additional workout doesn’t take place immediately following my Pure Barre class. I love to add in movement throughout the day. Remember, consistency is the key to a healthy life.

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