WIAW # 103 – Wildtree Fajitas

WIAW # 103 – Wildtree Fajitas

As usual, I can’t believe it is Wednesday already. It’s another cold week here and I am miserable. Yes, I cannot stand the cold, but I live in Michigan; not a great combo. My meals today were pretty much just like any other day, except for dinner. As most of you know I attended my first Wildtree party last week and we are enjoying all the quick and healthy meals.


I wasn’t sure what I was in the mode for so I had one Greek yogurt waffle and a few pumpkin protein pancakes (1 serving).

wiaw - pumpkin pancakes 2
wiaw - greek yogurt waffle


I had a big bowl of strawberries and grapes. This may be my favorite thing to snack on. I love that it satisfies my sweet tooth every time.

wiaw - bulk fruit


Same old, same old, egg whites with sweet potatoes. I have been getting a ton of questions on how I cook my sweet potatoes. I cut them up and fry them in my cast iron skillet with center cut bacon. So good.

wiaw - 21 DFX egg whites sweet potatoes


A teaspoon of almond butter with an apple. This is another one of my tricks to keep my sweet tooth under control.

wiaw - tsp almond butter


A salad with almonds, walnuts, cheese and turkey. I can’t believe I went through a no salad phase; this has become a favorite of mine.


Wildtree Fajitas. As much as I complained during the prepping of the meat (sorry Steve) I am loving the fact that we have easy, healthy meals readily available. This afternoon I simply pulled out my two zip lock bags of already seasoned and ready to go fajita chicken and sautéed them in my wok. I decided I wanted some green beans and carrots (these are my go to veggies right now) too, so I simply cooked those up as well.

wiaw - wildtree fajitas
wiaw - green beans carrots almonds


Most people wouldn’t call this dessert, but it works for me. I had another teaspoon of almond butter to end my day of eating. I can’t believe how much my meals have changed ever since I decided to follow the 21 Day Fix Extreme nutrition plan. It truly is amazing and has changed my view on food.

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  1. Have you attended a Widltree party before? If so did you like the meals?
  2. Are you a meal planner?

4 comments on “WIAW # 103 – Wildtree Fajitas

  1. I would miss the cheese for sure.

    Love the fruit. It’s one of my favorites.

    Happy WIAW!

  2. I’m in MI too, hopefully the warm Spring weather comes back soon!!


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