What I Ate Wednesday # 67 – Daddy’s Birthday

What I Ate Wednesday # 67 – Daddy’s Birthday

Happy Wednesday everyone. Today is a very special day in our house it is Daddy’s birthday. I love birthdays, I love making someone feel special. Today was Steve’s day. For the first time since we started dating I was actually able to surprise him with a gift. So. Much. Fun.

I made reservations for us at Andiamo, a restaurant right by our house, my parents watched the girls. Our night was already off to a great start. Then I pulled out a box all wrapped for him, he was shocked. Usually, he always has an idea, but not this time. He unwrapped something he has been debating buying for awhile and the look on his face was amazing. Oh how I love giving the perfect gift!!

wiww 67 - fitbit steves gift

Dear Steve,

Happy Birthday to you. You are the most amazing husband and father. Thank you so much for taking such good care of all your girls. We are all blessed to have you in our lives. I can’t imagine going through this crazy adventure with anyone else. You and I make a wonderful team; I know we can get through anything together. Thank you for always being their for me. We are almost through one of the most difficult years of our lives and we are doing so with smiles on our faces; most of the time. I can’t wait to grow old with you. You are my everything. You have such a big heart and I will always love that about you. All I can say is thanking for making my life wonderful. I love you!!

Love, Your Wife

What I Ate Wednesday

Breakfast 7:30am

After my workout I grabbed a banana to hold me over until I ate pumpkin protein pancakes with my girls.

wiww 67 - pumpkin protein pancakes

Snack 9:30am

My favorite a big bowl of fruit. I seriously, can’t imagine not having fruit each and every day.

wiww 67 - fruit

Lunch 11:30am

Peanut butter and jelly on a high fiber flatbread. With a handful of yogurt covered pretzels and homemade almond butter.

wiww 58 - pb and k
Yogurt Covered Pretzels
wiww 67 - almond butter

Snack 1:30pm

Carrots, turkey, and hummus. Yum!!

wiww 67 - turkey hummus carrot

Snack/Dinner 4:00pm

My sister made these wonderful paleo protein bars for our Disney trip, I had a few and they were seriously delicious. So, of course I had to make them for myself. Well, I finally got around to it yesterday. The recipe comes from Juli’s blog PaleOMG. It is her strawberry protein bars, but I omitted the strawberries and made my own paleo granola crunch – nut free. I am really working on making our food from scratch. Yes, it is time consuming, but I like to know what is in the food we are eating. I want my girls eating as healthy as possible. Of course, with some fun treats along the way. I am still a huge believer in everything in moderation, but also feel there is a lot of junk in our food these days.

wiww 67 - protein bar
wiww 67 - paleo crunch

Dessert 7:00

After eating a bar or two (I had to test them) I wasn’t very hungry. I actually never ate dinner. I decided I still needed dessert. I made one of my single serve chocolate cakes. So good!!

wiww 67 - cake

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  1. What have you been eating lately?

2 comments on “What I Ate Wednesday # 67 – Daddy’s Birthday

  1. Ooh, those paleo granola bars look so good! I’ll have to make some! Also, you chocolate cake looks delicious! I still need to make a single serve cake.

    • They are delicious. They are great for when I am starving and I don’t have much time. I love that all the ingredients are healthy. 🙂 Oh you have to try that cake it is so good. I just had one. 🙂


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