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Thinking Out Loud Thursday # 3 – A Day Late

Hi everyone. I hope your week has been a good one. I can’t believe it is over. These weeks seriously go by so fast. Since, it is Thursday Friday it is time for me to empty out my thoughts; thanks for being such good listeners. 🙂 As always, thank you Amanda for hosting.


1. Yesterday was a pretty rough day and that’s putting it nicely. For some reason McKayla and McKenzie were quite crabby and actually so were Sophia and Isabella. Basically, everyone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Sophia was up a lot Wednesday night scared about one thing or another, so I think she was just tired. And Isabella I have no idea. She has not been herself lately. Actually, this morning and all of today (Friday) was has been back to her sweet, sweet self. It was amazing.

2. We seriously just got over everyone having colds in this house and now I think we are on to the stomach bug. Isabella had it last week and I thought the rest of us missed it, but no such luck. McKayla threw up all over me after her bedtime feeding last night. It was awful. I feel terrible for her. I am sure it is going to go through this house like crazy now. Oh and all this happened last night while Steve was out of town. Of course, thank you God for my wonderful mother. I don’t know what I would do without her.

3. So, lately Sophia has really been struggling with not having enough Mommy time. Hence, her wanting to come home from school last Wednesday. And I feel awful. Quite frankly I am in much need of some Sophia time. This last month or so has been exhausting to say the least. McKenzie and McKayla have been sick and Isabella had been even more clingy then usual. Our poor Sophia has not had the attention she deserves. However, these last two days her and I have had snuggle time in my bed; heaven. 🙂

4. Okay, so if you have been reading my blog for awhile you know I try to stay positive through everything that goes on. Well, I am going to take a minute and vent. I hate being negative but I always want to be honest with you, so here it goes. This past month or so has been tough; forget the past month, the past 8 months have been difficult. McKenzie and McKayla have not been feeling well. Our sleep has been rough and so have our days. I feel so torn between taking care of McKenzie and McKayla and spending time with Sophia and Isabella. Being a mom to four little ones is no easy feat and some days I seriously don’t know if I am cut out for it. Then I look at my girls sweet faces and that’s all I need to recharge and more forward. Being a mom is tough, bottom line!!!

5. McKenzie and McKayla are getting big so fast. I am loving their little personalities and new found skills, but boy do I miss our little babies.

McKayla and McKenzie have started to pull themselves up to standing. Watch out world!!


McKenzie has decided it is much more fun eating while playing with your foot.

wiww 67 - mckenzie highchair foot up

Sitting in big sissy’s chair is the best. Now, I need my own. Thank you. 🙂

wiww 67 - mckenzie chair

6. I love P90X, but I have to tell you the workouts get a little old after 8 weeks. I am getting tired of the same cardio workouts (plyometrics and kenpo) every week. I love those workouts but a change would be nice. I have 5 more weeks and then I am done. I wonder what I will do next. I have learned I like to have a plan for the week. So, no matter what I will make sure to write out my weekly workouts.

7. Starting April 1st I am going to start another challenge. What should it be; legs, arms, abs? Any opinions would be great!!

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