Spring vs. Bungee Mini Trampoline – Pros & Cons

Spring vs. Bungee Mini Trampoline – Pros & Cons

You may be wondering which type of trampoline is best for you and why? Well this article is going to answer all your questions and help you decide which type of rebounder to purchase.

Bouncing on a trampoline, otherwise known as rebounding, is a fun and effective way to burn calories and exercise. Rebounding strengthens bone density, stimulates organs, boosts immune system, protects ligaments and joints, flushes your lymphatic system, and so much more. The benefits of rebounding are practically endless.

As you may already know there are two main types of mini trampolines, spring and bungee cord trampolines. Choosing the right kind of trampoline depends on your goals, but in most cases the bungee cord trampolines have the most benefits.

Spring Trampolines – connect the trampoline mat to the rim with steel springs


  1. Tend to be more affordable and more available.
  2. The mat is provides a firm bounce, which can make it easier for the newer rebounder, providing more stability
  3. Easier on the joints then the ground, provides less impact on your joints


  1. Noisy – springs tend to be loud
  2. Harsher on your joints than the bungee cord trampoline
  3. Yes, they tend to be less expensive than the bungee cord trampolines, but they also tend to be lower quality, which in turn can mean more maintenance and may require to be replaced more often than it’s counterpart.

Bungee Cord Trampolines – connect the trampoline mat to the rim with a special type of a cord, sturdy, flexible, and silent.


  1. Since, bungee cord trampolines provide a deeper and gentler bounce they protect and support your joints and ligaments. This enables the rebounder to work more efficiently for longer periods of time without putting strain onto their body.
  2. Rebounding on cords is one of the few ways to flush out the lymphatic system, where toxins are stored.
  3. Because the bungee cord rebounder stimulates a balance of gravity and weightlessness it will stimulate the organs and work major and minor muscles in your body.
  4. It also helps with digestion to mental health
  5. Bungee trampolines are quieter, studier, and more reliable than spring trampolines, making maintenance a breeze.

When comparing these two trampolines the bungee trampoline is definitely superior to the spring trampoline, but any trampoline is better than none. If a spring trampoline is all you can come by no worries. However, a bungee trampoline offers major benefits without any of the downsides of a spring trampoline.

Anyone seeking a fun, safe, and effective workout should consider a bungee cord trampoline.

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