Macro Counting Tips | Easy Ways to Add in Protein

Macro Counting Tips | Easy Ways to Add in Protein

I’m sorry I’ve been quiet on here this week, but distant learning just started and we have been in the midst of working out the kinks. I think we are finally settling into a nice routine. We will see.

Today, I wanted to chat with all of you for a few minutes about some of the struggles my clients have during their first few weeks of macro counting.

Number ONE biggest challenge is hitting their numbers, especially protein. Most people who begin counting macros realize they have been eat way too little protein and most think it’s crazy to even try to eat the amount I suggest, but it’s really not as tricky as it may seem.

I always tell my clients start slow, give yourself some time to adjust to thinking differently when it comes to food and your body.

Tips for getting more protein in your diet:

  • add 2-3 ounces of protein to each of your meals or snacks. Basically, if you typically eat 3 ounces of chicken, turkey, beef, etc. eat 4-6 ounces instead. By doing this your protein will add up quickly and painlessly. I am all about finding simple ways to make eating healthy easier.
  • make protein the star of your meals and snacks. Think about your protein source first then plan your carbs and fats. Example, if you want pancakes for breakfast great, but add an egg, egg whites, turkey sausage or some protein source to it. You do not have to deprive yourself of things you want simply add in protein. Maybe you eat your protein source first because you will get filled up faster and you may only want a pancake or two.
  • if your fat goal is on the lower side have lean protein readily available. Even if you prefer fresh baked/grilled chicken having a good quality learn deli turkey around is always helpful. Or you can simply cook up a big batch of lean taco meat, salsa chicken, etc. That way you will always have something easy to grab. I love having cooked taco beef in the fridge to use on top of salads in wraps or anything else throughout the week. With four daughters I am all about quick and easy. Sometimes when I am low on protein I like to reach for a couple slices of turkey wrapped around laughing cow cheese, so good.
  • Find other ways to add in protein. I love making these protein pancakes, they are a delicious way to get more protein into my day.

I would love to chat with you about my one-on-one macro coaching.I have truly found my passion. I cannot wait to find your sweet spot with living healthy and eating right.

Email me at

or click here to get started.

I would love to help you find peace and balance with your eating. A healthy diet should not be about eliminating foods you love, but adding in healthy, delicious food.

Macro counting changed my life and the way I view food, I cannot wait to be apart of your journey.

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