My 32nd Birthday Weekend

We enjoyed a wonderful weekend with a lot of family time; that’s the perfect weekend in my book. I loved having my girls home for an extra day and it was so much fun celebrating my birthday ALL weekend long with them. My hubby and girls sure know how to spoil me.

The celebrating began Friday night at dinner with friends at Capital Grille. Of course, Steve surprised me by calling ahead to tell them it was my birthday; best hubby ever. Not only was the table decorated when we arrived, we end our evening with complementary dessert and it was delicious.

It was the perfect night out, just what this mama needed. This may just have to become a birthday tradition; hint, hint.

Saturday was officially my birthday and it all began with a couple extra hours of sleep.

Our morning was spent relaxing while awaiting the arrival of my new nephew. My sister was due 10 days prior and had been in labor for 24 hours, so we knew he was going to make his debut any moment. My sweet nephew simply waited so he could share his birthday with his auntie. He finally came into the world just after 12pm. As soon as McKayla and McKenzie woke up from their nap we hurried to the hospital (I couldn’t wait to snuggle my baby boy.).

We ended my day with Mimi and Papa at J. Alexanders; it was delicious and of course no birthday would be complete without cake and ice cream. Boy do my parents love to spoil their kids on their birthdays and that is just what they did. Thank you mom and dad for making my day perfect. I love you very much.

Sunday was another relaxing morning (no extra sleep for me, Steve only gets up with the girls on Mother’s Day and my birthday. Ha!! No really I am okay with that I love morning snuggles with my girls.). We spent our afternoon celebrating with Steve’s mom, stepdad (Phil) and grandma (Nana). My mother-in-law and Phil prepared a wonderful meal and Nana made one of her delicious cakes (seriously, they are the best). Thank you for making my birthday amazing. You sure know how to make a girl feel special. I truly love and appreciate having you as my in-laws. Thank you for loving me. You kindness never goes unnoticed.

I feel so blessed to have so many people who love me and take time out of their holiday weekend to spend it with us. Thank you!!

We ended our weekend with our first family trip to the pool. This is the start of an amazing summer.

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