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Thinking Out Loud # 107

{Amanda @ Running with Spoons}

  1. Wow, I am already on post four for the week. I can’t remember the last time I was able to get this many out in one week. Have I told you lately how nice it is to be done with dance for the summer? I love that we don’t have many structured activities for summer. Our days mainly consist of playing at the pool, playground, and anything else we can think of that sounds fun. I love to be able to be spontaneous with my girls and that doesn’t generally happen during the school year, so summertime is SO MUCH FUN!!
  2. Saturday is my birthday so this morning Sophia and I thought it was only fitting to start our day with chocolate cake and ice cream. Haha!! I love my girl; she loves chocolate just like her mama. This morning I was the “coolest mom ever” (that won’t last long – Ha!!) And guess what? I was able to adjust the rest of my macros for the day and made it fit. I love the flexibility and balance counting macros brings to my eating.
  3. In the past I probably would have thrown in the towel and had an all day binge fest, but now I know I can eat what I want as long as I balance it out with healthier things. Easy peasy as my girls would say. The rest of the day consisted of egg whites, zucchini chips, salads, cauliflower “pancakes”, chicken, extra lean ground turkey etc. Basically, the rest of my food will be lower carb and lower fat (I used most of my allotted carbs and fat on the cake and ice cream, but it was well worth it.). If it fits your macros is basically like playing Tetris all the pieces need to fit together by the end of the day, but there can be different ways of achieving it.
  4. I found these pork tenderloins at Costco and we have been loving them. Seriously, Isabella asked for them two nights in a row!! I love finding new protein sources my girls actually enjoy eating and best part is these are quick and easy to make.
  5. Watching these two grow up together is such a blessing. I love seeing their relationship grow and grow. They have such a special bond. “Sissy will you hold my hand?”
  6. I always catch McKayla and McKenzie in such silly sleeping positions, but this one just might take the cake….
  7. and this one is just too sweet for words…
  8. We have such a fun filled weekend planned for my birthday. I feel so blessed to have so many people who love me. My hubby, girls, parents, and in-laws are always excited to celebrate with me. I feel so blessed to have each and every one of them in my life. As a mom the majority of my days are spent taking care of everyone else, but it’s a nice treat to be taken care of once a year. Okay, maybe twice a year; they do a great job of spoiling me on Mother’s Day too. But, once it’s over I know it’s back to reality and I must say I do love my job as a mom; it’s truly my dream come true.

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