WIAW # 113 – Upping My Calories

WIAW # 113 – Upping My Calories

I haven’t been feeling 100% lately. I have been more tired than usual and getting a ton of headaches, no fun when you have 4 daughters who need you. I knew something had to change, so I decided to try upping my calories and see how that made me feel. I also stopped following the countdown to competition plan (The high protein, low carb days were the days I was exhausted and irritable which isn’t good when you have children who depend on you.). At this time I am not trying to lose weight I am simply trying to add some muscle. I am just experimenting to see what works for me. I simply strive to be healthy and happy.

Today, I am sharing a typical day for me following the 1800-2000 calorie 21 Day Fix meal plan.

Breakfast 6:30am

After my workout I enjoyed banana protein pancakes (to make it more 21 day fix friendly I reduced the oats to a third cup and cut out the eggs all together. I used 2 egg whites and that’s it. By doing those two simple changes this breakfast was 1 red and 1 yellow.

banana bread pancakes

Snack 8:30am

Before leaving for gymnastics I had a cup of fruit (1/2 cup of grapes and 1/2 cup of strawberries). 1 purple

wiaw - bulk strawberries and grapes

Lunch 11:30am

I heated up some baked chicken nuggets with green beans and carrots. 1 red, 1/2 yellow, and 1 green

baked chicken nuggets

Snack 12:30pm

I was in the mood to munch on something so I made some air popped popcorn. I had 1 1/2 cups which is only 1/2 a yellow container. I literally just put 1/2 a cup of kernals in a brown paper bag, fold it over 2 to 3 times then microwave it for 2:30-3:00 minutes (timing depends on microwave). My girls love it to and it always ends up all over the floor.

wiaw - popcorn bag

Snack 2:30pm

My favorite and most filling afternoon snack is a salad. I enjoyed a salad with turkey, almonds, walnuts, and a splash of dressing. 2 green, 1 orange, 1/2 blue

wiaw - salad with nuts

Dinner 6:00pm

I made Crockpot Creamy Salsa Chicken and used it to make a taco with a corn tortilla. It was delicious. I seriously love this chicken. I will probably use it to make a salad tomorrow,I can’t get enough of it.

recipe - creamy salsa chicken

Dessert 6:30pm

2 teaspoons of almond butter with half a banana.

wiaw - tsp almond butter

I think I got everything, but at least you get the idea of what my day looks like. I just upped my calories a couple of days ago and some days it’s not easy getting all my containers in. I have to admit upping my calories scares me. I am just not sure what it is going to do to my body. But, I am willing to try it for a while. We will see.

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