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Toddler Tuesday # 8 – Being Positive

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When you are finished here head on over to My Healthy Happy Home and see what everyone else is doing for Toddler Tuesday. As always, thank you Giselle for hosting.

If you have been reading my blog for awhile you may know I try to be a positive person and always look at the bright side. I know sometimes it is very difficult, but I truly believe we make our own happiness. We can either choose to be happy or not. I want to raise my girls in a positive house, I want them to love themselves. Having had battled an eating disorder I want to do everything I can to prevent my girls from going through what I went through. So, there are several things we do/don’t say in our house. I hope this will help my girls love themselves and want to take care of the bodies.

Things that Help to Make our House Positive:

  1. We say I love you multiple times a day. I always want to make sure that my girls know they are loved and always will be no matter what. I always teach my girls to love each other.
  2. We say I’m sorry when we make a mistake; Mommy included. I think it is important for our girls to know no one is perfect we all make mistakes. I want them to know it is ok to make mistakes, but we need to try to learn from them and not make the same mistake twice.
  3. We say I forgive you. Forgiveness is an important thing to learn. I want them to now other people are going to make mistakes, but we can all move forward.
  4. We talk about always telling the truth. I don’t want our girls to ever feel like they cannot come to me. I hope to continue teaching our girls I am always here for them no matter what. I want them to come to be with their problems even though they might be afraid of what I might say.
  5. We don’t use the word hate in our house. Hatred is such a harsh word and I don’t feel it is something that needs to be used. We can not like something, but hate is too much.
  6. We never talk about body weight. I never want my girls to hear any of the people they love talking about how they don’t like their body and they feel they need to lose weight. I want them to learn that we take care of our bodies and everyone is different and beautiful.
  7. We don’t classify foods as good or bad foods. We simply talk about healthy foods and foods that we need to eat to give us energy. Food is used for energy. I want our girls to grow up knowing moderation is the key. We have treats every once in awhile, but we always have to eat our healthy food first. Being healthy is very important. We need to take care of our bodies. As my mom always said it is the only one you will ever get.

Tiny Footprints

We are finally have some beautiful weather here and we were able to go out side yesterday. Somehow Isabella got outside without shoes on and made these footprints, which I thought were priceless.




Quotes from Sophia:

I told Sophia to go tell Daddy dinner is ready. She comes back and says, “I have bad news he’s on the phone, so he can’t come down.” “I couldn’t tell him since he was on the phone.” For some reason Sophia knows she is not aloud to talk to Daddy when he is on the phone, but if I am on the phone it’s fair game. The joins of being Mommy. 🙂

“That was easy peasy Mommy” – Lately, Sophia has been saying easy peasy all the time; I have no idea where that came from. But it always puts a smile on my face.

“Mommy you know when Daddy is not home at night time I am supposed to sleep with you in your bed, you know that is the rule.” I say, “No I wasn’t aware of that rule. Haha. My little lawyer.


In the comments below:

  1. What are some ways to keep your house a positive place?
  2. What are some cute things your little one says?

5 comments on “Toddler Tuesday # 8 – Being Positive

  1. Beth Sheridan ( on said:

    We don’t let our Ryman say choice phrases like “shut up” and of course, we don’t say that either and if we disagree on something, we don’t shout of get upset, we calmly talk about it and move on without any yelling or screaming. Growing up, that’s how my parents were and I loved that I knew my house was a peaceful place full of love so I want the same thing for my baby 🙂

    • Oh yes, I cannot stand “shut up” those words are not allowed in our house either. We try to emphasize talking nicely to each other is the way to go. Many of the things I implement in my house are the same ways I was raised. 🙂

  2. Melissa @ Fit 'n' Well Mommy on said:

    I love this! We have very similar “rules” in our house in keeping things positive. I want Keenan to always feel comfortable talking to me about anything, even if he did something wrong. Learning from our mistakes, saying sorry and I forgive you is what my husband and I always use. It is so important for kids to learn this and grow up in a positive environment.

  3. Giselle@myhealthyhappyhome on said:

    I love this! I agree with you, I majorly dislike using the word “hate.” Such a strong, hurtful word! We try to teach manners and to say I love you, and I’m sorry. Thanks for linking up! Love Sophia’s quotes!

    • It is a harsh word and so hurtful. Yes, we are big on manner as well. We are always teaching please and thank you. I can’t stand when kids aren’t polite and that is definitely something we want our girls to learn. Being kind and polite can get you far in life. 🙂
      I love this link up! The things kids say makes me smile so much.


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