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Thinking Out Loud # 82

{Linking up with Amanda – Thursday’s are for Thinking Out Loud}

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  1. Our first week back is almost through and I can’t even begin to tell you how ready I am for the weekend, but we all survived. Monday was rough but as the week went on it got a little easier each and every day. Getting back into your routine is not easy.
  2. I ordered The Master’s Hammer and Chisel last week and it arrived yesterday. I can’t even tell you how excited I am to get started (I will begin my 60 days on Monday). I am a little nervous about the workouts, but I love a challenge so I can’t wait. Once, I get started I will give you more details on the various workouts. The meal plan is pretty similar to the 21 Day Fix nutrition program. The only difference I have noticed is that it can be more customized. There are three different options: leaning out, maintaining weight and building muscle. I am going to start with the maintaining weight option, but might up it to the building muscle plan. We will see. think - hammer and chisel
  3. These two add so much love to my life. As crazy as are lives have become since McKayla and McKenzie were born I can’t imagine our family without them. Oh, how I love all my girls.think - mckayla mckenzie chairs on couch
  4. Crafts, crafts and more crafts. think - chocolate pen sophia isabella think - paint with water mckayla think - paint with water isabella 2
  5. Speaking of crafts, over the next few days I will share more details on our new crafts, toys, etc.. I will let you know which ones are worth a buy and which ones are a waste of money. Trust me we have had a few fails, but for the most part we are truly enjoying all our new fun activities.
  6. Now, that our Christmas tree is gone our house is feeling a little empty.
  7. Today, I had to wait 5 minutes or so at Office Depot to get something printed. Yes, it was a little inconvenient and yes I would have loved to get helped right away (I had a lot to do), but oh well. Life goes on and I waited patiently. I was then helped by such a kind person and you know what she said to me? Thank you for being so nice about the wait. Seriously? I told her really it was no big deal. She went on to say not everyone is as understanding. I just don’t know how people can be so rude. People are simply doing the best they can, they are just trying to live their best life. I try to be understanding of everyone I come in contact with, to me there is no reason not to be. I pray each and everyday that my girls do the same.


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