Sophia and Isabella Meet the Babies

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Sophia and Isabella Meet the Babies

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Today, all of our girls have finally met each other. I truly felt like the happiest mom on earth. To see all my girls in one place. I can say our family is perfect; to me!!

Until, today the girls have not been able to see the twins. Today, we were able to wheel the twins up the window and let Sophia and Isabella see them for the first time. It was a moment I will never forget.

Isabella kept saying “hold them” and “come in”. Sophia simply loved looking at them. She thought they were so small. Yet, she still doesn’t completely understand why they aren’t home with us.

Sophia has been having a very difficult time with Mommy and Daddy not being around a lot lately, so we thought it might help to actually see her sisters. Just this morning before going to the hospital she said to Daddy she didn’t even know if the babies were here yet. It has been so confusing for her to wrap her head around the babies not being home with us.

Girls Together

Mommy holding girls

Tonight, after dinner Sophia told us she feel sad for the babies because they are with strangers. She said she wouldn’t want to be with strangers she would want to home with Mommy and Daddy. We told her that is exactly why we try to go see them during the day. Hopefully, today has helped Sophia deal with all the changes happening in her life. And I hope and pray our babies come home with us soon. I think it will help everyone to have us all together.

Of course they wanted balloons on their way out!

Sophia and Bella balloons

I am sorry my posts have been a bit sporadic lately, but it is how my life had been the past week or so. I guess I should say the past nine months. But, I will get it together one of these days soon. I have so much to tell you and not enough time in my day. I have some amazing post-pregnancy products I have been using, I want to tell you all about the twins birth, etc. I will get to all of that ASAP!!

Thank you for understanding. Talk to all of you tomorrow.

8 comments on “Sophia and Isabella Meet the Babies

  1. Beth Sheridan ( on said:

    Oh that is just so sweet!!! All of your girls are so beautiful 🙂

  2. Alicia F. @ on said:

    Congrats!! They are beautiful!! <3 <3 So happy for you and your lovely family!!

  3. Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries on said:

    Oh goodness, do not be sorry – enjoy your new babies! We’ll all be here no matter what. 😉 They are beautiful, and I’m so glad Sophia & Isabella got to meet them!

    • Thank you. I love writing and connecting with all of you, so it is really hard not to be blogging as much. But right now there is not even time to sleep. Haha. 🙂

      It was wonderful seeing them meet their sisters.

  4. Rachel on said:

    As much as we want to follow your story, don’t feel rushed…take time for yourself, you are a busy mama now! So glad the girls could meet their new sisters! Praying they cone home soon!

  5. chelsey @ clean eating chelsey on said:

    I love that the girls were able to see the babies! I’m sure that is such a difficult thing to try to explain to a 4 & 2 year old. Hopefully they understand a little bit more now that they’ve seen the girls and understand why they’re not home yet. I think McKayla and McKenzie look so different, yet they’re identical! Maybe for right now it’s just the weight difference. I can’t wait to watch them grow!


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