McKenzie and McKayla are 11 Months

McKenzie and McKayla are 11 Months

Another month has come and gone. This has been a better month then the last one. McKenzie and McKayla have not been sick. We did go see the ENT and she has recommended both girls get tubes in their ears. As much, as I know it is the best way to go. I am still not sure. I am actually going to call the chiropractor this week and see what she can do for us while we wait for our surgery date of July 7th. Deep down I am sure McKayla needs them, but it is still difficult.

They are just so cute. I love watching them together. It is so much fun when they tickle each other, they can really getting each other going. Their giggling is amazing.

11 months - mckenzie mckayla

I know I say this every month, but I can’t believe McKenzie and McKayla are 11 months old already. They are going to be one in no time.

McKayla Grace

17 pounds

She is my calm and quiet one. She loves to take things in, McKayla loves to simply sit and watch. She is content just being with you. McKayla loves to smile. She is very ticklish and giggles all the time. She is my little snuggle bug.

bumbo - mckayla

McKayla is still wearing 6 month clothing and sometimes will fit into 9 months.

Sleeping: Our naps have become nice and consistent. She will either take two long naps (1.5 -2 hours) or at least one long nap and one shorter nap.

McKayla loves her pacifier, but we only use it for sleeping so I am fine with that. I will worry about getting rid of it later.

Eating: I am still breastfeeding both girls. McKayla nurses about 4 times a day. She also eats about 3 meals a day. This month I have introduced almond milk and coconut milk in sippy cups. They are amazing at drinking with sippy cups; I don’t even remember the last time they used a bottle. McKayla is getting much better at eating solid food. She is still quite picky, but we are getting there. Her favorites consist of pumpkin pancakes, Greek yogurt waffles, turkey meatballs, squash, egg and sausage “muffins”, peanut butter crackers, and applesauce.

Milestones: McKayla is a pro at standing on her own and is getting ready to take a couple steps. She is learning how to wave and great at clapping her hands. McKayla loves to call my name until I pick her up. She is getting really good at using Mama and Dada correctly. McKayla is sweet and quiet and simply loves to be snuggled.

Teeth: McKayla has 7 teeth and is working on her 8th. I also think her molars are making their way in too.

McKenzie Madison

20 pounds

She is simply full of life. She loves to be happy. She is my energetic wild child. She loves to move and wants to do so all the time. McKenzie loves to play with her sisters and can watch them for hours. She is such a happy girl.

11 months - mckenzie smile

McKenzie is wearing 9 month clothing, but can also wear some 12 month clothes. She definitely doesn’t look like a little preemie anymore.

Sleeping: McKenzie is great at napping. She takes 2 good naps a day (1.5-2 hours). Every once in awhile she will take one long nap and one short nap. McKenzie is becoming a good little sleeper as long as she is not sick. Hopefully, we are on the right path.

Eating: McKenzie loves to eat. She will pretty much eat anything. As with McKayla I have started her on almond milk and coconut milk too. She loves drinking milk from her sippy cup. McKenzie loves meatballs, grilled cheese, peanut butter and jelly, eggs, spinach, etc. Seriously, she likes it all.

Milestones: She has taken a few steps. The most steps she has taken at one time is about 7. It’s crazy to watch her walk, but oh so adorable. She gets so excited and is proud of herself. She loves to clap and wave all the time. She definitely knows who Mama and Dada are and is not afraid to use our names. She is loud and will do anything to be heard. She is the complete opposite of her sister. But, McKenzie does love her snuggles too.

11 months - mckenzie standing 11 months
11 months - mckenzie standing

McKenzie is such a Daddy’s girl it is not even funny. Whenever he comes home she has to be with him. I love watching her love on her Daddy.

Teeth: McKenzie has 8 teeth and is working on getting her molars in. Wow, getting all these teeth is a lot of work.

McKenzie and McKayla love to play. However, sometimes they are not the nicest. They love to steal toys and tackle each other. For the most part they think they are hilarious, but there are moments where they are not happy with the other one. I can’t wait to continue to watch them grow up together as best friends. What a treat!!

bumbo - mckayla mckenzie

4 comments on “McKenzie and McKayla are 11 Months

  1. Kimberly on said:

    It is seriously such a joy to watch your little ladies growing up. My twin boys are 2 months behind them, born at 28 weeks, so I always use these updates as a “what’s next?” How did you start introducing the sippy cups and when? I want to start with the boys. They will be 9 months on Friday. I also want to start with more textured foods as they are still on purees, but I get scared of the gagging and choking.

    • I am so glad you love the updates. I simply always offer the sippy cup at every meal from 6 months on and they just clicked. So, give it time. I would help them at times then they started to do it themselves. I always tried a few different types and at first they only liked one cup now they can use any brand. I hope that helps. 🙂

  2. Claire on said:

    So cute! Love your updates. When did the girls get the hang of the sippy? My daughters 9 mnths and still has trouble drinking from it :-/. Have u noticed your nursing sessions getting shorter? I’m always worried she won’t be full enough and wake up at night or during naps? Any tips on how to ensure that doesn’t happen? Such a beautiful family….I have no idea how u do it with four!

    • Thank you!! I would say they got the hang of it right around 9 months. I started giving them sippy cups at 6 months at each meal and then all of a sudden they figured it out.

      Shorted nursing sessions are normal. They start to become very efficient so they are probably getting enough milk. I will also sometimes offer the other breast to wake them up and get them eating again. Does that make sense? Let me know. I hope that helps.

      Thank you. Four is crazy, but so much fun. Some day I am not sure how I do it either. Ha!


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