Weekend Happenings – First Day of Golf 2020

Weekend Happenings – First Day of Golf 2020

This weekend was just what we needed…

The girls had their first junior golf clinic and it simply felt amazing to feel as though life was “normal” for at least a few hours. The weather was lovely and the girls were so happy to be back at the golf course, it just feels so natural, they have all grown up going there.

Sophia and Isabella have been golfing for a couple of years, but this was McKayla and McKenzie’s first time out and they just loved it! Seriously, they were too cute. Watching my girls do what they love brings so much joy to my life.

While we were watching our girls practice, Steve asked me if I ever thought I would have four golfers? Honestly, no, but I love that they all enjoy it.

I can picture the four of them golfing together on the weekends. They sure would make the cutest foursome. See, I am not a golfer, but I grew with in the golfing world, my dad and brother loved to golf, so I do know a thing or two. However, at this time in my life, I would much rather be at the pool relaxing, just saying. Maybe, someday. For now, golf is the perfect way for Steve and his girls to spend time together. Daddy/Daughter bonding, while Mama relaxes.

These are the moments we will never forget. Family time is my favorite.

Our weekend ended with a rainy Sunday, so we enjoyed a family movie and one of our favorite dinners, Stuffed Shells.

Now, let’s bring on the sunshine. We are ready to spend our days in swimsuits, without a care in the world.

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