Family Fun Weekend at it’s Finest

Family Fun Weekend at it’s Finest

Happy Tuesday everyone, I hope all of you were able to enjoy a long weekend. We we’re able to enjoy a lot of family time, it was just what we needed. Mimi and I spent our Friday night watching Sophia compete in her first official meet (last year she was on a pre-competitive team, she had a few fun meets). This year she gets actual scores, which means more stress for my sweet Sophia. She really did amazing. I love watching her do what she loves, her passion and determination is truly astounding. However, it did break my heart when she felt she didn’t do well enough. She felt she could have done better, scored higher. She placed 3rd on floor, but wanted of course she was striving for more.

As a parent I am always so torn, between wanting my girls to learn life has it’s share of failures, you win some you lose some. This did spark some great conversations throughout the weekend and is ready to try her best again this Saturday. We talked about how perfection is not possible. This time Steve and I will be cheering her on from the stands, while Mimi and Papa spend the day with our other three. Cannot wait to watch her light up the gym once again.

Saturday, was another fun day ending with family game night and it was so much fun. I love spending time just the six of us. Truly, the best memories.

Sunday, we spent the afternoon watching Isabella at her first swim force practice (goldfish swim school’s swim team). Again, I love watching our girls shine at their “thing”. She was beyond excited and smiling ear to ear when she finished. She cannot wait to continue growing in her swimming abilities.

Since, everyone was off Monday, we decided to make it another family fun day by going to lunch and swimming at Gigi’s place. Our girls had the best time and I always love seeing how happy our girls make Gigi and how Gigi makes are girls giggle. Gigi simply lights up when she is with her great grandchildren. We will be visiting her all the time to swim, laugh, love and simply spend time with our Gigi.

A weekend of memories is the best kind of weekend….

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