Christmas Tree Fun

Christmas Tree Fun

Saturday morning began with our donuts, Disney+, then Christmas tree shopping with Mimi, Papa, Auntie Ade, Uncle Scotty, Patton and Baby Fitz. We sure miss our Denver family.

The love between cousins is so special. Watching my girls and their cousins is truly amazing.

This was the first year we actually didn’t cut down a tree. About a month ago, we purchased a fake tree from Costco. The past couple of years Isabella has had a few allergic reactions to our trees, we decided we couldn’t risk it any more. Her health is most important.

I am loving our fake tree and a part of me is not sure why we didn’t switch sooner. I know, I know this is quite a touchy subject, people have strong opinions when it comes to real vs fake. For now, I may have switched sides on the debate.

However, the great light debate is still going strong in our house. White vs colored lights is still questionable? We have always been a house divided when it comes to our lights. Good news, now we can have it anyway we want it. Our tree can easily be changed from white to colored with the click of a button. It’s quite magical.

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  1. Are you team colored or white lights?
  2. Real or fake tree?

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