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Monday and Yoga

Good morning everyone. Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. On top of being so busy I felt terrible. I woke up with this awful cold. I can’t believe yesterday was the first time not posting since I started this blog two weeks ago. Since I am still not feeling very well today, I thought it would...


Reasons to Lift Weights

If you have been keeping up with my workouts, you will notice that I love lifting weights. I have not always had this mindset, but over the past few years I have noticed my body change much more from lifting weights than cardio. I also learned that since I love weight training, I love working...


Lower Body/Cardio Combo

Good morning everyone. I can’t believe we are already back to Monday again. Weeks just seem to fly by. Can you believe next week is Thanksgiving already? So, for today’s workout I have decided to do lower body strength training mixed in with some cardio bursts. That means tomorrow I am going to do upper...


Intense Cardio- At Home

Intense Cardio Using YouTube Videos So today is one of those days I set the alarm to get my workout in before the girls wake up. I totally dread these days, but after I get my workout done, I do love how I feel. Although, trust me when I say some days I feel like...


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