Working Out At Home

Working Out At Home

If you have been following me since the beginning of my blog, in 2012, you know that after the birth of my twins I began exclusively working out at home and it was love right from the start.

During this time of isolation with gyms, fitness centers, and more closed I thought I would share my favorite fairly inexpensive workout equipment with all of you. The number one most important thing you need is a little faith, love and pixie dust, just kidding you simply need to find a workout you love and everything else will fall into place.

I wake up everyday looking forward to working out. I go to bed excited for my alarm to go off. I know I’m a little strange, but seriously, once you find something you love it will never feel like a chore, it will become a happy place.

Create a life you love and you will want to live it!

My Favorite At Home Workout Equipment

  1. Booty Kicker – This is the newest addition to my at home equipment and it was love at first sight. Seriously, this barre has taken my home workouts to the next level. I can finally practice movements that enable pulling off the barre and many other postures, it provides amazing stability, ye it’s light weight and portable. Fun Facts: 1. The barre is weight bearing, when weights are placed in the holders on the front. 2. It only weighs 8lbs without the weights, so it’s easy to move. You can fold it flat and can slide under a bed, behind a door, etc. Booty Kicker has been so kind as to give my readers $20 off and a free ball (worth $15) – Click here to receive this special promotion.
  2. Hand Weights – I have a few pairs in varying weights. (3lbs., 5lbs., 10lbs., 15lbs., 25lbs.)
  3. Wrist/Ankle Weights – I love using these not only for my barre workouts, but sometimes I add them to kickboxing workouts as well. The options are endless. I have sets of 5lbs and 2lbs as well as a set of 1lb weighted gloves.
  4. Bands – So many possibilities when it comes to working out with bands. These allow you to add intensity to your workouts without the need to purchase heavier weights. I have a double loop Pure Barre band, as well as single loop bands and tubes with a door connector.
  5. Bosu, Stability ball, Bender Ball, and Pure Barre Ball – All of these can be used in various ways throughout your workouts. I love adding these to challenge my body in a variety of ways. By utilizing this type of equipment you can improve your balance and core stability.
  6. A Step/Bench/Platform – I recently bought an exercise step from Five Below of all places and I love it. This enables me to add intensity to my workouts.
  7. Sliders – For the longest time I used furniture sliders, simply because we had them around the house and they worked. See workout equipment doesn’t need to be fancy. However, when the girls and I went to Five Below last month I bought actual exercise sliders for $5, I just couldn’t pass them up.
  8. Yoga Mat – Yoga, is something I love to practice at least a few times a week and having a mat makes it that much easier. I also love to use this during my home Pure Barre workouts, it helps to add traction during certain moves.

Bonus: Peloton – I simply had to add this one in because I just love my Peloton, not only for the bike and cycle classes, but I love their yoga and meditation videos as well. I try to add in at least 3 yoga classes per week and have just begun testing out their meditation videos. I love finding peace from within and have deeply fallen back in love with yoga because of the amazing Peloton instructors.

Pure Barre On Demand – I use this website almost daily, I love the classes. The instructors are amazing and their are a variety in classes that vary in length and intensity.

YouTube – This is where my love for at home workouts all began, with Blogilates. I found Casey’s videos back in 2009 after I gave birth to Sophia, I love her energy and workouts. She has now become a mega YouTube fitness instructor. Her classes are fun, challenging and motivating. Best part is they are FREE.

As much as I love exercising and living a healthy lifestyle remember to give yourself a little grace during this time. The unknown is a scary place and that is where we are at as a nation, as people. Love, peace and kindness

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