Winter Fun 2018

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Winter Fun 2018

Every day is wonderful with my girls. Yes, every moment may not be perfect, but there is something perfect in every moment.

January and February have been nothing short of lots of snow and winter fun.

The library is our happy place, especially when temperatures dip dangerously low.

Indoor play places are another key to keeping us sane throughout these last couple of months.

And we can’t forget all the fun we have at the mall. Riding the carousel is always a hit.

I have certainly loved all of our snow days and I sure miss my girls when they are at school.

My shirt may say I love snow days, but really I just love having my girls home with me. I truly cannot wait until summer.

We are getting ready for summer by having a beach party in the snow…

I can’t believe how long it has been since I have posted. I have really missed blogging, but I sure did need the mental break. We have had so much going on lately I’ve been too exhausted to do anything besides mothering, housework and maybe being a wife here and there. Sorry honey I do love you very much.


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