WIAW # 92 – White Chocolate Candy Mix

WIAW # 92 – White Chocolate Candy Mix

Good evening everyone. I hope you are having a wonderful week thus far. I can’t believe Sophia only has two more days of school before she is off for two weeks. Wow!! I am so excited to have her home and not have a schedule to follow. I am tired of having to be at the bus at 8:14am and 4:04pm. Not only is Sophia going to be home with us so is Daddy. Whoo hoo!! We are going to have some wonderful family time. I love being with my family. Our family of girls plus Daddy.


Since, it’s Wednesday it’s time to talk about food.  Today, I made one of my favorite holiday treats, White Chocolate Candy Mix. There are so many different names for it, but this is what we like to call it.

wiaw - white chocolate candy mix

I packaged it up to give to teachers as part of their gifts. I give a gift card with their mix.

wiaw - white chocolate candy mix packaged

Okay, I must confess I ate way too much of this candy mix while making it. I made sure to make up for it the rest of the day, I ate extremely healthy. Poached egg for dinner with a turkey meatball. I know funny combo, but it was tasty and full of protein. I called it a day after dinner, no more sweets for me. My trick for treating myself during the holidays is to make sure that I only pick one treat per day and to eat healthy the rest of the day. You still get to enjoy your favorite treats without blowing your diet and workout. I hate working my booty off to then blow it on food. That’s just me. I know my hubby workouts to eat unhealthy stuff. To each their own.

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In the Comments Below:

  1. What are some of your favorite treats around the holidays?
  2. What do you do during the holidays when it comes to all the tasty treats?

6 comments on “WIAW # 92 – White Chocolate Candy Mix

  1. This is the most perfect holiday treat!

    • We love this, but it is so addicting. So, I make sure to put it in individual servings. Otherwise I would eat the entire recipe. 🙂

  2. This looks so good!

    My favorite treats are candied walnuts and warm, soft gingerbread cookies dipped in nutella!

  3. Wow that looks amazing, I clicked on the photo simply because I was amazed at how delicious that looks, I have a horrible sweet tooth too! But I try to only indulge once during the day if I do at all. Also your family is amazing, four girls is such a beautiful thing I come from a similar family setup and hope that in the future mine resembles the same love and light as yours!

    • Yes, my sweet tooth would be awful if I didn’t reign it in. Ha!! Yes, me too. I try to simply eat something sweet once a day and not too much. But we all have off days. 🙂

      We love our family of four girls, life is definitely an adventure and I love our life!


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