What I Ate Wednesday #2

What I Ate Wednesday #2

I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am to be back blogging. This past week I have felt more like myself than I have in a long time. Blogging has always been a way for me to connect with others. I want everyone to live their best life. I truly want people to simply be happy and healthy. Life should joyful.

Be the I in Kind.

What I Ate Wednesday is here…

As you read though my day of eating remember we are all different, what works for me and my lifestyle may or may not work for yours. Most day small meals and snacks work for me. Check out what I ate today. Maybe you will get a few meal ideas.

Meal #1

I am a girl of habit. This morning I started my day as usual a steamed sunny side up egg with an english muffin. It was an off morning for us, so I didn’t have time to eat anything else before the bus and teaching at Pure Barre. No big deal, this meal is daily filling with the fat and carbs. I’ll eat later.

Meal #2

After teaching and taking class I planned to grocery shop, so I brought half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with me to eat in the car. Well, as you know life with kids never goes as planned and that’s okay. Just as I was leaving Pure Barre Sophia called me and needed to be picked up form school, her stomach was hurting. I have to say I secretly loved getting the phone call. I love spontaneously getting to see my girls during the school day. One-on-one time with my girls is everything. Don’t get me wrong I feel terrible she’s not well, but I know she will feel better in no time.

I ate my sandwich on the way to grab Sophia.

Meal #3

Once, we got home I ate a turkey and brie sandwich on a slice of cornbread. Such a delicious combination, sweet and salty. I paired my sandwich with a few cornbread crisp crackers from Trader Joe’s.

Meal #4

I started my meal with a plate full of veggies (lettuce, riced cauliflower, air fried zucchini, and steamed broccoli all topped with salsa) followed by half a chicken burger patty and couscous. While everything was cooking I munched on a few tortilla chips.

Meal #5

Before heading out to the bus and swim I quickly cooked up a small burger to hold me over until dinner. I love burgers, but most of the time they are way too big. So, when I am in the mood for one I simply cook up a small one.

Meal #6

Once we arrived home from swim, Sophia and I split a chicken pot pie (she hadn’t eaten much all day, but said that sounded appetizing). These, Boomerang Pot Pies, are the best frozen chicken pot pie’s I have found and the ingredients are wholesome. The pies cook up crispy right in the microwave.

After the pot pie I was still hungry and wanted more protein so I cooked up a couple of eggs with half a bagel.

Meal #7

I ended my day with a little peanut butter Halo Top ice cream topped with extra peanut butter and mini peanut butter cups. Yum!!

I also had a piece of my favorite 3-ingredient brownie (recipe coming soon) and ice cream.

Right now small meals work best for me. There are definitely days I have just a few larger meals, but when I am running around small meals do the trick. Remember what works for me may not work for you and that’s okay.

My best advice is to find what works for you and start living your healthiest life. No two people are the same.

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