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Thinking Out Loud # 93

{Amanda – Thursday’s are for Thinking Out Loud}

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  1. One of Sophia and Isabella’s favorite things to do this summer is reading outside, especially while I make dinner. Most evenings Sophia has all four of them out there reading. It is the perfect summer evening to me.july 2016 girls reading outside
  2. Sister sleepovers are the best. We love summertime.july 2016 sleepover sophia isabella
  3. This week has been extremely busy. For some reason I feel like I just can’t get my footing, hopefully next week is a little calmer. We did finally make it to this amazing playground that Sophia has been asking to go to for months and it was worth it. It was so much fun. I love playing outside with my girls.july 2016 girls playground july 2016 playground mckayla swing july 2016 playground mckenzie swing july 2016 playground sophia july 2016 playground isabella
  4. Have you ever met 3 year olds that love to read their cards? Seriously, these two can’t get enough of all their sweet cards from their birthdays. They carry them around each and every day.july 2016 mckayla mckenzie reading cards
  5. Doesn’t everyone sleep with glass slippers? Our Cinderella costumes and all the accessories  was one of our favorite gifts. Thank you Mimi and Papa.july 2016 mckenzie glass slippers
  6. Tomorrow my brother, sister-in-law and niece come into town. I am so excited. You don’t realize how much you miss your siblings until you can’t see them anytime you wish.siblings


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