Thinking Out Loud # 86

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Thinking Out Loud # 86

{Linking up with Amanda – Thursday’s are for Thinking Out Loud}

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  1. Wow, this first week back after vacation was a tough one. I am exhausted and we still have one more day to go. Oh my!!
  2. Today, I helped in Sophia’s class and as I was putting work into their portfolios I saw this worksheet about living to 100 and what Sophia wrote just hit me hard. It is so insightful and deep for a 6 year old. Aren’t we all simply trying to live our happiest life? Isn’t that what living is really all about? All my Sophia wants to have in life is happiness. Wow, that is beautiful. I truly hope all my girls can simply be happy.sophia 100 years
  3. Today, I also had to take Isabella to get an x-ray of her head. I took her to our ENT to talk about allergies (she has a stuffy nose all day, everyday no matter what time of year). Our doctor is going to test her, but also wanted to take a look at her adenoids. Isabella never breathes out of her nose and this could be partly due to her adenoids. But, my sweet Isabella never complains, EVER. Yesterday, she told me that she doesn’t feel bad she just can’t breathe out of her nose; poor baby.
  4. Okay, so I really need to wash my hair, like bad. Tomorrow is the day; it’s a must. Ha!! But, no one would ever know. Seriously, baby powder. is my secret and it’s life changing. I sprinkle it in at night, then in the morning I simply blow dry my hair and just like that I’m ready for the day; well at least my hair is. 🙂
  5. Tomorrow, I will be sharing more detail from our trip and let me tell you there are a TON of pictures. I’m sorry in advanced; I just couldn’t pick the best ones, they all hold so many memories.

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