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Today’s Workout – Victoria’s Secret Style

Good morning everyone. I got up nice and early to get my workout in before the day began. We have just been so busy lately this is the best time to exercise. It’s also a great way to start the day! In honor of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show last night I decided to do...


Happy Monday and a Workout

Happy Monday everyone. I am so excited for a normal week. No traveling, no plans, just a boring week. Today, is my first day back to working out since last Monday. I am ready for a tough workout. I am going to go take a Body Step class at my gym. I am really in...


Today’s Workout

Today’s workout is some much needed cardio. I have done a good amount of weight training and my body is ready for some cardio. I am going to go take the kickboxing class at my gym. If you are working out at home today, I found this intense HIIT/Tabata workout. This workout is tough you...


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