Reverse Update – 18 Weeks

Reverse Update – 18 Weeks

Oh my goodness I can’t believe I have been reversing for 18 weeks and still going strong!! Seriously, when I began this journey 18 weeks ago I never thought I would make it past 12 weeks (the recommended minimum for reversing). Before finally making the switch to reverse I imagined I would gained 10 pounds overnight, but you know what I have actually lost 3 pounds. Yes, 3 pounds all while eating 500 more calories per day (1450-1950). Believe it or not these calories are continuing to go up, all while getting leaner. Yes, I am still baffled by the weight loss, but there is actually science behind why this happens (google it, there are a ton of articles out there). My body is loving the extra fuel and my metabolism is revving up like crazy.

I feel better than ever. Yes, this reverse has saved me from myself. It has truly saved me from years of disordered eating.

The biggest change has been in my mindset. I am no longer afraid of food. I am no longer afraid of spur of the moment meals out (I used to dread eating out, it would give my anxiety.). I have more energy. I no longer have to ignore my hunger signals. I feel full and satisfied. My cravings have disappeared because if I want something I eat it. It’s that simple. If I can’t make it fit one day I will make it fit the next. I no longer want to eat everything out of my pantry all at once. I don’t feel the need to binge because I can eat what I want when I want. No food is off limits.

I am forever thankful to Quincey @iheartmacros for getting me started on this amazing journey. Quincey surely showed me the ropes of macro counting. All of her tips and tricks made the early stages of macro counting easy.

Avatar nutrition has been life changing. For someone who went through an eating disorder to feel the freedom I do around food is a blessing. To finally be at peace with this part of my life is a beautiful thing. I never once thought I would be able to eat so much food all while being healthier and leaner than ever and after four kids.

If you are in a rut with your diet and have been eating low calories for quite some time you may want to consider macro counting. A reverse may be just what you need. I am not an expert, but it’s definitely worth looking into.

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