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I completed another 12 weeks of Bikini Body Guide or better known as BBG, but this time I put my own little twist on it. Workouts are not a one size fits all; find what works for you. Consistency is key to success.

I followed the BBG guide each week, except I only did 1/2 the workout. Meaning I performed two 7 minute rounds instead of the prescribed 4. Once I completed those 2 rounds of the BBG workout I would complete the given workouts from that days blogilates calendar. In the end my entire workout would be about 60 minutes. Pretty simple and kept me from getting bored. When it comes to working out I love to keep things interesting. I have loved these 12 weeks and they sure did kick my booty. I feel strong and energized. I love the variety these workouts have given me.

Sample Workout:

7 minutes:

BBG Circuit 1 (complete as many rounds as possible in 7 minutes)

30 second break

7 minutes:

BBG Circuit 2 (complete as many rounds as possible in 7 minutes)

Complete these videos immediately after finishing 2 rounds of BBG:

Blogilates – Strong Like Wonder Women, Total Body Pilates Workout, Total Body Tone Fest, Total Body Workout Challenge


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