My Weight Gain Journey…

My Weight Gain Journey…

Since posting my first video on YouTube just over a year ago some of you may have noticed that I have gained weight. Weight that I needed to gain. I was at an unhealthy weight, my body fat was too low to be able to function properly. Therefore, this weight gain journey was essential, was needed to have a healthy body and mind. Sometimes gaining weight is the healthiest thing we can do.

I have probably gained about 5 pounds during this last year, however, I haven’t weighed myself so that is simply an estimate. The scale was not helping me mentally and that was half my battle, maybe more than half. Gaining weight was the first step to healing my body, therefor gaining weight needed to be my top priority at this time. I needed to get my monthly cycles back and I succeed. Women of my age need to have a period every month, it’s simply part of being healthy, it is a sign of your body working properly. Typically, this happens because of over exercising and under eating. However, I never felt as though I was under eating, I have been eating well over 2000 calories for years. With my busy lifestyle, my body disagreed. Gaining weight was step one. Step two is the mental part, which is much more complicated.

Always remember, losing your period is a telltale sign that your body is not right, there is something unhealthy going on in your life to bring on this change. For the longest time I felt as though it was a badge of honor. I knew it meant my body fat was too low, forcing it to stop producing a monthly cycle (it simply didn’t have the energy), but I just loved the feeling of being too thin (this right here is the mental part). It felt like kind of an accomplishment to get to a place were my body could not sustain itself to do everyday things. THIS RIGHT HERE IS WHY I NEED TO HEAL FROM THE INSIDE OUT. This is a journey that I will continue working through each and everyday.

Long story short, My body fat had gotten too low because of over exercising and under nourishing. Like I said before I never felt as though I was eating too little, but sometimes we need to reevaluate what we thought we should be doing to be heathy. I also didn’t feel as though I was over exercising, but my body had other ideas. Since, I love the exercises I do, so I never feel overburdened by it. Like I always say once you find movement you love you will look forward to it each and everyday.

I stopped weighing myself the moment I knew the scale was no longer serving a purpose in my health journey, it was actually destroying my health journey. I needed to gain weight to become healthy again, but I knew the scale and seeing the number go up was only going to derail my healing.

This is an on going journey for me, but I felt as though I needed to fill you in on what is going on with me. I want my blog and channel to be honest and raw. This is me.

You can see me talk about my weight gain journey here.

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