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MIMM # 148 – Two, 2 Year Olds

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Oh my!! Life with two, 2 year olds is a little beyond crazy. Seriously, McKayla and McKenzie are great girls, but by the end of the day I am exhausted, done, defeated. Dealing with one 2 year old is a lot, but two is just something else and you know what I wouldn’t have it any other way. My girls are my everything. This life I live is amazing!!

This weekend McKayla and McKenzie slept in their “big girl” beds for the first time and they loved it!! They are just too sweet, only especially while sleeping.

april 2016 mckayla mckenzie sleeping big beds

They are sleeping great and certainly love their new beds, but man do they love to play before actually calling it a night. Yes, it takes them awhile to fall asleep, but when I hear giggles coming from their room it makes me smile (when I hear tears, not so much).

No matter what comes my way the good always wins. The happy moments are the ones I will never forget!! I ALWAYS choose happiness!!

april 2016 mckayla mckenzie on cribs hug april 2016 mckenzie outside april 2016 mckayla mckenzie hopskotch april 2016 isabella mckenzieSpending one-on-one time with my each of my girls is something I cherish day in a day out. Last week I was blessed to be able to chaperone Sophia’s field trip to the zoo and it was a day I will never forgot. I can’t say it enough, I love my girls.

april 2016 sophia field trip penguins penguins april 2016 sophia field trip 2 april 2016 sophia field trip

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