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Friday Favorites # 3 – Rodan + Fields

Good evening everyone. I hope you had a wonderful week. I can’t believe summer is coming to an end. I know I have been saying this all month, but I can’t believe Sophia starts kindergarten on Tuesday. I am hoping we have a nice weekend, so we can spend our days outside and maybe even get to the pool one more time before it closes. Well, since it is Friday I am linking up with Heather for Friday Favorites.

Housewife Glamour
  • Rodan + Fields – I am loving my new business. Last night was my launch party and it was so much fun. I love being able to work this business on my time and connecting with other ladies. Last night was so much fun. I was able to share all these new products with family and friends and enjoy a fun ladies night out!! Everyone needs one of those every once in awhile.launch party - product display
  • The eye cream and wipes are a must have. These two products change the way your eyes look. They make you look as though you are always refreshes and well slept; which we know doesn’t happen for most of you. 10334261_10152645534433330_3112288788766591287_n 10593039_10152645534413330_5123037210309894161_n
  • My absolute favorite product is the AMP MD Roller. Seriously this is the best. The roller paired with the serum is a perfect combo for combating fine lines. The best thing about the roller is that is can be used in so many ways. This is definitely an investment that keeps on giving.10562943_10102381264823122_1871543670100511516_n 8731ebe661fd7487f98a1486cfe7195d (2) a0b32a01646561be54faf9d7d5e7120f 06aa6066451cb4f85856a5de26ae0eac 10635842_10105429263848544_2809080561959156560_n

Contact me and I can set you up with 10% off and free shipping!!

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