Disney Cruise 2020 – Part 1

Disney Cruise 2020 – Part 1

Dreaming of our next family vacation. Dreaming of taking our girls on an adventure together.

Since, arriving home, back in March, I haven’t had a single moment to reflect and reminisce on our cruise. We came home to a world that had completely changed, a world that was in complete disarray. Well, I finally decided to sit down and enjoy all of our pictures, all of our memories. Smiling the entire time.

Wow, what a wonderful vacation we had together. I don’t even know where to begin, it was truly amazing and we are looking forward to another one. I keep telling Steve let’s book another trip right now, we need a vacation to look forward too.

Since, the passing of my mother-in-law we have been talking more and more about making sure we live life to the fullest and stop letting the little things bother us, life is truly too short. When you lose someone you love, it makes you think about all your life decisions. Steve and I are definitely trying to make sure we don’t miss out on life, worrying about the things that simply don’t matter. We want to take in every moment we have with our children.

Well, it all began, Friday, March 6th (pre-pandemic)…

We arrived at the airport at 8am, ate breakfast and boarded the plane for Florida. Our girls sure do loving flying. They were smiling ear to ear from the moment we left the house. They couldn’t contain their excitement and that made me one happy Mama.

Seeing the world through our children’s eyes is breath taking.

My girls holding hands, always there for each other.
stronger together
We have arrived!

As soon as we landed in Florida it was pure happiness, pure excitement. The hotel we stayed at was directly across the street from Disney Springs. The perfect location for the night before our departure. Staying here gave us all the magical feelings of visiting Disney, getting us cruise ready.

Always love spending time at Disney Springs.

Saturday morning was the day we’ve all been waiting for, it was time to board the ship…

From the moment we stepped foot on the ship everything felt magical. It was as if we entered a fairytale world. You seriously, feel as though you are the most important people boarding the ship. The crew was amazing, kind, caring and simply a joy to be around. All your troubles simply fade away.

As we entered the ship we were announced by name, the personal touches were incredible and made it all that much more special and personable.

We spent our first day exploring the ship and simply enjoying our time together without a care in the world. (Little did we know the world would fall apart while we were away at sea.) We were taking everything in, so much to explore.

Honestly a highlight for me was not thinking about a single meal for an entire 7 days, pure bliss, worth every penny.

Seriously, one of my favorite parts about cruising is that I don’t have to think about what to feed everyone all day long. There was plenty of food to go around and I didn’t have to cook it. This made the cruise that much more relaxing for me. As a mom I feel as though I spend 90% of my day in the kitchen cooking and cleaning, well the cruise solved that for me.

It was beyond magical, please take me back.

*In the coming weeks I will be sharing more and more with all of you. It may take some time, my four girls are keeping me quite busy. I will also share a packing list of much bring things and give you some helpful tips I learned from our first Disney Cruise. Talk to you all soon.

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