A Weekend of Celebrating Life, Love and Happiness

A Weekend of Celebrating Life, Love and Happiness

This weekend my grandma celebrated her 92nd birthday with all the people she loves. We wanted to give her a celebration she will never forget and it was a success! We feel beyond blessed to have been able to host this very special party for her. Gigi is still thanking me each and every chance she gets. To be able to give her a night to remember was priceless.

Steve and I love you very much.

Gigi is such an incredible women. She is humble to a fault, she has never given herself enough credit for all she has done and continues to do for all the people she loves. She never felt as though she was enough, little does she know she has always been more than enough. She has taught us all how to love with our whole heart, how to put family first, how to give ourselves to the people we love and do it all with a sense of humor. She shows us unconditional love each and everyday. Gigi ALWAYS chooses her family over all else. Everything she has done in her life has been for her husband, children, grandkids, and great grand babies. Wow!

I have learned so much about being a mom and wife from Gigi and I cannot thank her enough for everything she has taught me. I am proud to call her my Grandma and it is a true blessing for my daughters to have her as a Great Grandma. To have so many strong women in their lives is incredible and we couldn’t have asked for anyone better to share in the love of our girls.

Ever since I can remember she has always brought so much laughter to my life, she is simply pure joy. Gigi doesn’t takes life too seriously. When Gigi is around lots of giggles are sure to be had.

My girls can’t get enough of their Gigi, she makes them laugh and smile with all their hearts. The love they have for each other is a blessing. It was absolutely incredible.

To be able to give her a party she will never forget was priceless. To see her face light up again and again throughout the evening was all the thanks I needed. It meant the world to me to be able to make her happy. I wanted to give her a day to remember, a day to enjoy her family and friends, a day for her to see just how many people love her and all the lives she’s touched throughout her 92 years. She is so humble she doesn’t even realize the impact she’s made throughout her life. She has such a beautiful soul. She gave up everything to be the best wife and mother. She has shown us all what it means to be selfless. What it means to give of oneself to the greater good.

To be able to give my girls the gift of truly knowing and loving their Great Grandma is all I could have ever wanted. To know her is to love her.

The perfect ending to an amazing night. Snuggles with Gigi…

A post about Gigi would not be complete without touching upon this amazing women. The party would not have happened without my mom. She truly made this evening go off without a hitch. Her and I really do make the perfect team. Together we can do anything. Knowing that she is always there makes life that much sweeter, adds the element of ease into my everyday. I know no matter what she will always have my back. I don’t know what I would do without her. Gigi certainly taught her everything she knows and so much more. I can only pray that I can be this and more to my girls. I want to be the mom they have both taught me to be. I want to be everything and more.

Thank you Mimi for all you did to make this a night to remember. Thank you for everything you do for all of us each and every day. You are practically perfect in every way. I love you very much!

Of course, Papa you are wonderful too. You are the best dad in the entire world. I could have never have asked for a better man to guide me throughout this life. Thank you for all your help. I love you!

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