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MIMM # 95 – Photo Dump

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Wow!! It’s Monday, what a weekend we had. It was one of our best since the twins were born. Yes, we had a rough 20 months, but things are finally coming together. The sun is coming out both in our home and outside of our home. Spring is here and we are entering a new season for our family. I can’t even express to you how excited I am for the summer.

The highlights of our weekend:

Building a snowman with my girls. It was finally warm enough to get this mama outside. But I have realized over these past couple months I am definitely not a winter girl; I cannot stand the cold.

mimm - snowman 2015 isabella mimm - snowman 2015 sophia mimm - snowman 2015 sophia 2 mimm - snowman 2015

McKenzie loves dressing up in her princess heels and her “purse” or in this case a doctor bag. Silly girl.

mimm - mckenzie heels and purse

Uh oh, one fell off.

mimm - mckenzie lost shoe mimm - mckenzie heels and purse 2

McKenzie and McKayla trying on their new dresses. Oh and you can see how crazy our garage entryway gets with all the girls coats, shoes, etc. We are actually planning out our laundry/mudroom remodel; I can’t wait to fill you in on the details.

mimm - mckenzie mckayla new dresses

Today, was a beautiful day here. The sun was shining and it was absolutely perfect. Spring is here. I just hope it’s here to stay. This amazing weather brings out happiness is everyone. Love it!!

Thank you Katie for hosting.

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