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MIMM # 68 – Family Day Out

Good evening everyone. I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. We enjoyed our family time, but now it’s back to the real world; school, work, cleaning, etc.

Since, it’s Monday I am linking up with Katie for Marvelous in My Monday.

We had a marvelous time…

celebrating Papa’s birthday. Our girls love spending time at their house and they sure love a birthday party with lots of cake and presents.

mimm - papa's birthday papa isabella sophia laughing

mimm - papa's birthday papa isabella sophia signing mimm - papa's birthday papa isabella sophia signing 2

blowing out Papa’s candles.

mimm - papa's birthday papa isabella sophia blowing out candles mimm - papa's birthday mckayla waiting for cake mimm - papa's birthday mckenzie waiting for cake

spending the day at the mall as a family. At a mall near our house they have a great play area for little ones. So, we got their about an hour before the mall actually opens to let the girls run around and play. This was the first time McKenzie and McKayla got to play and they loved every minute of it and I loved watching all my girls play and have fun. It was a marvelous way to spend our last day of free time.

mimm - mall mckenzie mckayla mimm - mall mckenzie walking mimm - sophia mall mimm - mall mckayla climbing mimm - mall mckenzie laughing mimm - mall mckenzie mckayla 2 mimm - mall mckenzie mckayla looking mimm - mall mckayla climbing 2 mimm - mall isabella mckayla mimm - mall mckayla tunnel mimm - mall mckayla mckenzie climbing mimm - mall mckayla climbing 3 mimm - mall mckenzie mckayla isabella mimm - mall girls tunnel mimm - mall mckenzie mckayla 3 mimm - mall mckenzie mckayla sweet mimm - mall mckenzie mckayla back

girl on a mission.

mimm - mall mckenzie on a mission

my Sophia starting preschool tomorrow. I am not sure I think it is marvelous, but she is so excited and her excitement makes me happy. But I am going to miss her like crazy. I will take lots of pictures and I can’t wait to share them with you.

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