McKayla and McKenzie are SEVEN

McKayla and McKenzie are SEVEN

My babies are seven. My little miracles came into our lives seven years ago. There were moments we didn’t think we would ever get to hold these two, but they were strong and resilient. Seven years later they are healthy and thriving beyond belief.

Most days I sit back and simply gaze at McKayla and McKenzie trying to figure out how I have two of them. Seriously, I am still in disbelief that God gave me identical twin girls, yes seven years later and I still cannot believe there are TWO. I truly still cannot believe the life Steve and I have created for our family. We are blessed to have four amazing daughters.

McKayla and McKenzie have taught us all how to not take life so seriously. They have taught us to lighten up and simply live. I have learned so much from being their mom. They taught me the little things are just that little. Stop trying to be perfect and simply just be you. That is what McKayla and McKenzie have taught all of us.

Their giggles are contagious. Their silliness can get us all laughing for hours on end. They feed off each other and love to make other people smile. They have been caretakers from the start, they have had each others backs from the moment they came into this world. From the day they were born they have always wanted to be together. They are constantly on the lookout for each other. A moment doesn’t go by that they don’t worry about the other. Their love for each other is beyond any love I have even known. They truly are special. McKayla is not McKayla without McKenzie and vice versa. Life wouldn’t be the same without both of them. I thank God everyday for entrusting me with twins. I am a better person because of them. I am more understanding than ever before. I do not judge, for each their own.

McKayla and McKenzie love to help. They are always right there beside me wanting to make my life easier. They worry about me day in a day out. McKayla and McKenzie hate when I am alone, they worry I may be lonely. Since, they are twins they cannot fathom why anyone would want to be alone and how anyone is okay being alone. Little do they know Mama is truly okay being alone. Haha!!

It’s a blessing to be able to watch them grow up. To watch them live life together. To watch them make this world a better place.

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